Photo voltaic flare-style rocket thruster ‘may ship astronauts to outer photo voltaic system’

PPPL physicist Fatima Ebrahimi in front of an artist’s impression of the fusion rocket (Photo credit: Elle Starkman (PPPL Office of Communications) and ITER)

A new type of rocket engine, mimicking the mechanism behind solar flares, could send people to Mars and beyond, one researcher has claimed.

Fatima Ebrahimi, a senior research physicist at Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) in New Jersey, suggested the concept. The engine would apply magnetic fields to cause plasma particles to shoot out of the rear of the rocket and propel it forward. Current space-proven plasma thrusters use electrical fields to propel the particles.

The new concept would accelerate the particles through magnetic reconnection – a process found throughout the universe, including the surface of the sun – in which magnetic field lines converge, suddenly separate, and then join again, creating a lot of energy. Reconnection is also done within donut-shaped tokamak fusion devices.

“I’ve been cooking this concept for a while,” said Ebrahimi, the author of a paper that included the idea in the Journal of Plasma Physics. “I got the idea in 2017 while sitting on a deck pondering the similarities between a car’s exhaust and the high-speed exhaust particles produced by PPPL’s ​​National Spherical Torus Experiment (NSTX). During its operation, this tokamak generates magnetic bubbles called plasmoids, which move at a speed of about 20 kilometers per second, which seemed to me very much like thrust. “

Current plasma thrusters, which use electric fields to propel the particles, can only generate a low specific impulse. However, computer simulations showed that the new plasma engine concept can generate exhaust gases at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second, ten times faster than other engines.

That faster speed at the beginning of a spacecraft’s journey could bring the outer planets within reach of astronauts, Ebrahimi said.

“Long-distance travel takes months or years because the specific momentum of chemical rocket engines is very low, so it takes a while for the vehicle to be up to date,” she said. “But if we make engines based on magnetic reconnection, we could potentially complete long-range missions in less time.”

There are three main differences between Ebrahimi’s engine concept and other devices. The first is that changing the strength of the magnetic fields can increase or decrease the amount of thrust. Second, the new thruster creates motion by ejecting both plasma particles and plasmoids, adding power to the engine. The third difference is that, unlike electric field thrusters, the magnetic fields in Ebrahimi’s concept allow the plasma to be made up of either heavy or light atoms.

“While other thrusters require heavy gas made from atoms like xenon, you can use any type of gas you want in this concept,” she said. In some cases, scientists may prefer light gas because the smaller atoms can move faster.

Ebrahimi emphasized that her engine concept resulted directly from her research into fusion energy. “This work was inspired by previous fusion work and this is the first time plasmoids and reconnections have been proposed for space propulsion,” she said. “The next step is building a prototype.”

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Fortnite Will get Gangnam Model Emote Virtually A Decade Too Late

Gangnum Style was released almost a decade ago, but that didn’t stop Fortnite from adding the famous dance from the music video as an emote.

Five years ago Fourteen days took over pop culture for a while, the song Gangnam style did exactly the same thing. Now the two media giants will come together as the Battle Royale will record the familiar dance from the Gangnam-style music video as one of its emotes.

There are many similarities between Fortnite and Gangnam Style when it comes to their sudden rise the top of pop culture. In just a year from its launch, Fortnite had well over 100 million players, and that was prior to the game’s launch with no name recognition. Gangnam Style saw an even faster rise when the music video became the most watched film on YouTube a few months after its debut. Both also became synonymous with certain dance moves, which makes the impending pairing between the two media seem all the more meaningful.

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Connected: Fortnite fixes the surgical superhero skin by banning certain color combinations

The announcement of the addition of Gangnam Style was appropriately made in a short video Demonstration of the new emote Posted from the official Twitter account for Fortnite Korea. While the famous song doesn’t accompany the dance performance, there’s no doubt about what the characters are doing. Fortnite’s official North American Twitter account retweeted the video, suggesting the emote will be available for all versions of the game around the world.

The response to the announcement has been overwhelmingly positive, but there have been some comments that suggested that some Fortnite players didn’t realize what they were seeing. While the emote seems to fit in perfectly with the game’s aesthetics, it’s unclear exactly how it will land with the game’s main player base. As of 2021, it is estimated that more than half of current Fortnite players will be between 18 and 24 years old. That made Gangnam Style the oldest player in this 15th demographic.

