Damian Hurley is ‘grateful’ for his household | Leisure

Damian Hurley is “grateful” to his family.

Elizabeth Hurley’s son took to Instagram to share his appreciation for his mother and close relatives after he was removed from his father’s family loyalty.

Before Stephen Bing committed suicide last year, Stephen Bing won a lawsuit in which his father’s attempt to foreclose his children Damian Hurley, 19, and Kira Bonder, 23, from a family trust, but that decision was made meanwhile canceled on appeal.

Damian’s mother, Elizabeth Hurley, said last week: “When Stephen took his own life, he died thinking that his children would be cared for.

“What Stephen wanted has now been callously undone. I know Stephen would have been devastated.”

Kira’s mother Lisa Bonder added, “As a mother, I wonder why this had to happen. Why victimize two innocent children?”

And after the news, Damian posted a picture of his actress and model mother, grandmother Angela and cousins.

He has given the article a title: “Thankful for my beautiful family, today and every day Xx.”

Although Stephen initially had no relationship with Lisa or Damian, before his death he had begun to make amends.

He reached out to Kira in 2015 and Lisa said, “Kira was interested. I think she saw it as an opportunity to make amends, heal the past, and possibly meet her grandparents and cousins ​​of Steve’s sister Mary.”

And Stephen was trying to build a relationship with Damian too, first calling him on his 18th birthday last year.

He also supported Elizabeth and Lisa when Steve’s father, Dr. Peter Bing tried to cut Damian and Kira out of the “grandchildren trusts” he had founded almost 40 years earlier on the basis that they were both born out of wedlock.

Elizabeth said: “Damian’s grandfather, Peter Bing, tried to disregard Stephen’s children, including Damian, as his grandchildren in the irrevocable trust he had previously established.

“Stephen fought very hard in his senior year to get his children recognized and kept telling me how incredibly important it was to him.

“He was incredibly happy that the court ruling found Damian should be treated like his sister’s children with regard to the trust.”

Lisa added, “It was terrible – forget the real legality of everything: this is her grandfather who says,” You don’t count and I don’t want you to be a part of our lives because your mother wasn’t married to my son .

“Damian and Kira have been disinherited from the Bing family trust. There is no legal recourse, you cannot go back. They lost. It was very painful for them and left a family gap that Damian and Kira had to deal with. “