David Beckham Rocks As soon as Ridiculed Trend Pattern In Beautiful Type

Some people are just unfairly talented. David Beckham is one of those people.

Not only is he one of the greatest soccer players of all time, a great dad, and someone who has donated millions to charity, but he’s just a really nice guy. It’s really unfair. At least you’d hope he was a bit of a moron.

In addition, he’s one of the best-dressed men in the world. While his wife Victoria is an accomplished fashion designer and has undoubtedly helped him hone his tailoring skills, Beck’s personal style is still pretty impressive. Of Peaky Blinders-inspired, incredibly English looks to effortless streetwear outfitsThe man has reach.

His latest outfit not only shows his extraordinary attitude, but also points to a fashion trend that has emerged in recent years: the revival of the Hawaiian shirt.

Italian performance car brand Maserati, who recently signed Beckham as the new global ambassador, shared photos of the preppy 46-year-old gentleman relaxing in an oversized Hawaiian shirt on the set of one of her new commercials. Beckham paired the brightly colored shirt with a simple white tank top and tailored black pants, showing off his wide range of tattoos and a bit of gold.

It’s a somewhat retro look that screams class despite its casualness. It’s relaxed yet refined; Peak Beckham, really. The tropical motif of the shirt also complements the exotic 440 kW Maserati Levante Trofeo crossover, on which it is also leaning.

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As the name suggests, Hawaiian shirts (or “aloha shirts”) first appeared in Hawaii in the 1930s, with the style eventually gaining popularity after World War II veterans stationed the colorful shirts back in the continental United States brought. Elvis Presley’s 1961 film Blue Hawaii also went a long way in promoting the tropical shirt style.

Hawaiian shirts have always had a divisive reputation. Many consider them cheesy, even though their kitsch quality is exactly what attracts people – ironically or unironically. In recent years designer brands like Prada or Saint Laurent Produce their views on the Hawaiian shirt as well as tailors’ renewed interest in this style: wearing a suit jacket with a Hawaiian shirt has become a staple.

We expect the Hawaii jersey – especially with posh numbers like Beckhams – to continue growing in popularity in 2021. In the past twelve months, fashion has taken a much more relaxed and comfortable direction (understandably if most of us still can’t go out as usual thanks to The Spicy Cough).

And at a time when there is so much doom and darkness, we all need a bit of fun … And what is more fun than a loud shirt?

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