College students showcase their private type via trend

University of Miami students express themselves creatively, especially with their clothes. They show their uniqueness through their own everyday fashion sense.

Everyday street fashion may not be shown on the catwalk like last week at New York Fashion Week, or with extravagant ball gowns like the Met Gala. But everyday clothing develops a life of its own as a unique opportunity for expression and creativity. Through their clothes, shoes, accessories and hairstyles, the University of Miami students show their creativity and uniqueness by showing their own fashion sense on campus.

Grace Altidor, a junior from Cape Coral, Florida, is studying health sciences

“Today my outfit is just a white U-Polo that I actually saved from UThrift! My goal is usually to look cute. Unless it’s for my 8 o’clock class. Then it’s never cute. I think my fashion is usually a mix of streetwear and a bit of preppy. In the Miami area it’s usually dresses or shorts. “

Cassadee Wellings, a sophomore media management student from Key West, Florida

“For school, I’ll probably try to dress it up with a fun shirt and color. I have shoes of every single color; So I match the shirt and shoes with them and wear them with jeans. I would say my style is modern-urban. And when it comes to jewelry, I always have to wear something gold. “

Cassadee Wellings

Jack Newman, a junior from Bradenton, Florida, is studying ecosystem science and policy

“I’m inspired by myself and everything I think looks cool. My hair has been green for about a month now and before that it was blonde. I love my mullet. Not many people rock you these days. All I have is frugal. My pants, my bag, everything is goodwill. “

Jack Newman

Nonii Randall, a junior from Harlem, New York, with a dual degree in finance and law

“These little denim shorts are from American Apparel and I bought them at a thrift store for about $ 10. This shirt was my mom’s, and I’m just wearing some old, old trainers. And this bucket hat is my uncle’s bucket hat. “

Randall added an oversized bag to her sporty outfit – but not just any bag. She managed to get hold of one of the most popular fashion pieces of the year – a large cream Telfar tote bag. After being worn by Beyoncé, the bag sells out in minutes.

“This is my second. I was on the website 10 minutes before dropping off and had to pre-fill all of my personal and card details so I only needed my fingerprint to secure the purchase. Fortunately, I live right next to the distribution center in New York, so it came the next day. “

Nonii Randall

Allison Guaty, a third year law student from Miami, Florida

“I like to look more professional, but I also wear casual and comfortable outfits. I want to look organized for my class, but I don’t want to wear anything that I don’t enjoy studying in for hours. “

Allison Guaty

Laura Benoit, a sophomore studying creative advertising from New Jersey

“I really like the combination of urban chic. I love to equip with rings. I always wear earrings and necklaces. I like to combine casual clothing with accents from dressed-up styles to make myself look a bit more formal, but still relaxed. I also like to make a big statement on my hair. And I think patterns or bright colors feel like my style. “

Laura Benoit