Most people change drastically between the ages of 15 and 24. Although the Gangnam dance is recognizable to many Fortnite players, it is likely to be considered a decent retro shot instead of something as iconic as The Floss. This would make sense considering that Gangnam Style had time to shine as early as 2012. Still, the world might be surprised by the sudden resurgence of the nine year old song thanks to a four year old game. No matter what happens, the combination of Fourteen days and Gangnum style is too perfect for Epic Games to pass up. As the old saying goes, “Better late than never.”

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Fourteen days is available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, Mac, PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Source: Fortnite Korea

Red dead Arthur Morgan

Red Dead Redemption 2’s Arthur Morgan actor shares the heartfelt lockdown letter

Outdated types, new threads, Fashion Information & Prime Tales

As the fashion cycles progress, you can bet that what was once considered dirty will be back in style.

The cheongsam, popular in Singapore in the 1950s and 1960s, has seen a resurgence in recent years. Many wore the slim, high-necked silhouette long after the Chinese New Year.

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14 Occasions Colombian Sensation Maluma Confirmed Off His Attractive Model On Instagram

Colombian music sensation Juan Luis Londoño Arias, better known as Maluma, started recording songs at the age of 16 and released his debut album. magic, a year later in 2012. It wasn’t until 2015 that he caught the music industry’s attention with his album Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy. Since then, Maluma has skyrocketed with multiple albums and with success many singlesto become one of the best-selling Latin American music artist With over 18 million record sales, winning a Latin Grammy Award and working with legendary artists from the Latin and pop world, including Ricky Martin, Madonna, Shakira, J Balvin, The weeknd, and more. He even does an acting and plays along Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson in the upcoming film Marry me.

Maluma has consolidated his stance in the Latin American reggaeton boom, a genre of both types of music and fashion That has increased over the past few years through working with high fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Balenciaga and to show that he has his own eye for design. Along with looking forward to its upcoming release and decrypting Instagram posts about possible pregnancy rumors With his new girlfriend, Maluma’s worldwide fan base follows his personal style exactly. From sleek suits to patterned shirts, the star is distinguished by his bold looks that flaunt his swagger and sex appeal.

As the singer turns 27 today, L’OFFICIEL is checking out some of the most stylish looks and hottest collaborations of recent times.

Fast Repair: Spanish-style omelet a tasty vegetarian dinner | Meals

This is a quick and easy twist on a traditional Spanish omelette (also called a tortilla). It is a traditional dish from Spain with eggs and potatoes. I added cheese, tomatoes, green onions, and smoked peppers to make a delicious vegetarian dinner. It can be served hot or at room temperature, which makes the omelette perfect for a take-away meal.

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kA 4 = 2DDlQH6DE6C? Qm • # 65 @C J6 == @ HA @ E2E @ 6D 42? 36 FD65:? DE625 @ 7 * F <@? v @ = 5]k ^ Am

kA 4 = 2DDlQH6DE6C? QmkDEC @? 8mr @ F? E5 @ H? k ^ DEC @? 8mk ^ Am

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kA 4 = 2DDlQH6DE6C? Qm • |: 4C @ H2G6 E96 A @ E2E @ 6D]k ^ Am

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kA 4 = 2DDlQH6DE6C? QmkDEC @? 8m $ E2A = 6Dik ^ DEC @? 8m @ =: G6 @: =[ 688D] D2 = E 2? 5 3 = 24

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kA 4 = 2DDlQH6DE6C? Qmk6> m {:? 52 v2DD6? 96:> 6C: D E96 2FE9 @ C @ 7 @ G6C b_ 4 @@ <3 @@[:?4=F5:?896C?6H6DE[Q%96`a(66[:?4=F5:?896C?6H6DE[Q%96`a(662; @ CA @ 542DE D: E6D]t> 2: = 96C 2E k2 9C67lQ> 2: = E @ i {:? 52os: ?? 6Cx? | 😕 FE6D]4 @> Qm {:? 52os 😕 6Cx |: FE6D]4 @> k ^ 2m]k ^ 6> mk ^ Am

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The Refreshed Tesla Mannequin S Has a Goofy KITT-Fashion Steering Wheel

Tesla revealed his long expected Freshening up his Model S. Limousine in its annual 2020 financial presentation today. The car has a new front fascia, but the biggest changes are inside, where a yoke-style steering wheel and landscape-oriented touchscreen on the Model 3 represent the biggest changes to the model.

The new steering wheel on the Model S is very similar to the one introduced for the new one Tesla Roadster, just with a few more buttons that make the S version a bit more functional – but only slightly. It feels cool to be behind a steering wheel that looks like it was from an airplane, but employees at The Drive who have driven replicas of KITT from the 1980s show that using a yoke wheel in a car is paramount is irritating.

Yokes work on an airplane because you don’t have to turn them as hard. Unless the new Model S has an extremely short rack, which is dubious in a production car. It is more frustrating to drive this car on tight turns, in parking lots, or in any other situation where you need the full lock to be with a traditional round wheel as there isn’t a good place to grab the top of the yoke.

Tesla also appears to have thrown away the stems on the steering column, transferring the key functions for the lights and turn signals to the wheel itself. What is noticeably missing in the photo is the windshield wiper symbol. We hope Tesla made the wiper settings easier to control than the Model 3, as a German Model 3 owner had his driver’s license suspended last year for running off the street while adjusting his windshield wipers.

While the Model S update replaced the tall screen with a Model 3-style landscape screen, the interior was not fully upgraded to Model 3. In the traditional gauge of the driver there is a smaller screen for the most important information about the vehicle.

This story is evolving and will be updated as we get more information.

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The Future Of Trip Type, In keeping with 5 Resort Put on Designers

While local retreats and weekend nature getaways saturated the travel bug for many during the COVID-19, holidays far away have more or less stopped. The getaway provided city-dwellers and hotspot-dwellers with much-needed relief and a sense of peace, but not necessarily the urge to spend on a new vacation wardrobe. To the Resort Wear Designer, this meant rethinking vacation stylesto stay relevant, with a point of view that transcended current events. However, some were already ahead of the curve.

“Not much has changed as we have always focused on hybrid clothing that can occasionally appear.” Marina Cortbawi, Founder and designer of the Brooklyn-based line, Merlette, tells TZR about their design process since the outbreak of the pandemic. Cortbawi reduced the number of evening options in their collection and focused on items that could be worn day or night or worn in disguise, including jacquard dresses made from cotton silk and linen silk made from washable fabric.

For the Newport Beach-based label MikohSwimwear and cover-ups are the brand’s DNA. However, ready-made clothing has recently become a focus. In particular, loungewear made from soft, cloud-like gauze and relaxed cotton is parting in a refreshing palette suitable for the resort. “I have always designed the pieces in our collections in such a way that they evoke the idea and the feeling of being on vacation, like an escape, no matter where you are,” says the creative director and co-founder Oleema Miller explained. “In today’s world, where travel looks different, it is even more important for me to dream of uniquely beautiful places. I always want to make sure that someone who dresses Mikoh is taken on a warm mental escape, ”she says. “What you wear should always make you feel certain, even when you are wearing it from the comfort of your home.”


Courtesy of Anemos


Courtesy of Míe


Courtesy of Mikoh

While today’s times may indeed call for the occasional “vacation piece”, like an airy cotton dress or a breathable linen suit – in the middle of a lockdown, anything really is possible – the concept of Vacation style might still feel pointless. But it’s not quite. Instead, it’s important to get used to the current climate and dress in a way that makes sense for a different reality. This could mean using a loose fitting kaftan for virtual meetings. Or slip into a bikini and shorts to sunbathe in the garden. “Because resort [wear] We need to rethink our approach as we are fleeing or withdrawing from the cold. ” Josh Shaub, Co-founder of the Los Angeles-based Anemossays TZR. “Comfort and the idea of ​​the ‘Staycation’ were definitely the focus.”

The brand borrowed from the already established aesthetic of elevated and comfortable clothing for relaxing getaways, working with softer fabrics than before for the Resort 2021 collection. She designed pieces that felt equally perfect for lounging at home and taking a trip whenever possible. “We’re designing more effortless, everyday clothing and dressing at destination,” said the co-founder Lauren Arapage explains the light button-downs and pants worn everywhere that anchor Anemos’ laid-back Californian aesthetic. “Our collections focus on portability,” she says. Added, “We wanted to create a modern uniform that would be perfect for this season and beyond.”

