Life and elegance with Erin Hicks – Sooke Information Mirror

– Words by Lia Crowe Photography by Darren Hull

The definition of good style means for Erin never trying to be someone else, knowing yourself and letting your own personality shine through in your style.

“My mom always had great style,” says Erin. “She always looks great no matter what she’s doing. She has greatly influenced my style over the years. She taught me to take care of myself, to be proud of my looks and not save clothes for special occasions – wear what you want and feel great every day.”

When asked what’s the best lesson she’s learned in the past five years, Erin says, “It’s to take care of yourself. Being a mom of three busy kids can be all consuming and draining, so you always have to make time to take care of yourself.”

Fashion & Beauty

Currently in great demand: Dior Vibe sneakers.

Favorite shoe: My CHANEL boots with chunky soles.

My absolute favourite: In winter I love my SENTALER coat.

Favorite day bag: I alternate between my large CHANEL flap, the CHANEL wallet on a chain (easiest and most versatile), and the Louis Vuitton bag.

Favorite piece of jewelry or favorite designer: Canadian jewelry designer Kim Smiley.

Fashion obsession: shoes.

Accessory you spend the most money on: wallets.

Whether fashion or beauty, the necessary indulgence: a good quality coat is a must.

Moisturizer: Molton Brown Serene Coco and Sandalwood.

Scent: Byredo Mojave Ghost.

Must-have hair product: Living Proof Full Dry Volume Blast.

Beauty secret: lots of water and high-quality care products.

Style Inspirations & Life

Style icon: More of a lasting impression – Princess Diana danced with John Travolta at the White House in 1985 wearing a strapless blue velvet dress by Victor Gem and a pearl necklace. Truly unforgettable!

Favorite fashion designer or brand: CHANEL and Dior.

Era that inspires your style: Modern.

Favorite Cocktail or Wine: Currently in Checkmate Winery’s Little Pawn Chardonnay and Duckhorn Cab Sav.

Favorite flowers: Old roses and peonies.

Favorite city to visit: Paris.

Favorite app: Instagram.

Favorite place on earth: At home with my family.

reading material

What you read online for style: Instagram.

Favorite print magazine: Vogue.

Favorite style blogs: WeWoreWhat by Danielle Bernstein and Inthefrow by Victoria Magrath.

Illustrated book/photo book: Born to Ice by Paul Nicklen.

Last big read: The Silk Roads: A New History of the World by Peter Frankopan.

Book is reading: The Code Breaker by Walter Isaacson.

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We’re witnessing dictatorship, American model

Joe Biden has gone where perhaps even Donald Trump feared treading — implying that any election his party doesn’t win would be illegitimate; more specifically, that November’s congressional elections cannot be considered free and fair (i.e., democratic) unless the Senate abolishes the filibuster to pass an electoral law it prefers.

But the filibuster is still there and the law wasn’t passed, meaning election procedures are still state-determined, and Republican-governed states will continue to conduct elections in ways that Democrats disapprove (and their voters approve) .

Drop boxes won’t be as ubiquitous or early voting days as plentiful as Democrats want and voter identification Democrats oppose and overwhelming majority of public favor will be in many places thanks to our autocracy masquerading as Democracy camouflages.

We are left with a lesson in the dangers of excessive rhetoric and absurd arguments when employed in the service of dubious, improbable ends.

By equating voter laws like those enacted in Georgia with “Jim Crow on steroids” and claiming that the only way to save democracy is for the Senate to pass bills that the Democrats favor and then to imply that upcoming elections would be illegitimate if that had not happened it was unlikely (and is not), Biden and henchmen have now caught themselves in an impasse from which they cannot easily get out.

Given the logic of their demands in the name of democracy, the Democrats have failed miserably in their attempt to save them. With 50 Republican and two Democratic Senators (combining a majority vote on a 100-strong body), what James Madison, Ben Franklin and Co. did in 1787 is now abruptly reversed.

Our system of self-government has produced an outcome that is destroying our system of self-government, at least in the increasingly strange world in which Democrats live.

The elections, scheduled for November, are still expected to take place, but if the Democrats really mean what they say, they will be mostly empty drills, akin to the charades used to be held in “people’s democracies.” In clueless imitation of dictators through the ages, Democrats claim that democracy is being sabotaged by “house enemies” and various subversive elements (which appear to include members of a democratically elected upper chamber of a bicameral legislature who oppose what Biden and his crew advocate ).

In short, there are few things more irresponsible than the President of the United States saying “it matters” when it comes to the legitimacy of our elections, with the implication that what matters is whether (a) you want to pass the bills and/or (b) our side wins or loses the vote count.

More broadly, it also seems odd to focus on voter ID requirements or too few dropboxes when we’ve witnessed the largest transfer of political power to government agencies and unelected public health bureaucrats in our nation’s history.

