Church elevating cash to buy previous Franklin Elementary College constructing

FRANKLIN, WV. (WHSV) – Redeeming Grace Outreach Worship Center is soliciting donations to raise $ 350,000 for the purchase of the old Franklin Elementary School building as the new home of their ministry.

The Church’s current home is in a small building on Route 33 in Brandywine and is no longer able to sustain all of its growing ministries.

“This system already has the maximum capacity that we can use. In fact, we had to give up our clothing service because we didn’t have enough space due to our expansion, ”said Jason Boggs, pastor at Redeeming Grace.

The Church is already serving the community in a variety of ways and is keen to expand its ministries to include soup kitchen, addiction care, counseling, clothing services, and new ways to help.

“We plan to set up a homeless shelter on the second floor of the school during the winter season to accommodate people in Rockingham County, as well as Moorefield and Petersburg and some in Franklin, for those who need a place to stay for the night,” said Boggs.

The Church also plans to provide more confidential addiction counseling at the larger facility, as well as establishing a youth center to address the high rates of drug use and suicide among youth in the area.

“It’s gotten out of hand, so hopefully by opening doors we can make a difference,” said Richard Lockner, a Redeeming Grace member who also serves as the Church’s treasurer.

“Everyone in this area goes to Virginia to find a job and work, so there really aren’t any jobs here. There aren’t many places for children, ”said Pastor Boggs. “So we just want to bring them in there and entertain them to keep them out of trouble so they don’t resort to drugs.”

Redeeming Grace is a nondenominational church that lives up to its name. The building and its pastor were both redeemed in their own way.

“I was serving a drug sentence when I was 15, so reaching out to this community and having a program for chain-breaking addiction is my heart,” said Boggs.

The church’s current building was an old strip club before Boggs and his family decided to renovate it. Now it is a church that is committed to helping those in need and giving people a second chance.

“We at the Redeming Grace ministry are not a perfect place, but we feel like we are the perfect place for imperfect people,” said Scott Combs, one of the other Church pastors.

Like Boggs, Combs fought his own demons and had a history of drinking alcoholism before becoming a pastor. Boggs prides itself on the impartial service of the Church to everyone who needs it.

“Anyone who comes through the door, we just love them,” he said. “We say ‘welcome home’ to them because we really feel like they are at home, no matter what their background, no matter what they have done. If God can take a drug dealer and make him a preacher, God can make anything of their lives. “

Of the $ 350,000 it took to purchase the school building, the Church has currently raised just over $ 22,000.

If you want to donate, you can do so here.

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