Esports Leisure Heart May Come To Downtown Orland Park

ORLAND PARK, IL – State-of-the-art entertainment theater could potentially hit the city after the revamped plans for the downtown Orland Park development, also known as “The Triangle,” were announced earlier this week.

The village hosted an open door event for residents of the Civic Center on Tuesday evening to discuss development ideas for the decade-long triangle project. The developers expect to create a pedestrian-friendly, mixed-use destination for all.

The triangle is west and northwest of the intersection of 143rd Street and LaGrange Road. The area is home to 143rd Street Metra Station, the University of Chicago Medical Center for Advanced Care, and Ninety7Fifty apartments on the Park. The property is a village-owned planning zone that is prepared for development.

On Tuesday, Ramzi Hassan, President of Edwards Realty Company, presented plans for restaurants, a park, additional parking and commercial space for the site. Features for different parcels include five- and six-story buildings that will house mixed-use settlements. The entertainment theater would be built on the current site of Crescent Park, east of Metra station.

Edwards Realty is a family run business based in Orland Park. The company owns the Orland Park Crossing Complex, just across from The Triangle.

“Since we’re in Orland Park, doing the retail rental business, finding tenants and promoting Orland Park all the time, it only made sense to want to be part of this location in some form,” said Hassan. “We always wanted to build on what we’re already doing in Orland.”

Hassan is that Vice President of the Orland Park Area Chamber of Commercewhich holds nearly 500 companies. The company’s president said he wanted to bring restaurants to the city that are not typical national brands.

“I know we don’t need many chain restaurants anymore,” said Hassan. “[We need] more of the local flair. We need a little specialized trade and gastronomy. ”

Esports – competitive video game tournaments played by professional gamers for the audience – was another hot topic at the open house meeting. Ken McGraw, CEO of Midnight Gaming Corp, an esports media company, said esports competitions could generate huge revenue at the proposed entertainment facility.

“What we’re trying to achieve here is the energy, the excitement, and the engine that is driving lots of eyeballs, lots of attention, and pedestrian traffic and dollars into this particular triangle,” said McGraw. “If you are familiar with the esports industry, you know that these things are achieved based on the activity within a given building.”

The building would be three stories and 96,000 square feet, McGraw said. There is a competition stage on one floor. The facility would also house game stations, concerts, a food court, retail stores, town hall meetings, and even a television production studio. It will be owned by Edwards Realty.

Residents can take a survey for the property by sending HI at 708-578-7675.

Watch the Tuesday night presentation below: