Farmland Brings Stardew Valley-style Farming to The Sims

With a lack of gardening and few animals available, fans take it into their own hands to embark on a farming adventure in The Sims 4.

To the The Sims 4, EA has released a lot of expansion packs so far. So far we’ve seen everything from Island Living, and Vintage Glamor Eco lifestyle. However, we have seen little progress in enlargement related to agriculture or horticulture.

Fans are clearly interested in an expansion related to farming, so there is now a fan mod, The Sims 4: Farmland. Farmland is limited to what can be edited as part of The Sims 4, and offers a new semi-open world with five habitable lots. Tractors have also been spotted in the trailer, but it is unclear if they are just modified cars or if they harm the environment. Harvest and harvest remain largely the same, but a vineyard has been added that is inspired by the Italian countryside.

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A big part of any farming game is plant gathering. Sims start with a level 1 gardening in the newest game and plant flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables from seed packets on their lot. Gardening activities revolve around a cycle of care, fertilization and harvest. Even the Seasons extension does little to breathe new life into the garden cycle, apart from whether a plant grows or dormant depending on the weather. Compared to the gardening in the first game, it has remained largely unchanged throughout the series, which may suggest that EA, which has something to do with harvesting or harvesting a lackluster, undeveloped trait, is not the primary concern.

Pets were a big feature on the series, with The Sims: Unleashed being the first pet expansion for the original game, which was released in 2002. It enabled Sims to own dogs, cats, and smaller animals such as birds, and to have careers around animals such as pet care. The Sims 2: Pets is a remake from Unleashed with largely the same number of functions. It wasn’t up The Sims 3: Pets was published in 2011 that we saw horses for the first time and features such as making money through equestrian sports or taming wild horses.

The reasons for not including horses in the latest Pets expansion are due to the limited open world concept in the new game. in the The Sims 3, players could walk their Sims from one end of the city to the other, While in The Sims 4 the lots are smaller and divided into neighbors, there are far more loading screens as you move around. There is no place to put horses on the current lots and this limits the addition of larger farm animals like cows.

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However, since they make up such a large part of the expansion from the previous series, it almost feels like not including horses in The Sims 4 Fans are being cheated out of features. Owning a cat or dog is a reward in itself, but in the previous game, owning a horse felt more like a career path and opened up more opportunities for Sims to get more rural.

In reality, an expansion of farming for The Sims seems long overdue. Obviously, fans are dissatisfied with the almost peasant traits like owning horses that are being taken out of the game and the listless hobbies like gardening. If the Sims gave the expansion a Stardew Valley-Makeover style, we would probably have to see a new city with bigger and more appropriate reasons for farming and new animals for farming. Running a market or farm shop would be a nice feature, much like owning the retail stores in The Sims 4: Get to It, better rewarding players for their hard-worked goods.

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