Whatever one thinks of lockdowns and mandates and vaccination cards as a way to fight a virus (and the suspicion is that historians and scientists will take a pretty keen view of all of that in time), there’s no denying that America is less democratic and free and therefore more is a more authoritarian position today than it was two years ago, and the overwhelming majority of the draconian measures that should have sent civil rights leaders into convulsions did not come from Republican governors, Republican congressmen, or even the great ogre Trump.

The thought arises that when it comes to preserving our system of self-government, we could worry less about less early election days or wannabe insurgents with face paint and buffalo horns and more about technocrats in white lab coats and clipboards; that the greater threat to democracy and freedom may emanate from what has come to be known as “safetyism,” in which a frightened, panicked people end up sacrificing their most cherished rights in pursuit of the illusory goal of absolute safety.

There is, then, something deeply surreal about claims of impending American authoritarianism coming from the same political party that banned Americans from attending church services or the funerals of their loved ones.

Whatever else can be said, it would be fair to say that democracy and freedom have not exactly been at the top of the Democratic Party’s value hierarchy of late, although they now present themselves as staunch defenders of it.

So we are in the third year of a major experiment in which we will determine whether liberties given up to combat a public health threat can eventually be regained in the same form.

We will also find out if those to whom we have given so much power will resist the will to power that has plagued so many human experiences and casually abandon it, or instead seek new crises to justify holding on to what they are acquired.

So maybe, just maybe, maybe, by and large, when it comes to continuing our republic, we have bigger concerns than having to use the last four digits of our social security number when voting.

Bradley R. Gitz, a freelance columnist who lives and teaches in Batesville, received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Illinois.

Trevor Zegras provides ‘Michigan’-style lacrosse aim to spotlight reel

In the most famous goal Trevor Zegras was involved (so far) he set up Sonny Milan for an alley-oop goal, essentially reshuffling the goal “Michigan” or lacrosse style. But, hey, you gotta keep the defense honest by making sure they know* you can pull off the actual move, right?* During Thursday’s game against the Canadiens, the Ducks’ rising star Trevor Zegras actually added a lacrosse-style goal from “Michigan” added to his already growing highlight role.

Trevor Zegras of the Ducks scores a Michigan lacrosse-style goal

Choose how you really want to watch Trevor Zegras take off on Michigan. Just make sure you watch it.

If you like, check out the video above the title of this post. If you prefer to go the GIF/Twitter embed route, go here:

.@tzegras11 DO THIS MICHIGAN!!

– NHL GIFs (@NHLGIFs) January 28, 2022

That raises some burning questions.

  • Which goal is better, Zegras scoring that “Michigan” goal or Zegras fielding Sonny Milano with his own version of the lacrosse style setup?

  • What tricks will Zegras have up its sleeve? for the upcoming Breakaway Challenge during NHL All-Star Weekend 2022?
  • Will we see another spate of lacrosse-style goals? Nice way to shake things up as we are in the dog days of the NHL season.

As of this writing, Zegras scored twice against the Canadians, which put him on 12 goals and 32 points in 40 games – assuming he doesn’t add more on Thursday.

While the habs get beat up Jake Evans added a big goal of their own, so enjoy this as a bonus:

* – At this rate, defenses are likely assuming that Zegras can work wonders. They just don’t know how to stop him.

James O’Brien is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. Write him a message or follow him on Twitter @cyclelikesedins.

Vacation spot Moosehead Lake hosts 18th annual Chocolate Pageant drive-thru model

contributed January 27, 2022

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event.

GREENVILLE – Destination Moosehead Lake is proud to host the 18th Annual Chocolate Festival. Like last year, to ensure the safety and convenience of all participants, this year’s festival will be an online and drive-through event. Boxes of 10 candies are available for $10 and children’s boxes for $5. Both include a selection of offerings from local bakers. All boxes must be paid for online in advance.

Online ordering is available now and must be completed by 12:00pm on February 16th with pickup on Sunday 20th February from 12:00pm to 3:00pm at Bartley’s Center Cove Events on 241st Street Pritham Avenue takes place.

Volunteers will be available on site to collect order information and deliver boxes to recipients. Participants do not need to enter the building at the time of pickup.

For more information and to purchase tickets, please visit

Destination Moosehead Lake is the official tourism organization for Maine’s famous Moosehead Lake region. Destination Moosehead Lake welcomes thousands of visitors to the area each year, answering questions and directing visitors to the many attractions the area has to offer and the businesses that make the Moosehead Lake area so special. The following cities are covered in our region: Rockwood, Greenville, Kokadjo, Lily Bay, Beaver Cove, Shirley, Monson and Abbot.

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Rush for Harry Kinds tour tickets crashes Ticketmaster’s UK web site

The huge demand for Harry Styles tour tickets caused Ticketmaster’s UK website to crash earlier this morning (January 27).

Pre-sale tickets for the singer’s ‘Love On Tour’ UK dateswhich will take place in June, went on sale earlier today ahead of a general sale beginning tomorrow (January 28).

