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Jenna Ortega from left, Jennifer Garner, Julian Lerner, Everly Carganilla and Edgar Ramirez appear in a scene from “Yes Day”.

Everly Carganilla and Julian Lerner appear in a scene from “Yes Day”.

Review: In

Jennifer Garner from left, Everly Carganilla and Jenna Ortega appear in a scene from “Yes Day”.

Review: In

Everly Carganilla and Edgar Ramirez appear in a scene from “Yes Day”.

Film writer by JAKE COYLE AP

Like a harmless children’s version of “The Purge”, Miguel Arteta’s “Yes Day” imagines an annual 24-hour vacation of lawlessness.

The concept comes from Amy Krouse Rosenthal’s picture book from 2009, which suggested a day on which parents – regularly such writings of “No!” – have to respond positively to their children’s demands. For some, the idea was really appealing not just to give kids a glimpse into freedom of choice, but to relieve parents for a moment of the burden of constant disapproval.

One parent in particular took part in Yes Day: Jennifer Garner. The actress previously spoke on social media about how to go on vacation with her three children. And she is the producer of the film that debuts on Netflix on Friday.

“No is part of the job,” says Allison Torres (Garner) in the opening scenes of the film. But Allison – the wicked policewoman next to her more relaxed husband Carlos (Edgar Ramirez) – is so strict that her three school projects for children suggest a dictatorship that needs a coup. You make a video comparing her to Stalin and Mussolini.

When a counselor (Nat Faxon) suggests “Yes Tag” as a cure, Allison agrees with a few determinations. You cannot break the law and must stay within 20 miles of home. This leads to a day of wall-to-wall fun with jumping in bed, ice cream parties, a car wash with the windows down, and a surprise visit to a theme park. The day tests both Allison’s helicopter parenting impulses and the children’s own desire for independence. This is especially true of 14-year-old Katie (Jenna Ortega, an impressively well-balanced young actress) who wants to go to a concert without her mother.