Chicago-Based mostly R&B Artist Discusses Distinctive Lyricism, Eclectic Type and Debut EP

Updated March 16, 2021 at 10:02 p.m. CT
Posted March 17, 2021 at 10:00 a.m. CT

Chicago-based singer-songwriter Briana Brock, better known by her stage name Queen Mars, sat down with The Phoenix on Zoom to discuss her musical roots, rise to success, and the upcoming Trust Issues project on April 9th debut.

Similar to many childhood wishes, Queen Mars fixed herself on dreams of becoming a singer from the age of eight.

“I feel like it all came out of this idea, that I want to be a singer and that all singers write their own music,” said Queen Mars. “When I was around 12 my grandma gave me one of her old keyboards and then I started tapping the keys to find out what sounded good and writing a song about it.”

Look forward to Queen Mars’ 2018 outbreak into the world of streaming and flawless pen play with her single, “Love Me?”

“That was my introduction to what I write in my bedroom and blew it up into a full artistic vision,” recalled Queen Mars. “This was the first time I planned a music video, showed it, and got all of these details down.”

Courtesy Danielle Spiegel Queen Mars will present her upcoming project on April 9th.

Playing over heavy drums and a Latin-inspired guitar melody, Queen Mars seamlessly shapes her unique storytelling skills and vocal skills into a rhythmic pop track.

The experienced and motivated release of her first single on streaming sites catapulted the singer-songwriter into an impressive 2019 and the release of three more tracks.

Queen Mars confessed that it took her almost a year to create three tracks and an explanation of why this goes without saying when you first listen to it. Starting with hip-hop and trap with “B! Tch ”to electronic and hyperpop on“ Devil on My Shoulder ”to R&B on“ Queen of Hearts ”shows Queen Mars the versatility of her ability to sing in a variety of production styles.

“I like to make music that reflects my musical tastes,” said Queen Mars of her diverse discography. “I don’t have the need and I don’t feel that an artist should feel the need to interfere because most people have diverse tastes in music.”

Despite her extensive production, a style she coined as “Kaleidoscope Pop”, Queen Mars combines her musical endeavors with a foundation – an unmatched lyrical confidence. And with a year-long stint on concerts and touring, Queen Mars found she was re-channeling childhood aspirations and past relationships as lyrical inspirations for her upcoming expanded piece, Trust Issues (EP).

“I put it together right after the quarantine started, and when you have all the time to yourself, you start to regrow those parts of you. You didn’t even realize you made sacrifices for years,” explained Queen Mars when asked about the creative process behind her debut EP. “I came into a room where I felt like I was going back to my childhood.”

After a year of desocialization and focusing on her story, Queen Mars was able to construct tracks with an enhanced portrayal of herself as an artist: ambitious, evil and vulnerable.

In the lead single “Boys Like You”, Queen Mars found written texts four years ago that describe their first relationship. Queen Mars uses a vicious, distorted R&B instrumental to convey a combination of cold-blooded high spirits and emotional chaos.

“This song is pretty aggressive and assertive, it’s still pretty vulnerable because it’s very much about that person,” she admitted. “I had to give people the background why I am who I am.”

Accompanying the publication is a Music video where Queen Mars puts her cinematic performance on the same track as pop stars like Rihanna.

theyThe artist finds the second single of the upcoming project in an intimate headspace while she sings about another relationship in the past. The track changes gears completely as a warm acoustic guitar melody, playful layered vocals, and vivid imagery of the changing seasons merge into a soft pop song that is suitable for any summer afternoon.

With the project released on April 9th, Queen Mars hopes to continue developing her own voice and expressing her identity without compromise by immersing herself in the realm of production.

“I’ve always produced with the people I work with, but I’ve never really learned how it all works myself,” said Queen Mars. “I’m very excited because I could develop my sounds a bit more, because I can be a lot more experimental. I can play around with noises for 10 hours and not waste time. “

In addition to the self-produced tracks, fans should expect more music videos to appear after the release of “Trust Issues”, including a video that accompanies the final track of the EP “Lonely”.

“Trust Issues” will be available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify on April 9th.

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The one drawback with Bridgerton-style dramatic gardens

Blessed with a good kind of direction, a period drama can be so much more than a ripping thread. The clothing, rooms – and gardens – are as easy to see as the cast, which leads to happy thoughts of stylistic takeaways. But for those who are seduced by the appearance of Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens (a real place remembered primarily for its notoriety) in Bridgerton, a gentle word: the pleasure of your own garden is more personal.

“Costume dramas aren’t really gardening,” says Julian Bannerman, half of Britain’s most famous landscape design duo, I & J Bannerman. Although he and his wife Isabel are experts in historical fantasy (see the hand-carved fountains with golden agaves at Arundel Castle) Your approach, away from visitor attractions, is more humane. You still use surprise, says Julian, but also “gentleness”. He adds, “The richer you are, the more you should underestimate everything.”

