CW considers establishing downtown leisure district

By Linda Dillman
Employed author

Canal Winchester plans to expand its downtown entertainment and dining offering by creating a community entertainment district in an area around the intersection of Waterloo and High Street.

On June 21, Canal Winchester City Council heard the first reading of an ordinance setting boundaries within the historic district around the city center, giving the city yet another tool for economic development and business revitalization by increasing the number of available ones Gave liquor permits to hand.

The ordinance limits the district to no less than 20 acres and complies with the guidelines of the Ohio Revised Code. Similar neighborhoods were created by the city on Gender and Diley streets.

The document states: “… it is in the best interests of the city to establish a community entertainment district … to enhance and offer entertainment, retail, education, sports, culture and the arts.”

Lucas Haire, director of urban development, said the city is seeing a great deal of demand in Old Town for drink permits for restaurants interested in moving to the area. All permits are currently in possession and none are available for start-ups.

“If we open a new restaurant in the old town, there is (currently) no chance of a liquor permit,” said Haire. “Where liquor licenses can be issued, once they are issued, they stay in that area.”

According to a map attached to the legislation, the 30-acre district is roughly bordered by Columbus Street to the south, Oak Street to the north, Trine Street to the east, and along West Waterloo on the north side of the street near the level crossing .

Haire said with a ratio of one permit per five acres, the new entertainment district – which the council could change at any time – would allow six additional liquor licenses.

“The entertainment district will open up opportunities,” said Councilor Jill Amos, who agreed it was time for the city to create a DORA, which is a designated outdoor refreshment area – a specific area of ​​land that a local legislature will serve as excluded from certain open container regulations. “A lot of people are interested in (at a DORA) and that helps us.”

Councilor Mike Coolman said as the city grows, citizens are wondering why Canal Winchester cannot push certain restaurants to its limits.

“This (CED) is a huge stepping stone,” said Coolman. “It is a step that is necessary.”

Haire said if the entertainment district ordinance is approved, additional alcohol permits could be granted as early as September.

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• The council approved the setting of the salary and benefit package for the mayor’s and council’s salaries with effect from January 1, 2022. There are no changes in salary and benefit levels and they remain the same as last year.

The council president receives $ 7,251 annually, the vice president receives $ 6,921 annually, and council members annually $ 6,592.

Members are entitled to sign up for or decline a single health / hospital insurance and purchase dental and vision insurance.

The mayor’s salary is $ 100,842. The mayor is also entitled to health / hospital insurance – alone or with the family – as well as dental, visual and insurance benefits on the same terms and requirements as city workers, in addition to a monthly travel allowance of $ 500 for the use of a private vehicle for the City company.

• The council heard the second reading to put proposed constitutional amendments to the November vote and the July 6th session will be the last regular meeting before the council pauses for this month.