Denzel Ward honors his father, raises cash for CPR kits and extra

During the Cleveland Browns’ summer break before training camp begins, we’re reminded of some of the great work that players in the community are doing. Whether it’s everything Myles Garrett did, Kareem Hunt’s top golf event, or Jarvis Landry’s softball game, Browns players have stayed active this off-season.

One event that may have been overlooked is Denzel Ward’s “Make Them Know Your Name,” which raised funds for CPR kits and defibrillators for schools, churches and gyms.

Ward wrote about his father in a Articles on the stands a few years ago and why he named his charity what he did:

I think my father would have been proud – probably more proud than ever. But I’m telling you … when they named this street after him? That would have been a great moment for him. Because he was never interested in being the best father he could be. Or the best husband he could be. Or the best teacher he could be. He wanted to be the best man he could be. And he believed that if he did that – if he focused on it every day, every minute, every second – then everything else would take care of itself.

He had made his name known to everyone.

Ward’s father died between Denzel’s freshman and sophomore seasons at Ohio State University. His father was working out in a gym when he collapsed and died shortly after in the hospital.

The NFLPA released a tweet to recognize Ward’s work this off-season as he seeks to save others from losing his family:

These #CommunityFriday, we rewind to the #NFLDraftwhen @denzelward hosted a celebrity bartending event for his Make Them Know Your Name foundation. The nonprofit, named after his late father, raises money for CPR kits and defibrillators in schools, gyms, and churches.

-NFLPA (@NFLPA) June 18, 2021

With all the great things Browns players do on the field, it’s great to see they want to make a difference in the community too. A Cleveland native, Ward has one very important reason for his job: to honor his father and “make them known your name”.