However, the huge demand for tickets this morning “exceeded everyone’s expectations”, causing Ticketmaster’s UK ticket outlets to crash.

“It seems Harry Styles has exceeded everyone’s expectations and ticket outlets are currently down under unprecedented demand,” Ticketmaster UK tweeted this morning.

“We’re working hard to rectify issues and will keep updating you here as we work to get things back up and running.”

It seems @Harry_Styles has exceeded everyone’s expectations and ticket outlets are currently down under unprecedented demand.

We’re working hard to rectify issues and will keep updating you here as we work to get things back up and running.

— ticketmasteruk (@TicketmasterUK) January 27, 2022

Just under an hour later, Ticketmaster confirmed that their site was “back up and running”, telling fans that they should contact their customer service team if they were still experiencing problems.

You can see Styles’ upcoming UK and European tour dates below.

11 – Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, UK (new show)
15 – Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, UK (new show)
18 – Wembley Stadium, London, UK (new show)
22 – Aviva Stadium, Dublin, Ireland (new show)
26 – Volksparkstadion, Hamburg, Germany (new show)
29 – Tele2 Arena, Stockholm, Sweden (new show)

1 – Telenor Arena, Oslo, Norway (new show)
3 – Royal Arena, Copenhagen, Denmark
5 – Accor Arena, Paris, France
7 – Sportpaleis, Antwerp, Belgium
9 – Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam, Netherlands
11 – Olympiahalle, Munich, Germany
13 – Budapest Arena, Budapest, Hungary
15 – O2 Arena, Prague, Czech Republic
16 – Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria
18 – Tauron Arena, Kraków, Poland
20 – Mercedes Benz Arena, Berlin, Germany
22 – Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany
25 – Unipol Arena, Bologna, Italy
26 – Pala Alpitour, Turin, Italy
29 – WiZink Center, Madrid, Spain
31 – Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal

Earlier this month Styles canceled the Australian and New Zealand dates on his ‘Love On Tour’.

Fashion Evolution: Fann Wong – TODAY

Fann Wong, who turns 51 today (Jan 27), sure has come a long way since her modeling days, when she became a household face after appearing in an Oil of Ulan commercial. Once known for her bold and experimental style (remember the lime green hot pants she wore to the 1996 Star Awards?), Fann’s fashion choices have toned down considerably since becoming a mother. Here are some of her most iconic looks.


We’d say Fann’s hair is cute, but we’re getting distracted by the poorly applied falsies on her lower lashes.

Star Awards 1996

Like Ann Kok, Fann made headlines when she turned up at the Star Awards in lime green hot pants and a see-through frilly blouse. Well, at least her legs look nice.

'Shopping' album covers (1998)

‘Shopping’ album covers (1998)

Ah, the 90s, when baggy cargo pants and tiny camisoles were the wardrobe staple of every burgeoning pop star.



Fann’s feathered layers and thin eyebrows take us right back to the turn of the millennium.

Shanghai Knights movie premiere (2003)

Shanghai Knights movie premiere (2003)

Business in front, party at the back! While Fann’s combination of a sexy handkerchief top and skirt isn’t ugly, we were expecting so much more for the gala premiere of her Hollywood movie.



Some wear their hearts on their sleeves. Fann wears her face on her, uh, swimsuit area.

Album autograph session (2005)

Album autograph session (2005)

Nothing about Fann’s look — from her cornrows, to her knit turtleneck, to her sequined dress — even matches.



When it comes to bell sleeves, Fann was way ahead of the curve.

Just Follow Law press conference (2007)

Just Follow Law press conference (2007)

Nothing in this look has aged well, save for Fann’s ever-youthful features.

Marking Miracles (2007)

Marking Miracles (2007)

Fann’s cool girl micro bangs are still very much on trend today.

Star Awards 2007 Show 1

Star Awards 2007 Show 1

We can’t help getting Beauty and the Beast vibes from Fann’s puffy-sleeved gold dress (not that Chris is the Beast, but anyway….)



Big hair, don’t care.

Goldheart press conference (2009)

Goldheart press conference (2009)

While Marilyn Monroe-inspired dresses never go out of style, this one’s uncanny resemblance to a folded top sheet detracts from its sophistication.

Levi's event (2009)

Levi’s event (2009)

Sorry Fann, you look more ah lian than ah jie in this get-up.

Wedding (2009)

Wedding (2009)

Fann literally took our breath away when she walked down the aisle in this Bollywood-inspired bejeweled gown specially designed by Bally. It was so unexpected, so refreshing, and so gorgeous.

Star Awards 2010 Show 2

Star Awards 2010 Show 2

That smokey eye is out of control. #KungFuFannda

Happy Go Lucky gala premiere (2010)

Happy Go Lucky gala premiere (2010)

Style inspiration: Bugis Village, circa 2004.

