Deal reached in swimsuit alleging James Franco sexual misconduct | Leisure

The two sides had been debating an agreement for several months and progress in the process had been halted while they spoke. Emails to several lawyers on both sides asking for comments on the agreement and further details of the terms were not immediately returned.

In a previous court case, while praising the #MeToo movement that inspired the lawsuit, Franco’s lawyers described their claims as “false and flammable, legally unfounded and a class action lawsuit with the obvious aim of attracting as much public attention as possible” – hungry claimants. “They indicated that Tither-Kaplan had previously thanked him for the opportunity to work with Franco.

Franco’s production company Rabbit Bandini and its partners, including Vince Jolivette and Jay Davis, are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The allegations of sexual exploitation of other plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit are dismissed without prejudice, which means they may be re-filed, the joint status report said.

The fraud allegations made by these plaintiffs are “subject to limited clearance,” the document states, with no further details or clarification.

The document does not specify how much money may be involved in the deal, which the parties will be filing for preliminary court approval by March 15.