In addition, it is crucial to realize that when one longs for wanderlust, exotic journeys will resume at some point. Hence, it wouldn’t be ridiculous to look for bare, billowy, carefree clothing that would otherwise make up your vacation wardrobe if such items gave you a call. “Feeling [like] You have something special, you withdraw from the loungewear for a moment, change the scene and something that is fun is important and brings you and others joy during this time, ”says Cortbawi.

Damie Idowu, Founder and designer of the Lagos-based brand Míe, reflects this idea. “2020 made us look within our geographic boundaries for the adventures we normally experience far and wide.” “The resort’s clothing is strongly related to travel, but not limited to it” and indicates the year-round summer climate in some countries and the versatility that comes with layering the resort’s clothing in other areas.


Courtesy of Merlette


Courtesy of Anemos


Courtesy Hannah Artwear

“Functionality is a big thing for us at Míe,” explains Idowu. From everyday life to future travel arrangements, the designer says: “You will find that you can wear our clothes often and differently.” Elegance and functionality are always the focus of our style. “

Hannah Grossberg of the Sydney-based label Hannah Artwear says: “As we shift our lifestyle to long periods of time at home and on-site trips, I have come to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of everyday rituals.” The designer discovers the newfound pleasure of getting dressed for everyday moments and leans on them Pieces like silk wrap dresses and mini shirt dresses from her collection when she has morning coffee with her husband and prepares homemade meals.

Although she adjusted her routine, Grossberg’s commitment to working with local artisans to make effortless clothing remains the same. “My renewed focus is on the purpose and end use of the garment,” she says. “I wonder where and how this or that can be worn to enhance everyday moments.” Added, “My goal is always to make women feel beautiful, valued and valued.”

Keep scrolling ahead to discover resort apparel from all five labels and shop your favorites for effortless style at home, future travel, and everywhere in between. Plus, no matter where you wear vacation pieces this year, be sure to pick up some style tips from the designers.


“The pieces that I think are most relevant to local getaways are those Paradis dress – our bestseller in 2020 because I think it’s the most versatile, ”Cortbawi told TZR. “This style is suitable for both short breaks in upstate New York to the lake and trips to the desert in California. Keeping it simple and thinking about the one piece that is easily laundered, packed in a travel bag, and carried repeatedly is key to hassle-free local getaways. “

For days of exploration, the Merlette founder likes ankle-length shirt dresses with sneakers or flats and tunic dresses as a cover-up over swimwear near water. “If you plan to eat outside later, you can put on jeans or pants in the evening,” she suggests. She prefers them for cooler climates Majorelle smoked a blouse. “The high neckline can be paired back and tucked into jeans. When it’s really cold, it can be layered over a thin thermal.”


For days at the pool or on the beach, Mie recommends an airy, coordinating set like The Rio Top and Mallorca rock from their collection. “They cover your bathing suit well, and you can wrap them to show or cover as much skin as you want.”

On the run from the city, the designer says: “Nothing conveys the hectic feeling of city life than a beautiful, fully flowing dress. For nights when you’re sipping cocktails on a balcony or dancing in your living room, she adds, “The Tahitian dress is a great float-around style. “


Shaub and Arapage drew on Luis Barragan’s architecture, mid-century pools in Southern California, Herb Ritts photography from the 90s and old in designing the neutral, loose-fitting pieces that make up their current collection Pictures of personal vacations. Any piece they prefer for everyday and future travel. “The Phillips shirt is a staple in my daily wardrobe and basically my second skin, ”Arapage told TZR. “Our Flatter crop top is designed in a box-shaped silhouette with a square neckline and cute, fluttering sleeves and goes well with high-waisted jeans that add a feminine touch, ”she says. Added, “We live in LA and I wear all of our shirts and tops with jeans every day.”

For day-to-night style – be it at home or on vacation – Arapage prefers the brand Ritt’s strapless topespecially in connection with the Keaton pants and a sneaker or a loafer. “[It’s] A real day-to-night style, ”she says from above. “It gives any ensemble a sophisticated finish and is airy enough to be worn all summer.” Your ultimate one-and-do piece that is versatile enough for work, beach days, and dinners with friends? The DK Midi wrap dress. “[It’s] so versatile, ”reveals Arapage.


