Couple nonetheless preventing to have cash returned from Financial institution of America

NOCATEE, Fla. – A First Coast couple are still trying to get their money back on their own back.

It’s a story that First Coast News first covered a little over a week ago, and the response has been huge.

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Not only did the online version generate 10 times more pageviews than any other story for days, but Jessica and David Broda have also stated that they have been inundated with comments in person.

“We had an overwhelming response from people all over the country,” says Jessica Broda. “As you know, the story just got out all over the place. I’ve received emails from strangers […] old friends, my son’s teachers, a couple of nurses I’ve never met from other hospitals. “

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The Brodas, both nurses, fought for their $ 35,000 from Bank of America three years ago after accidentally depositing their son’s bank account. Known as the Coogan Trust, the account is required by every California child actor to protect their earnings from predatory guardians.

In the case of 6-year-old Jacob Broda, he made a single appearance as a toddler before his family moved to Florida. The $ 80 balance in their account remained unchanged and unaffected until the couple bought and returned a faulty Lexus in June 2018. While Jessica Broda deposited the check for $ 35,000 on the Bank of America app, she accidentally deposited it with the Coogan Trust.

Three years later, Bank of America is still refusing to return the money. The couple is suing for their money to be returned.

The story resonated with thousands of other people.

“I didn’t know how many people had so much anger against this bank,” said Jessica Broda. “That was very surprising. And it was also very sad because so many people had so many financial problems with the bank and were walking around all over the place. And after they saw that, me and my husband and you know our lawyers you know “We don’t want them to get away with harming people over and over, it’s just not right.”

The bank declined repeated requests for comment on the original story. Given the viral response, the story has been picked up by First Coast News’ sister stations in Dallas, Minneapolis, and Atlanta, among others. First Coast News asked for comment again, but the bank officials did not respond.

Broda says she isn’t surprised. They too are getting “radio silence” from the bank, but she said the community’s response has just redoubled their determination to hold the bank accountable.

“I’m tired of the way they treat people, I’m tired of the way they’ve treated me for the past three years,” said Broda. “I feel like we have a lot of wind in our sails right now. It feels really good to have so much support from the community and we’re just very grateful for that.”