China TV Awards (2011)

China TV Awards (2011)

As much as we love her sexy back, none of Fann’s usual glamorousness could help her get away with looking like Big Bird.

Star Awards 2011 Show 1

Star Awards 2011 Show 1

Fann caused quite a stir when she turned up at the 2011 Star Awards in this revealing Gucci suit, which “conservative” hubby Christopher Lee had to approve of before she could wear it. Well, if you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Star Awards 2011 Show 2

Star Awards 2011 Show 2

Fann showed off her gorgeous gams in an embellished white minidress.

On The Fringe press conference (2011)

On The Fringe press conference (2011)

Looks like Fann decided to celebrate the Year of the Rooster six years early.

MNET Asian Music Awards (2011)

MNET Asian Music Awards (2011)

Catholic nun on top, Catholic school girl at the bottom, if you get what we mean.

Star Awards 2012 Show 1

Star Awards 2012 Show 1

Maybe it’s the bulky fringe dress or the ma jie hair, but we are not feeling this look at all.

Star Awards 2012 Show 1

Star Awards 2012 Show 1

Leave it to Fann to make a crumpled Ferrero Rocher wrapper look classy.

Star Awards 2012 Show 2

Star Awards 2012 Show 2

Any outfit that channels the Gold Power Ranger, however inadvertently, is a win in our books.

Tencent QQ Star Awards 2012

Tencent QQ Star Awards 2012

Pink animal print, unflattering silhouette, visible bra straps — truly, the whole of this outfit’s ugliness is greater than the sum of its parts.

Huading Awards (2012)

Huading Awards (2012)

While “jaunty” isn’t the first word we would associate with Fann, she pulled off this otherwise corny red carpet look with aplomb.

Photos: TPG

Star Awards 2013 Show 2

Star Awards 2013 Show 2

While we distinctly remember comparing Fann’s 2013 Star Awards look to Grover from Sesame Street, in retrospect, it beats looking like Big Bird.

Esquire 80th Anniversary Celebration Night (2013)

Esquire 80th Anniversary Celebration Night (2013)

Crazy Rich Asians personalized.

Star Awards 2014 Show 2

Star Awards 2014 Show 2

While Fann looked absolutely stunning in her flowy Bottega Venetta gown, it was her baby bump (hello Zed Zed!) that stole the limelight.

Marie France Bodyline ad (2015)

Marie France Bodyline ad (2015)

Before she popped in August 2015, Fann posed for a series of stunning ads for Marie France Bodyline, the most iconic of which is probably the one of her wrapped in cloth in the slimming center’s signature blue hue (the same fabric would later be featured again in Fann’s post-baby bod shoot). And what else can we say?

Marie France press conference (2015)

Marie France press conference (2015)

If only we could look this Fann-tastic five months after giving birth.

Singapore Fashion Week (2016)

Singapore Fashion Week (2016)

Fann screamed hot mama in leather at the Hardy Hardy show.

Photo: Hardy Hardy

Fendi Party (2017)

Fendi Party (2017)

Looking sweet and girly in a rust-coloured baby doll dress, Fann stunned at the reopening of Fendi’s boutique in Ngee Ann City.

Photo: Fendi

Doppleranger lensing ceremony (2017)

Doppleranger lensing ceremony (2017)

We love how Fann paired her tweed skirt suit with a Chanel sweat shirt and blue suede boots for a spunkier edge to the look.

Singapore Fashion Week

Singapore Fashion Week

Only Fann can make mom jeans look cool.

Photo: Singapore Fashion Week



The festive season is the only time we’d embrace matching family outfits, like the Lee family’s adorable elf-inspired one.

Doppleranger press conference (2018)

Doppleranger press conference (2018)

Fann looks absolutely radiant in this gorgeous sunshine yellow slip dress with a knot detail AND hidden pockets.

Cartier opening (2018)

Cartier opening (2018)

It’s incredible how a flash of the leg can look so elegant, as Fann demonstrates in a strapless gown at the Cartier opening at ION Orchard.

Photo: Catwalk Asia

Prada party (2019)

Prada party (2019)

From the studded shirt and purse, to the sheer skirt and knee-length stockings, we love everything about this naughty-meets-nice Prada look.

Star Awards 2019

Star Awards 2019

We’d been missing Fann at the Star Awards for a few years now, so seeing her back at the yearly grand affair felt especially nostalgic. And her nude sheer dress didn’t disappoint.

Star Awards 2019

Star Awards 2019

Hey Fann, C-3PO called and it wants its look back.

Walk With Me press conference (2019)

Walk With Me press conference (2019)

The sexy legs strike again. Fann looked like a vision of cool sophistication in this blue Valentino outfit that flaunted her gams to perfection.

'Arts in the City: We love SINGApore' launch (2019)

‘Arts in the City: We love SINGApore’ launch (2019)

Fann made an appearance at the launch of the ‘Arts in the City: We love SINGApore’ Exhibition, looking stylish in an oversized white sequin suit. Wished the pants were shorter, though.



