Do not Waste Your Cash: Hawaii

(WHTM) – Hawaii is a popular travel destination right now, but maybe it’s a little too popular.

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With Americans back on the streets this summer after the long pandemic, many are planning to visit Hawaii, but Hawaiian One Island is now urging airlines to slow down because they can’t handle the tourist boom.

Typically Hawaii welcomes tourists, a major source of income for the island, but the Mayor of Maui County is urging airlines to suspend their return to full flights.

The mayor says the island will be overrun with tourists this summer and says there aren’t enough hospitality workers to support the surge.

Don’t Waste Your Money: Car Maintenance Myths

More than 170,000 people flew into the state on July 4, according to state officials, which resulted in vacationers complaining about expensive hotel rooms, sold out rental cars and long waits at airports and restaurants because the hotel industry is no longer up to date Full steam.

In addition, the ongoing rental car crisis can be included in the “Doesn’t that stink” file.

A weekly rental can now cost well over a thousand dollars if you can find one because the agencies don’t have enough cars. Some savvy tourists have rented U-Haul trucks for $ 25 a day, which is now leading to a U-Haul shortage.

When thinking of Hawaii, be sure to check hotel and rental car prices before searching for airfare prices. That way, you’ll know if it’s affordable so you don’t waste your money.