COVID rental help cash nonetheless accessible in San Diego

The authorities expect an increase in requests as the eviction moratorium expires.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, California – A state eviction moratorium is set to expire this weekend, but the state eviction moratorium in California will last at least two months.

COVID Rental Assistance Allowance continues to be available for qualified applicants in San Diego County.

“Help is there. It is available. We encourage people to apply, ”said Jose Dorado, senior management analyst for the City of Chula Vista.

If you are behind with your rental payments, go to first There you can enter your address to find out where to apply for rental assistance.

“People need to know that they can apply. So if they are having trouble paying their rent, be it overdue rent or future rent, they can apply for this rent support, ”said Dorado.

Three agencies cover all of San Diego County when it comes to rental assistance.

Chula Vista is one area, the second is the city of San Diego and the rest is covered by San Diego County.

The money is available to low-income applicants, but if you’ve recently lost your job there is a chance that you could qualify as last month’s income level can be calculated.

“Suppose you were recently laid off, or you had a reduction in hours, or perhaps you had a health problem. Then you could use your income from the last 30 days to qualify for this program, ”said Dorado.

The COVID rental support now covers 100 percent of past and future rent through April 2020.

The money goes to the landlord and either the tenant or the landlord can submit an application.

“A lot of people are happy that they can focus on other responsibilities they have towards their families rather than how they pay their rent or whether they are evicted,” Dorado said.

Even if you live in a government home, you can still apply for rental assistance in San Diego County, according to Dorado.

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