Big Bird strikes again. Or is it Sally from LINE?



This bold and bright outfit from Moschino screams “go big or go home”.



Part girly and part #girlboss, Fann’s sheer dress and oversized blazer combo here is perfect for days when you’re in the mood to kill two looks with one outfit.



Fann takes masking up to a new level.



On Chinese New Year, Fann donned a stunning jacquard cheongsam that matched her floral display perfectly.

REVIEW: Hong Kong-style Milk Tea From Fortunate Fortune Cookery at 2022 Lunar New 12 months in Disney California Journey

Lucky Fortune Cookery is joining the 2022 Lunar New Year celebrations at Disney California Adventure with a special seasonal drink!

Lucky Fortune Cookery for Lunar New Year 2022 at Disney California Adventure

Menu for Lucky Fortune Cookery for Lunar New Year 2022 at Disney California Adventure


  • 🆕Hong Kong-style milk tea: Black tea sweetened with condensed milk served on ice (non-alcoholic) – $5.49
  • 🆕Mulan Sipper with your choice of: fountain drink at time of purchase, Hong Kong-style milk tea, or Vietnamese iced coffee – $18.49
  • 🆕New: Lotus Flower Glow Cube (Sip and Savor Pass not accepted) – $5.50

Photos of Lucky Fortune Cookery menu items for Lunar New Year 2022 at Disney California Adventure

*NEW* Hong Kong-style milk tea (non-alcoholic) – $

Black tea sweetened with condensed milk served on ice

Milk tea is an old favorite and there have been a number of other milk teas at the festival. In general, this Hong Kong-style milk tea is ok but falls short when compared to other offerings at this year’s festival.

It’s creamy and sweet, but very light in tea flavor. It’s not as balanced as we’d like.

the Tiger milk tea with brown sugar boba blows from Paradise Garden Grill this one out of the water, so we recommend getting that instead.

The Hong Kong-style milk tea, Mulan Sipper and novelty Lotus Flower Glow Cube are available from January 21st to February 13th.

For more Disneyland Resort news and information, visit Disneyland News Today Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

A Full Information To Fight Type Mods

When most Destiny 2 players hear about armor builds, they usually write them off as too confusing and not worth using. Most of this confusion stems from Combat Style mods, armor mods that focus on providing buffs through the use of Charged with Light, Warmind Cells, and Elemental Wells.

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These mechanics aren’t nearly as unintuitive as one might assume. Warmind Cells are fantastic in any PvE build, and Charged with Light can provide some of the strongest effects in franchise history, outshining most Exotics in terms of usefulness. For players that want to make the best character builds, here is a complete guide to understanding Destiny 2’s Combat Style mods. Raid and nightmare mods are excluded from this guide as they are tied to more niche activities.


Updated January 26th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Combat Style mods have become critical to making builds in recent seasons. With recent buffs to Elemental Wells and nerfs to Warmind Cells, it was time to give this guide a refresh. We’ve updated this guide to include more information on each mechanic, how these mods work in PvP, and refreshed our recommended Combat Style mods to reflect recent balance changes. Some organizational changes were also made to make this article easier to navigate.

What Are Combat Style Mods?

Destiny 2 Combat Style Mods

Combat Style mods offer powerful, build-enabling effects that go in your armor’s fourth mod socket. These effects range from granting free grenade energy to giving your Guardian a massive damage resistance buff when their shields break. Think of them as miniature Exotics in mod form.

You can have up to five Combat Style mods installed at any given moment. There are three types of Combat Style mods as of Season of the Lost:

Charged With Light Warmind Cells Elemental Wells
Description A malleable buff that lasts until either spent or you die. Explosive orbs that deal massive damage over a small area Pillars of energy that refund ability energy
Example Effects
  • 50% damage resistance
  • 20% more damage with weapons
  • Refund 15% grenade energy
  • Explosive weapons can spawn Warmind Cells
  • Enemies near Warmind Cells take 10% more damage
  • Consume a Warmind Cell to gain an overshield
  • 25% more damage with weapons that match your subclass element
  • Gain 15% additional ability energy per Elemental Well
  • Set your Intellect stat to 100 for 30 seconds
Works In PvP? Yes No No

All Combat Style Mods have an elemental affinity associated with them, similar to your other armor mods. Combat Style mods can be Arc, Solar, Void, Stasis, or Universal for their affinity.

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Combat Style Mod Mechanics


All Combat Style mods revolve around one of three mechanics: Charged with Light stacks, Warmind Cells, and Elemental Wells. Here is a brief description of what each mechanic does:

  • Charged with Light: A permanent buff that stacks up to two times and does nothing on its own. Consume stacks of Charged with Light to receive unique bonuses. Mods influence how this buff is earned and spent.
  • Warmind Cell: A bright orange ball that can be detonated by damaging it. Warmind Cell detonations deal heavy damage over a small area. Mods influence how Warmind Cells behave.
  • Elemental Well: These energy orbs can be consumed by walking over them, granting 10% ability energy. Elemental wells spawn with one elemental affinity (Solar, Arc, Void, or Stasis). Mods influence how you spawn Elemental Wells and what additional benefits they provide.

