Micah Horne shares her love for fashion and marketing and how this has inspired her growing company. Photos by Lauren Hough.


Micah Horne, a sophomore strategic communications student, is best known for her clothing brand ASYM, which her friends often wear on campus. Her style can be traced back to family influences as well as music artists to whom she often listens. Not only does she feel inspired to design her own clothing for her brand, but she is also passionate about the advertising aspect and uses this to help her market ASYM.

The butler colleague: How would you describe your style?

Micha Horne: I feel like some people are very happy to be frugal and some people like to buy high end clothes – I feel like I meet somewhere in the middle where I save about half of my clothes and the other half I really like designer brands because I like fashion in general, so it’s a good mix of that.

TBC: What things influence your style?

MH: My father had a huge influence on my style for a while just because he likes to dress very nicely. He always wears a suit when he goes to the office, or when he is loitering around the house, his lounge attire goes well. I feel like I’ve noticed a lot because my lounge clothes have to fit, or I’ll dress nicely even if I’m not going crazy somewhere. So I feel like I get a lot of inspiration from him, but a lot of the musicians I listen to have really good styles too. I listen to Tyler the Creator a lot and know that he is known for his style. He has his own fashion brand that I buy a lot from because I really appreciate the style and really appreciate what it brings to the table. It depends a little on what I’m feeling. Sometimes I go to Pinterestwho has good inspiration for everything for outfits.

TBC: Can you tell me about your clothing brand? What was the inspiration behind it – and why [did you choose the name] ASYMO?

MH: I feel like my dad and I talk a lot about fashion – I go back to him – and there is this popular designer brand called Like guys, and they have a heart with two eyes as a logo. My father said, “They make millions, their clothes are expensive, something like that could be done.” And I thought, “You know, maybe I could.” I gave my little brother, then six years old, a pen and paper and told him to draw what he was feeling. I checked them all and ended up on the monster’s main logo. I decided to name the brand ASYM because it stands for asymmetrical and all letters in the logo itself are asymmetrical.

TBC: How do you come up with new ideas for ASYM?

MH: It’s a lot of what I want in clothes and incorporate that into the designs. I love to doodle anyway, and I like the idea of ​​a graphic t-shirt, but sometimes a graphic t-shirt can be too over the top. I feel like you don’t wear a lot of graphic t-shirts as you get older. So if there’s just a basic drawing on it, that’s more accessible to me than buying a full-fledged graphic t-shirt.

TBC: What was the coolest thing about starting your own clothing brand?

MH: [ASYM] became popular in my high school before I went to college and it was so cool to see my friends wearing my shirt over everything else they had in their closet. I love to see everyone in it, but I also love the advertising side of it: Be it making the videos for it or taking pictures of my friends as models for it. I try to make the website themed each time I launch it, which may seem boring to others, but that’s the kind of thing that makes me really happy doing the brand.

TBC: What do you hope for in the future with ASYM? Which direction do you want to take with it?

MH: The best scenario anyone with a business could hope for is to make it big. I would love it if that happened, of course, but realistically it will probably be something I do on the side. It’s not about making it big; I just like the clothing brand itself so much that I would keep it going whether it is gaining a huge following or not.

TBC: What are your top 3 favorite items in your closet?

MH: One is a higher quality piece from this brand called Gosha Rubchinskiy. It’s that blue crew neck sweater with two collars; one is blue with a gray behind it. My mom gave me this sweater for Christmas [another favorite in her wardrobe] from a Tyler the Creator drop, and it’s this knit sweater that I think is really cool. My third piece should be from the first drop I ever did, two cases ago; It was the first time I made hoodies. It had that leaf logo with the word ASYM in the middle and everyone was crazy about it. It was so surprising to see how well it was received – it sold out so quickly. I think it’s super nice and comfortable and chilled, and everyone who has bought it wears it a lot.

TBC: What advice do you have for people who are struggling to find their own style or have the confidence to wear what they want?

MH: Most people worry about what they will wear and how it will be perceived by others. So if you can be that person to dispel it and say, “When everyone is so worried about themselves, this is the perfect opportunity for me to hug something new.” I used to be the same where I was in trouble had to find my voice and I didn’t really know how to dress well. Slowly dip your toes in. Take a pair [of] Parts outside of your style, even save some items you might want to wear yourself or the kind of style you want to wear in the future and just go from there. Don’t be nervous about finding your own style because it really is like everyone is struggling with it. Even though I feel like I have the wardrobe I want, I still feel a little embarrassed when I put on something I may never have worn because it’s new or not in my style. It’s okay, you just have to trust yourself.

Look at Micah Hornes website and follow her ASYM Instagram here.