Did TY Hilton flip down extra money from Ravens?

TY Hilton is returning to the Indianapolis Colts and he has apparently chosen to stay with them because of a more lucrative offer elsewhere.

Colts reporter Stephen Holder said Wednesday that Hilton had been offered more money from another team he turned down.

I was told there was another applicant who offered TY Hilton MORE money, but he left to stay in Indy. This team was NOT the Chiefs, according to the source.

– Stephen Holder (@HolderStephen) March 24, 2021

Tony Lombardi from Russell Street Report says that Hilton turned down a 3-year contract from the Ravens.

If that’s true, maybe Baltimore was the team that offered Hilton more money. And maybe he refused because it would have been a long-term commitment.

Now Hilton can become a free agent again after the 2021 season when the recipient market may be cheaper. Allen Robinson recently decided to take up his franchise day offer because he saw how bad the market was for recipients. How it is, Hilton got only $ 8 million.

Photo: Jeffrey Beall / Wikimedia via CC-BY 4.0