The Dragon Ball Super Card Game has started previewing the cards in the next official expansion. The November 2021 set will be the fifteenth core set and the sixth expansion under the Unison Warrior Series banner. The set will be called Saiyan Showdown (full name Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown) and will document some of the best Saiyan versus Saiyan battles in the anime and manga. The set focuses on Goku vs. Vegeta from the Saiyan saga, Gohan vs. Turles from the Dragon Ball Z film Tree of Might, Goku and his sons vs. Broly from the film Broly: Second Coming and finally Universe 6 Saiyajins. While the Dragon Ball Super Card Game shows the cards in this upcoming expansion, Bleeding Cool offers a glimpse into the cards from a collector’s perspective.

Saiyan Showdown Cards. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

So here we have Bubbles on the right hand side hitting his chest before Goku thought it would be a good idea to immediately transfer a self-destructive cell to King Kai’s planet. After that, this little monkey would start rocking a halo.

Well … while we’re talking about rocking something, take a look at Krillin who absolutely rocks Piccolo’s outfit. It’s not just the cape. From headgear to shoes to Gi – Krillin really bites Piccolo’s style! Krillin arrives in this guise in the Dragon Ball Z movie Broly: Second Coming to surprise the audience for a moment. I swear these DBZ films love their opening scenes. It can be bizarre storytelling that Akira Toriyama myself would have avoided it, but it’s a memorable moment for krillin and a pretty cool card.

Stay tuned for more previews of Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Unison Warrior Series BOOST – Saiyan Showdown. When the set releases in November 2021, Bleeding Cool readers can also expect openings and product reviews.

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