IIt has never been more important for your home to truly reflect who you are and what needs you and your family have. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to home design, and no one understands that better than eggersmann. The furniture brand made in Germany that has evolved into much more designs to make people really live, taking into account personal style, space requirements and comfort needs.

Innovation and quality craftsmanship are deeply rooted in eggersmann, but also the possibility of creating individual and personalized rooms for every room in the house.

Do you have an outdated room in need of a luxurious pick-me-up? Are you craving old world craftsmanship with modern details? It is time to discover how eggersmann can transform any room with a distinctive vision and its competent design and installation staff.

Really unique materials

Eggersmann created one customer-specific cabinet system with homogeneous surfaces called Uniqueand offers more than 20 raw materials including granite, quartzite, marble, hot rolled steel and slate. Unique furniture is made on the same surface as the countertops. Eggersmann’s monolithic furniture can also be made from Corian.

Finish the design with FRAME 7 deep miter edge finishA style completely original on the market, giving countertops with angled and beveled stone edges and continuing a series of elegant lines in the kitchen and bathroom.

Take a move

With you can design a space that suits your specific needs, regardless of the space eggersmann’s MOTION sliding counter. The remote-controlled raising and lowering system is tailored for those who are short on space, simply want to add more space or simply want to create a clear area.

Hide the stove, prepare surfaces or sinks in the kitchen, or lift a television out of a hidden cabinet with the push of a button. MOTION consists of a collection of stones, woods and melamines as well as a hidden roller system that allows worktops and table tops to slide silently and easily.

Luxe relaxation

Look beyond kitchen countertops and bathroom cabinets, because eggersmann also designs bespoke luxury furniture for every room in the house. Explore the range of bespoke contemporary chairs made from leather, fabric, suede, wood and metal that are exclusively made in Germany. From living room sofas to dining room chairs, the possibilities are endless.

The same applies to custom-made modern sofas, loungers and love seats. Eggersmann attaches great importance to comfort and craftsmanship in every design – and this shows quickly together with the adaptability. You can customize everything from height, depth, style, and color with each piece.

What are chairs without tables? Eggersmann designers complete every room with tailor-made tables made of solid wood, stone and metal. Regardless of the need, there is an expertly designed table that fits you just right. And your place.

Chic shelf solutions

Think beyond the basic backsplash and explore that innovative 15-square shelving system. Eggersmann increases the shelves and offers you functionality and exquisite form in a refreshing design. The 15-square system is designed for use in backpack splashers and can be hung from the ceiling or placed on a kitchen island.

The base of the system is made of black or anodized aluminum, but can be further customized by adding smoked oak or light ash wood. The modules are specially tailored to your needs and can display wine glasses, spice jars and knives. They can also be used as a room divider or bookcase.

eggersmann offers stylish, customer-specific storage solutions.

Custom cabinets for every room

No space is too small, too big or too challenging for the eggersmann Cabinetry Design Team. All furniture components are fully customizable and fit seamlessly into the architecture of your home. A variety of materials are used, from natural stone materials to exotic woods, metals, glass, lacquers and laminates. Every element of the eggersmann design vision can be easily installed in a kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe or home entertainment system.

Form fulfills a function

Eggersmann innovators understand the connection between something that works well and looks good. It’s about making a room or piece of furniture look stylish – and be extremely functional. That is why every cabinet is made of practical and attractive materials.

Standard cabinet structures consist of three-layer furniture boards and standard low-VOC furniture boards. The multilayer birch plywood offers superior strength and durability, and the waterproof MDF with Medite Tricoya gives you the opportunity to have custom cabinets outdoors where previously only concrete, plastic or metal would have been possible due to the weather.

eggersmann offers 100 percent customizable furniture components.

Eggersmann is a company certified by the Forest Stewardship Council that works to support responsible forest management to prevent overexploitation, protect rare species and eliminate forest and land-related human rights violations.

Always innovative

The wheels of innovation at eggersmann keep turning. That means there is always something fresh, such as B. grain-matched decorative surfaces on all melamine veneers. Both the design and engineering teams worked diligently to create surfaces that would enhance existing designs.

Old world meets new world

Eggersmann is a thoroughly modern company that is rooted in the craftsmanship of the past. Ideas, finishes and manufacturing technologies are always up to date, but they still use old world techniques like hand sewing wood veneers. The craftsmanship connects every piece with the Eggersmann legacy of precision and creates effective and artistic pieces of furniture and furniture.

Maintenance & more

Eggersmann offers customer service that is just as detailed as its products. During the installation, eggersmann experts guide customers through all functions and answer all questions on the way. In addition to the typical Eggersmann furniture and surface guarantee, the company offers information on the care and maintenance of cupboards as well as special cleaners for luxury surfaces and cleaning cloths. The eggersmann YouTube channel also provides additional maintenance information.

eggersmann’s family legacy continues

Wilhelm Eggersmann founded his company of the same name in 1908 and laid the foundation for its success with professional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and first-class customer service. This legacy continues today with Sandra Soltoff and Michael Soltoff at the helm. The family-owned and operated company now includes showrooms and retail studios in the United States, as well as affiliated stores in Canada and Mexico. Texans looking for bespoke German cabinets can work with Eggersmann designers in Houston, Dallas or Austin.

Find out more about this German carpenter’s difference by studying these 10 things that will surprise you about eggersmann and its luxury furniture. Visit eggersmann’s bespoke modern luxury kitchen and home living design website to explore the possibilities for your own dream home.