Cowboy Santa arrives in fashion at Fort Value Stockyards


Cowboy Santa rode in style into the Fort Worth Stockyards with a full parade celebrating his arrival.

Southern Saint Nicholas put on his regular red suit but opted for a white hat and cowboy boots to complete the look. He also brought some Christmas carols along with Mrs. Claus, who hosted a storytime.

Ethan Cartwright, a spokesman for the Stockyards, says the entire area is decked out with lights and decorations ready to celebrate Christmas.

Ethan Cartwright, Director of Marketing, Stockyard Heritage Development

“We put more lights on than ever before,” he said. “I think you could probably see the Stockyards from space if you were lucky enough to be in a space capsule.”

Mr. and Mrs. Claus have set up their workshop, which is now open until Christmas Eve. It’s on Mule Alley in the Stockyards.