Charged With Light Explained

Destiny 2 Taking Charge Mod Icon

Charged with Light mods work inside The Crucible.

Charged with Light is the most versatile Combat Style mechanic in Destiny 2. Certain mods will give you a stack of Charged with Light upon doing something. On its own, Charged with Light does nothing. It’s not until you equip a mod that consumes Charged with Light stacks that the buff becomes useful. That might sound strange on paper, so let’s give an example of how you can use Charged with Light to give your weapons a sizable damage increase.

One of the most common Charged with Light mods you’ll see is Taking Charge, a mod that gives you one stack of Charged with Light upon grabbing an Orb of Power. Masterworked weapons generate an Orb of Power after every double kill, so we effectively gain a Charged with Light stack after every double kill.

OK, so we can get Charged with Light. How do we spend it? You can equip High-Energy Fire to give your weapons a 20% damage increase while you are Charged with Light. This effect lasts until you either kill someone or die yourself. So long as you grab an Orb of Power after every double kill, this buff will be active half of the time.

But what if you wanted High-Energy Fire to be active all of the time? We can equip a third Combat Style mod called Stacks on Stacks. This mod doubles the amount of Charged with Light stacks we receive from any source, Taking Charge included. With this setup, you’ll now receive two stacks of Charged with Light upon grabbing an Orb of Power. And since you only need a double kill to spawn an Orb of Power, you can effectively give your Guardian a permanent 20% damage increase in both PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 High-Energy Fire Example

You might have noticed that the mods we used are color-coded. The color of a mod dictates what it does:

  • Green: Generates Charged with Light.
  • Yellow: Consumes Charged with Light.
  • White: Augments how you receive or spend Charged with Light.

Hopefully, this gives a clearer idea as to how these mods work together. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of Charged with Light, consult our in-depth Charged with Light guide.

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Warmind Cells Explained

Destiny 2 Burning Cells Mod Icon

Warmind Cells cannot spawn inside The Crucible.

Warmind Cells are much easier to understand. While any Warmind Cell mod is equipped, any Seventh Seraph or IKELOS weapon will spawn an orange ball after killing a set number of enemies. This ball has an invisible health bar. Shooting the Warmind Cell will lower this health bar. Once you deal enough damage, the Warmind Cell will explode, dealing a large amount of damage over a moderate area.

Mods augment how Warmind Cells work. The mod’s elemental affinity relates to how the mod will influence your Warmind Cell:

  • Solar: Grants bonuses for destroying Warmind Cells, such as healing for nearby allies or burning enemy targets affected by the explosion.
  • Arc: Walking over a Warmind Cell will consume it, providing some sort of effect. This can be a self-buff like an overshield, or it can be a utility effect like pushing enemies away from you.
  • Void: Grants utility effects, such as reducing an energy’s damage output while they’re near a Warmind Cell.

If you want to learn more about Warmind Cells, check out our in-depth Warmind Cell guide.

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Elemental Wells Explained

Destiny 2 Well of Life

Elemental Wells cannot spawn inside The Crucible.

Elemental Wells are similar to Orbs of Power, providing a myriad of buffs based on which mods you have installed. Just like Orbs of Power, Elemental Wells are instanced per player, making them an excellent choice of ability energy for your fireteam. Most Elemental Well mods require ability or element-specific kills to spawn an Elemental Well. Grabbing an Elemental Well grants 10% ability energy to whichever ability has the lowest amount of energy. Should that Elemental Well’s color match your subclass, you’ll receive 10% energy to all of your abilities instead (excluding your Super).

Quite a few Elemental Well mods grant some sort of boon when a matching Well is consumed. For example, the Font of Might mod grants a 25% damage increase to weapons that match your subclass element upon collecting a matching Elemental Well. This stacks with High-Energy Fire and other character-based damage boons. Other mods increase the energy your Wells restore, cause your Wells to seek nearby allies, or even max your Intellect stat for 30 seconds.

We cover Elemental Wells in more detail in our Elemental Well guide.

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Where To Obtain Combat Style Mods

Destiny 2 Ada-1 in her new armor synthesis room

Ada-1 is the only NPC vendor that sells Combat Style mods from past seasons. She will sell a random Combat Style mod every day for ten Mod Components. Check her stock every day for new mods to complete your collection.

Ada-1 will sell two different Combat Style mods each day once The Witch Queen expansion launches. Mod Components will also be depreciated (source), meaning you’ll only need 10,000 Glimmer to purchase a mod from Ada.

