Dance the vote is one of four recipients of the IDEA Award awarded by the Cooperative for accessibility in art and culture. The award recognizes institutions and individuals for their commitment to “Inclusion, Diversity, Justice and Accessibility” in the greater St. Louis area.

Founded by the theater artist and social activist Joan Lipkin and co-produced by Ashley L. Tate, Dance the Vote promotes voter advocacy and registration through performance, video, graphics, and other artistic activities.

In a statement, Lipkin said that “anything that raises awareness of the importance of accessibility will benefit our entire community as one in four Americans has a temporary or permanent disability.”

IDEA Awards also receive the St. Louis Shakespeare Festival, the Greater St. Louis Arts and Education Council and Jenna McNeal, Senior Visiting Engagement Supervisor at the Missouri History Museum.

The Arts and Culture Accessibility Cooperative (ACAC) is a program of the non-profit organization Spiritual eye. The prizes will be awarded on January 27th at 8:30 am via Zoom.