Cornershot: Grocery order gone haywire | Leisure

Our new lifestyle has created opportunities to laugh at ourselves and our new situations.

I check in to my friend Joan in Northern Virginia almost every morning. She lives alone and the morning well-being check is enough for a coffee over the back fence.

Did I mention Joan’s my age? Far behind our three points and 10?

Joan refused to put groceries online but she eventually gave in and took great care to place an order online. It was time consuming, but everything worked fine. After the first order, she gained confidence and continued the practice.

There are replacements sometimes, but the store’s policy is that if the customer fails, they will be given credit and they can just keep the item. I think replenishment and actual return are too cumbersome.

Joan was pretty pleased with the way her grocery gathering made her life easier. But recently there was a problem. There was a surprise in her order when she was unpacking everything – five boxes of Tampax with no expiration date! However, Joan is well past her own “expiration date” for this product.

Fortunately, her neighbors are a young family with three daughters who were delighted with these supplies. But the mistake made Joan and I speculate: was it a young man filling out the order and not knowing what the product was? Was it wrong for cleaning rags or paper napkins? We’ll never know, but it’s just another ridiculous moment in this COVID reality and we need ridiculous moments.