When a season introduces new Combat Style mods, they are typically found in the H.E.L.M. social space. Speak to any vendors added in a given season to see if they have any new mods for sale. As of Season of the Lost, you can find all Elemental Well mods at the H.E.L.M.’s various vendors.

Keep an eye out for these mods whenever a new season begins. The mod section of the collections tab gives a good idea of how to obtain any new Combat Style mods.

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The Best Charged With Light Mods

Destiny-2-Season-of-Dawn-Weapons Cropped

Players don’t have to memorize all 53 Combat Style mods to know which options are the best. Here are some of the largest standouts that relate to the Charged with Light mechanic.

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Taking Charge
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 3 Energy
Become Charged with Light by picking up Orbs of Power.
High-Energy Fire
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Receive a 20% damage buff while Charged with Light. Defeating an opponent consumes one stack.
Lucent Blade
  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Grants a 35% damage buff to Swords after striking a target, lasting five seconds. Consumes one stack of Charged with Light. Equip a second Arc mod to greatly increase your Sword’s charge rate.
Protective Light
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Receive a 50% damage resistance buff for a variable duration after your shields break, consuming all stacks of Charged with Light. -10 Strength while equipped.
Powerful Friends
  • Affinity: Arc
  • Cost: 4 Energy
When you become Charged with Light, nearby allies also become Charged with Light. Equip a second Arc mod to gain +20 Mobility.

Most of these mods are easy to build around and offer a powerful buff. Taking Charge is all players need to gain Charged with Light stacks. As for buffs, Lucent Blade and High-Energy Fire offer a large DPS increase for PvE and PvP, respectively. For a more defensive build, Protective Light can be used to make your Guardian a walking juggernaut.

Crucible players will want to use Powerful Friends, a mod that grants +20 Mobility if you use a second Arc mod in your build. A stat boost of +20 is nothing to scoff at and build-enabling for Hunters. You can even pair this mod with Radiant Light to gain +20 Mobility and Strength from two mods.

If you want to learn how each Charged with Light mod works, check out our Charged with Light mod guide.

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The Best Warmind Cell Mods

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Armor

Warmind Cells might be much easier to understand, but there are still a myriad of choices that vary from poor to exceptional. Here are some of the strongest Warmind Cell mods that you should keep an eye out for.

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Rage of the Warmind
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 5 Energy
Warmind Cells deal additional Solar damage.
Wrath of Rasputin
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 1 Energy
Solar splash damage kills can spawn Warmind Cells. Solar grenades, Dragonfly, Xenophage, and Sunshot are compatible with this mod.
Cellular Suppression
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Damaging a Warmind Cell will radiate a suppressive Void effect. You also deal less damage to Warmind Cells.
Warmind’s Protection
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Enemies deal 50% less damage when near Warmind Cells. This stacks with other damage resistance buffs.
Grasp of the Warmind
  • Affinity: Void
  • Cost: 3 Energy
You can pick up, carry, and throw Warmind Cells.

Wrath of Rasputin is a phenomenal mod for those looking to use Warmind Cells, allowing the likes of Solar subclasses and Exotics like Sunshot to spawn Warmind Cells. If Rage of the Warmind is also installed, Warmind Cells can spawn Warmind Cells if they kill enough targets. This causes a feedback loop where you constantly have Warmind Cells you can detonate. For a more support-oriented playstyle, Grasp of the Warmind and Warmind’s Protection can be used to carry around an orb that halves enemy damage output.

For more devastating Warmind Cell mods, check out our Warmind Cell mod guide.

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The Best Elemental Well Mods

Destiny 2 Elemental Well

Elemental Wells might be a new addition, but they have already proven themselves to be an S-tier option for builds that spam abilities. Their synergy with Charged with Light is hard to overstate, giving you x2 Charged with Light stacks whenever you land a grenade or powered melee kill. These mods will let you get the most out of Elemental Wells:

Mod Name Element & Cost Effect
Elemental Charge
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Become Charged with Light by picking up an Elemental Well. If the Elemental Well’s element type matches your subclass element, you gain 2 stacks of Charged with Light.
Melee Wellmaker
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Powered melee combatant final blows spawn an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type.
Elemental Ordnance
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 3 Energy
Defeating a combatant with a grenade spawns an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type.
Well of Life
  • Affinity: Solar
  • Cost: 2 Energy
Picking up a Solar Elemental Well grants increased regeneration for a short period of time.
Font of Might
  • Affinity: Universal
  • Cost: 4 Energy
Picking up an Elemental Well that matches your subclass energy type grants a 25% damage boos to weapons of that same elemental type. Lasts for 10 seconds.

Font of Might has become one of the strongest Combat Style mods in Destiny 2 in recent months. This mod grants a massive damage increase that stacks with buffs like High-Energy Fire and Weapons of Light. If you can build a loadout around matching elements and this mod, prepare to dish out some absurd damage. Melee Wellmaker and Elemental Ordnance also allow your abilities to generate Charged with Light stacks when paired with Elemental Charge.

