Crisfield Arts and Leisure District on the lookout for group enter on mural designs

CRISFIELD, Md.- The Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District is soliciting contributions from the community on murals.

They are painted for the Crisfield Housing Authority’s basketball and tennis courts.

We learn that The Crisfield Arts and Entertainment District received a grant this spring to fund the mural project.

Artists were able to submit their murals last year and are now looking for the community’s thoughts on a design.

The project manager said they are very excited to offer this art to the community through partnerships at this uncertain time.

“I think now that it’s always very important to work together and let each other know that at the end of the day we really want the best for the community and the best for our youth, to give them a safe place where you can can play in a place that inspires them, ”said Shelton Hawkins, project manager.

The Crisfield Arts & Entertainment District Planning Committee meets on February 17th at 5:30 am on Zoom.

Here people can contribute to the submitted designs.

You can register for the meeting at