Ireland Baldwin had a bloody nose after just 45 minutes of babysitting.

The 25-year-old model had blood on her face after taking care of two seven-year-old boys for less than an hour and headed to Instagram to share the story with her fans.

She wrote: “I watched two 7 year old boys for 45 minutes and it went like … (sic)”

Ireland now recently celebrated six years of recovery from its eating disorders.

She wrote on Instagram: “I got a call yesterday from my old program … 6 years (sic)”

In an accompanying video, she said, “I wanted to announce that today is August 15th and today has been six years of being free from anorexia and bulimia and all of my other food compulsions and eating disorders that I have fought for many Years. And now it’s six years. So you can do it. “

And Ireland also opened up around the time it was “attacked” by a woman who was “desperate for money”.

She wrote: “Late yesterday afternoon I was attacked by a woman who was out of drugs and was desperately looking for cash. She put my face on me in a parking lot, took my belongings and jumped into a getaway car while her husband took off. Everything was sorted with the police and she was arrested.

“Fortunately, I had witnesses and was supported very quickly. The police told me that this happens a lot because people are desperately looking for money because of the coronavirus and people are unemployed.

“There’s a lot of theft and robbery going on. Post this to remind everyone to be very careful and watch out for those around you. These are really difficult times and we need to take care of each other.”