County council arms out straightforward cash

About the editor:

On May 12, the county council voted 6-0 to give $ 195,000 to the Hancock County 4-H Agricultural Association, a private group. Obviously, our district council finds it easy to pay taxpayers’ money.

Kent Fisk City Councilor said at the meeting that the money would be needed to form the entire club as losses were incurred in 2020 due to the pandemic. It was Kent Fisk himself who had applied for funds to the commissioners two weeks earlier. Why not a member of the AG?

Not only did Mr. Fisk initiate the motion, but he also voted for his approval as a sitting city councilor. That seems too cozy. But there is more.

In their honor, the council asked the AG to provide evidence of their 2020 losses. I have seen the documents and they do nothing to determine a loss of $ 195,000. They show that the deposits were reduced by this amount from 2019 to 2020. This is only the half truth. What about the expenses? What about cash? Nothing.

In addition, the association documents of the ag only refer to January to October and not to a whole year. This is poor taxpayer money management. Embarrassing. Unprofessional.

I enjoy the fair. I think the 4-H program is an important part of our community. The district government has been supporting the AG with taxpayers’ money for many years. I think it’s a good thing All of this is irrelevant.

The point is, our county council gave a private group of $ 195,000 in public funding without properly considering the need. Rather, it seems like sheer preference, a city council member’s favorite project.

At the May 12 session, I asked the council if other nonprofits could ask to become whole. The answer was yes.

Attention to all non-profit organizations: The District Council is now open for business. I urge other nonprofits to ask the generous county council to make them a whole.

Randy Harrison