One of Miller’s favorite designs for the new season? The brand’s swimwear that you can combine with everyday clothing. “Our sleek, silhouetted one-pieces can be worn as a bodysuit with black denim, wide-leg pants, or tailored shorts,” she says.

Hannah Artwear

For a luxurious upgrade from home rituals like morning coffee or evening appointments, Grossman recommends silk wrap dresses and breezy silhouettes that could otherwise be viewed as purely vacation items. “Hannah Artwear is a collection designed to increase the mind and senses when we indulge in small daily pleasures, like my morning coffee, when I am amusing myself in a soft printed cotton throw. Or a romantic evening with my husband while we share a homemade meal and I get dressed to lift this moment in the silk Luna. ”

VIDEO: French Agency Launches James Bond-Model Highway Boat On Wheels

PERROS GUIREC, France – It is a huge hassle for vacationers to carry a boat to a beach and then push it into the water. It’s a time consuming exercise.

A French company solved this problem by making an amphibious boat.

“Boat enthusiasts no longer have to spend up to two hours getting their ship into the water. You can now just take your amphibious boat to a beach and start boating right away, said Christophe Le Bitoux, sales manager. TRINGAboat, the French manufacturer of amphibious boats.

The images released by the company show the first street-compliant amphibious boat that can go in and out of the ocean in less than a minute, and it has been compared to something made of one James Bond Movie.

Bitoux said the patented amphibious boat was the first in the world to be driven on roads.

Countless people have compared the boat to something that ‘007’ would sail, Le Bitoux said, adding, “This boat would be pretty much at home in a James Bond movie, which has to do with being in no time and can walk out of the water. Park your boat in front of a casino and go in before you get out and head straight into the water – no one else can! “

He said their order book was full and that customers from around the world had shown interest.

Although the boat passed all safety tests for driving on the roads in France, it was another six years before the authorities granted approval.

Certificates of Conformity from the European Union requested, he said, adding that Brexit would in no way affect their ability to do business in the UK.

The invention can also be driven and used in the United States, such as Florida, where, according to Le Bitoux, there is often a line of boats waiting to get into the water.

In France, “the average time it takes to put a normal boat in the water is between an hour and an hour and a half.”Using his hydraulic wheel system, he said it takes less than a minute to get the boat into the water and only about two minutes after the wheel hatches close to drain the water from them.

The order book for the boat is full as customers from all over the world have shown interest. (TRINGAboat / Real Press)

Once in the water, various models of their boat, including the TRINGA T650, can travel at speeds of over 30 knots, the company’s managing director claimed.

The current wait time from order to delivery is about three months as all boats are assembled in-house and hand-top-down, Le Bitoux said.

TRINGAboat products come with indicator lights, front and rear cameras that also have night vision, windshield wipers and numerous other conveniences that one would expect from the latest models of modern cars, he said.

There are three models of the boat, all of which are very customizable. You can also interact with smartphones and connect to the internet, which makes the invention a “smartboat”.

The TRINGA T650 Armoric costs 124,900 EUR (152,193.15 USD), the TRINGA T650 Premium costs 139,900 EUR (170,470.95 USD) and the top model TRINGA T650 Exclusive costs 159,900 EUR (194,841.35 USD).

Returning to James Bond, the hero used a number of vehicles to fight his enemies. Bond’s vehicles are equipped with novel devices that enable him not only to maneuver city streets, but also harsh landscapes, seas and skies. They are armed with firearms and anti-tracking systems, etc.

An example of an amphibious bond vehicle is Lotus Esprit S1which was used by him in “The Spy Who Loved Me” (1977). His nickname is “Wet Nellie” and is loaded with weapons like cannons that spray the vehicles with wet cement as they pursue them. It also has a rocket launcher.

(Edited by Shirish Vishnu Shinde and Megha Virendra Choudhary.)

US girls troopers get fashion

Women in the US Army will be able to dress up a little.

The Pentagon announced Tuesday that female soldiers could grow their hair long, dye their nails and put on earrings.

The revision of the army grooming guidelines increased the number of hairstyles women could adopt, including wearing their hair long.

In the past, women with longer hair had to tie buns, which many found uncomfortable and affected their helmets.

Under the new directive, long hair must be worn in training tails or braids in training and tactical situations.

