Consultants clarify how one can declare lacking stimulus cash, the place we’re at with third spherical

BISMARCK, ND (KFYR) – Discussions are in progress on a third round of stimulus checks. However, experts say that many did not receive their second or even first payment.

The Internal Revenue Service started delivering payments for the second round in December. If you are still waiting for your money the accountants say you are not alone.

“The IRS is trying to redirect payments that didn’t go to the right place,” said Haga Kommer CPA Kelda Rerick.

You can still claim this money by listing it on your 2020 tax return on the second page of the 10-40 document.

“You get your money there. There is no phone number to call or contact. You just have to worry about it in your 2020 tax return, ”said Rerick.

Meanwhile, Washington is talking about a third stimulus payment.

“The first thing I have to do is get this Covid package adopted,” said President Joe Biden. The president is pushing for a bipartisan agreement on his one-point, $ 9 trillion recovery plan, but getting Republicans on board won’t be easy.

“That’s not what we see of the Democrats in this proposal, which is to send checks to people making up to $ 300,000 a year,” said Senator John Barrasso, R-Wyoming.

If Biden doesn’t get the backing of both parties, he can keep Republicans off the deal to provide more momentum. But his election could mean setting the tone for his term in office and revealing whether he can keep his promise to unite Congress and the country.

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