Classically-elegant fashion at Kari England Nantucket

By Leslie Linsley

(22.07.2021) Classic, contemporary, elegant-casual, handmade from natural materials in exquisite colors and so shapely. These are the words used to describe the sweaters and dresses at Kari England at 11 Old South Wharf.

First there is the whisper-quiet baby pink, barely available shades of blue, subtle peach and creamy ivory alongside bright coral and electric shades of blue, and the navy and ivory sweaters popular with boating, which you can casually throw over your shoulder, cold at the end of the day.

This little shop is the place to get lost in the imaginary Design world that is England’s sensitivity.

Always dressed in one of her creations, she is the perfect model for the perfect uninhibited, stylish Look like an island.

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