An expansion of the styles hosted African American women soldiers in particular, who wanted more options for wearing their hair, in braids, and other styles.

You can also wear two models at the same time – braids and twists, for example.

Whatever they do, it has to fit smoothly into a combat helmet.

And on the other end of politics, women who want to shave their heads – as some male soldiers do – are now allowed. Before that, they had to keep a minimum hair length.

The soldiers can now wear nail polish and lipstick even during work, but not in colors that are considered extreme – such as blue, black, “fire engine red”, purple and fluorescent.

Extreme nail lengths and styles – think stiletto – are no-nos too.

The same applies to hair color: it has to look natural, without extremes like pink, green and blue. For those who dye their hair, roots of different colors longer than 3.8 centimeters are prohibited.

Studs are allowed on bases, but prohibited in field training and combat.

The changes are the result of a review launched last year under former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, part of an investigation into racial discrimination and abuse of minorities in the military.

Love, Shakespearean fashion | Arts and Leisure

Sarasota is experiencing its own winter of discontent. The Players Center for Performing Arts takes a page from Shakespeare in an outdoor production at The Bazaar on Apricot and Lime. “In Love with Shakespeare” features a selection of the bard’s greatest love scenes. Elliott Raines compiled the anthology and will also direct the play. We recently spoke to him about his love for Shakespeare.

Why do you love shakespeare

Why not? (laughs)

When did you first meet Shakespeare?

I did an honors project on Richard III in college. I thought I had a deep understanding. I was 17 years old. At 17 you’re basically an idiot.

Ideal Shakespeare Project?

Shakespeare wrote 10 stories, eight of which include two tetralogies. I would love to do all of these eight story pieces. I would start in an organized crime environment in the 1920s. Any game would jump forward a decade. When we get to “Richard III” we are in the John Gotti era.

Most disappointing Shakespeare production?

“Richard III” – the Al Pacino version. That was the absolute worst. I saw it on Broadway about 40 years ago. All other actors made the typical British accents. But Al Pacino stuck to his Brooklyn accent. He sounded like Michael Corleone. (imitated) “Now is the winter of our discontent.” Pooh. It was fun at first. After about 10 minutes, I got angry. I’m sitting in a Broadway theater and paying good money for it? Learn the dialect, you idiot!

Let’s talk about “In Love with Shakespeare”.

I’m ready when you are

How did this project come about?

In short, I was supposed to be directing Death of a Salesman last summer. I had canceled almost half of the play – and then production was stopped because of the pandemic. At first I was moderately depressed. To pass my time, I picked up the guitar and began reading Shakespeare’s plays in chronological order. The story games are pretty uneven, but “Richard III” is one of my favorites. It has a really fascinating advertising scene …

“Has a woman ever been courted like this?”

Yes exactly. I thought about doing this scene and I was thinking about doing an anthology of promotional scenes. I thought the concept could work with a small cast and outdoor production. [Artistic Director] Jeff Kin loved the idea and we hit the races.

What pieces did you use to draw your scenes?

“Richard III” – what we talked about. Then “The Taming of the Shrew” – that has a perfect advertising scene. And of course I had to do “Romeo and Juliet”. If your piece is on on Valentine’s Day, that’s kind of mandatory.

How has COVID affected your creative choices?

It made me drive back. I originally wanted to do a scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, but that would involve too many actors and that was just too risky. I’ve limited the cast to five actors. Every performer has two necessary qualifications: acting talent and a healthy immune system. The actors I have chosen are all young and healthy. It’s one thing if I take risks. If it was just me I would be fine with it. But my wife didn’t sign up for it and I really didn’t want to expose her. We rehearse from home as this is the only place I can trust. I had to make sure she was safe.

Did you also practice Zoom?

No. The rehearsal process was pretty personal in my house. Since we are doing individual scenes, there were usually only two actors. No actor was part of every rehearsal.

Who did you cast?

Jim Floyd, Carrie McQueen, Charlie Tyler, Michele Strauss and Diane Cepeda who is also my stage manager. They are all extremely talented – and having fun.

What will the Sarasota audience experience?

I think they will have a great time too. The commercials are entertaining, fun and get to the heart of people’s lives. Shakespeare had an amazing understanding of the human heart. And people haven’t really changed over the centuries – and I think that’s a source of hope. He had his share of plagues in his day. He did it. We will too.