If you want to know more about how each Elemental Well mod functions, check out our Elemental Well mod guide.

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Fashion 101

This five-piece collection by Less Is The New More is inspired by the classic Ainu race of the mid-19th Century in Japan. Ainu decorative needlework is associated with the indigenous people of northern Japan and parts of northeastern Russia. By the 21st Century, the Japanese Ainu were mainly concentrated in the Hokkaido region. The brand being in awe of their appliqués, the chain stitch, the needle work and geometric patterns- memorized by their free hand and free-spirited ideas drew inspiration from some of its classic cuts in their latest collection.


When the occasion calls for a show-stopping statement, this monochrome ensemble will not fail to deliver. Jet black, one-slit tunic with an exaggerated box pleated back and geometric embroidery inspired by the Ainu race, stands out over the hem and is paired with deep gray matching embroidered hi-cut pants. Match it with our statement black accessory.


Basic yet bold, this neutral a-line tunic has a box pleat in the front and back and is paired with matching hi-cut pants. Wear it with a statement piece of accessory to dress it up or keep it casual without any accessories.


Make a statement in this stunning ensemble. A deep maroon straight cut top with double box pleats on one side is paired with off white high cut pants embroidered with deep maroon geometric embroidery inspired by the native Ainu race.


This royal green and sage ensemble is inspired by the chain stitch and the geometric patterns of the Native Ainu race. The deep green a-line embroidered front is paired with sage green embroidered high cut pants.


The perfect neutrals blended into a soft yet chic ensemble. This tea pink shirt is paired with sandy gray high cut pants both intricately embroidered by patterns inspired from the Native Ainu Race.


An ode to Japanese Classics, this one will leave heads turning. The dark gray tunic with front loops and geometric embroidery on the cuffs is paired with steel gray pants embroidered with intricate cranes in shades of grey. This entire ensemble is inspired by patterns of the Native Ainu Race and the indigenous cranes to Japanese embroidery.

Dawgs with Type: Lilly Boehmer

Lilly Böhmer shows off her eclectic style on the roof of the parking garage. She complements a borrowed skirt with edgy jewelry and eye-popping eye make-up. Photos by Lauren Hough.


When Lilly Boehmer, a Senior Pre-Pharmacacy Major, is not in her gown, she can be seen around Butler’s campus in a variety of unique outfits. Boehmer’s style draws from the past, taking inspiration from her childhood movies and TV shows, as well as styles from the 80’s. She encourages others to get inspired and try new looks.

The Butler Collegian: How would you describe your style?

Lilly Boehmer: I think eclectic would be a good word for it. I really don’t have a kit [style]. I know that people identify with minimalist or maximalist [or] Some people prefer an academic look, but mine is everywhere. I like to play around with all kinds of styles.

TB: How do you think your style has changed over the years?

LB: Oh, it’s changed massively. In high school, I went to a private school, so we had to wear plaid skirts with collared shirts. Since graduating, I’ve had the opportunity to find my own style. I didn’t have to do that for so long. So I familiarize myself with what I like and try to say, “Oh, maybe I’ll try that outfit again” or “I might not try that piece on again.” This is completely right. I just felt really comfortable with myself and what I want to embody… [I’ve been] giving me permission to play with anything I want to do [and] try different things. It’s nice to be open to that.

TB: Do you have any clothes?

LB: Yes, my biggest piece of clothing other than Scrubs… would be my platform [Doc Martens]. They are the best shoes I have ever owned. They go with everything. I wear them in spring, summer, fall [and] Winter. I think all black boots can be a great staple. This is definitely my number one.

TB: Where do you get your style inspiration from?

LB: As goofy as it sounds, I would say a lot of my style inspiration comes from my parents. I like to go back and look at old pictures of them and get the vintage clothes they bought in the 80’s… It’s a big deal. And then some old TV program. I find that really inspiring.

TB: What do you like about clothing and style?

LB: I think it’s just such a fundamental way of expressing yourself and expressing yourself to others. I can tell so much about a person based on what they wear. And I think, especially in a major like pharmacy, you don’t have a lot of latitude in what you do. You are expected to dress professionally most of the time So I get those little moments of, “This is my outfit for the day, and this is the side of my personality that I’m showing.”

TB: Why do you think it is often important to find your own style?

LB: I think it’s – I would say from my experience, it’s the first step to becoming yourself. So like I said, in high school I really didn’t have the space to play with it and be comfortable in my own skin. There’s just something to it. I think it’s the first step for everyone to find out who they are.

TB: What advice do you have for people who are interested in clothing and style but don’t know where to start?

LB: I’d say find whatever you like… Even if you’re like “I’ll never wear this outfit” but for some reason you like it, just give it a try. Find parts of the outfit that you like. I love what people do with it maximalism right now, but I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pull off some of the looks. When I find parts of her outfits that I like, I take that, put it in my own closet and incorporate it into an outfit.