DE residents study methods to save cash on vitality payments

DELAWARE – If you are a Delaware resident and want to save money on your utility bill, Energize Delaware is asking you to complete a free valuation.
This new virtual home rating is designed to provide residents with a quick and easy way to save money on their energy bills.

Due to the pandemic, Energize Delaware was unable to provide personal assessments so a virtual route was found. Customers are seeing higher energy bills in the past year and according to Energize, they were looking for ways to save money.

This new online program asks you about your home features, the devices you use, tips on how to save energy, and much more. This assessment is just one of many programs that Energize is using to help people in the state find ways to reduce energy use and save money.

Suzanne Sebastian, Program Director at Energize, says, “We all spend a lot more time at home these days and I think a lot of us are noticing that our rooms are a little uncomfortable, maybe some of our bills go up and we might be able to take some action to take that could help. Tony DePrima, Executive Director at Energize, says, “We hope that not only will they find great ways to save money in their homes and conserve energy, but that they will lead to other programs that we offer.”

Energize directors advise 47 ABC that this assessment is a first step that will eventually lead to the development of a market where residents can purchase energy efficiency products at a subsidized price.

If you want to learn more about the programs on offer, just visit this one Website, and click on Here if you want to do the house appraisal.

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