While the current mantra is “nothing too burdensome,” not everyone listens. “Our customers love to shop,” says Isabel, cautiously addressing landscape architects everywhere: “Sometimes you wish they’d thought it through first.” Forcing them to spend can make things more difficult for the person you hired, the Genius To filter out loci or the sense of place of your property.

There Is No Gentle’s Demo Supplies Bloodborne-Fashion Motion

Journey into the dark world of There Is No Light, a terrifying action-adventure in which a hero must face unspeakable horrors to save his only child.

With Dark souls and Blood borne Developer FromSoftware stays up to date on their next tough action game. Elden ringMany fans turn to Indie games the level of brutal action that the Soulslike genre delivers so skillfully. One game that fans of Dark Souls should definitely watch out for is the upcoming action-adventure game from developer Zelart, There Is No Light.

There Is No Light is a brutal top-down action game set in a dark world where players must fight furiously to survive. Players must learn to be quick and efficient in combat, master the difficult challenge of the game and survive battles against hideous monsters and bosses lurking in the shadows.

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The tone and setting of There Is No Light will be familiar to Dark Souls players as it takes place in a world haunted by a mysterious disaster. The last remnants of mankind, forced underground, turned to the Church of the Great Hand and became zealots who had come to terms with the underground ruins of the ancient world.

The people of this underground society blindly follow their new God, the Great Hand. Every few years they sacrifice selected newborns to bring them behind the gates of the sanctuary, a terrible world of horror full of monsters. When his child is selected as a victim, a man reaches for the arms to save his child and ventures into the hostile world to try to open the gates and save his baby.

There Is No Light is designed around this somber aesthetic, and the world the player must explore is a crumbling maze full of unspeakable horrors waiting to be hit. The game features a beautiful pixel art style that effectively blends otherworldly horror with Gothic architecture. The hero must explore a shattered world where once grand promenades and exquisite courtyards have now fallen into disrepair and ruined. The hallways are full of horrific biomass growths filled with eyeballs, and thrones now carry the skeletons of unnamed creatures. The art style and look of the game are effective and set a melancholy tone, similar to the Dark Souls games.

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There Is No Light’s gameplay is challenging and fast-paced. The unique gimmick this title brings to the table allows players to instantly switch between a handful of weapons to create fluid angry combos. Players need to move carefully and quickly Combat is designed to be a “deadly dance where one mistake can be the last”. It relies on positioning and quick reflexes, much like the acclaimed Bloodborne style.

Players have to be aggressive to quickly dodge and dispatch a variety of terrifying monsters. These include scythe-wielding humanoids that go up in flames, dog-like winged beasts that leap forward with grinding sharp teeth and disgusting puddles of guts sliding across the ground. There Is No Light offers players four different types of weapons that can be combined with a variety of special abilities, such as: B. a quick stab attack or a wide arched slash that creates some air to breathe. The combination of speed and versatile attacks makes fighting the game an enjoyable pleasure.

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There Is No Light is also designed to provide players with a non-linear experience that allows them to face off against bosses in any order. This is similar to the equally grim indie Metroidvania Blasphemouswho did the same with her side scrolling action adventure.

In addition to this freedom, players must navigate both the levels and the karma system. This can affect the difficulty in different ways, depending on the player’s interaction with different NPCs. The gameplay in There Is No Light can get a lot easier or more difficult due to the actions of the player.

The combination of non-linear, grim action and karma makes There Is No Light an action-adventure title worth visiting by fans of a gritty, horror-style aesthetic. For players demanding a terrible challenge, There Is No Light is currently offering a demo on Steam with two locations and a huge boss. The game has no specific release date, but is slated to hit PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles later this year.

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Gnosia: How Each Role Works (and How To Best Use It)

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Lucas has played video games all his life. He is a lifelong writer and lover of all things nerd. When he’s not in front of a screen playing games, you can find him in front of another screen watching movies. The Cincinnati native has made his way to England using the rain as an excuse to stay inside.

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Curator-Stylish Type for Spring – Palm Seashore Illustrated

Multicolor shape screens (custom order / price upon request), Hayley Sheldon

Jessica McCormack & The Haas Brothers, The Haas that Jess Built enamel snake wrap ring

The Haas that Jess Built enamel snake wrap ring in lilac (price upon request), Jessica McCormack & The Haas Brothers

Brent Neale, Marianne necklace from The Reflections collection

Large Marianne necklace from The Reflections collection inspired by artist Frank Stella, featuring diamonds, stone, pink opal, carnelian, amethyst, blue and yellow chalcedony, rainbow moonstone, and 18-karat gold (price upon request), Brent Neale

Louis Vuitton California Dream Fragrance, bottle design by Alex Israel

California Dream fragrance in a bottle designed by Los Angeles artist Alex Israel ($ 265), Louis Vuitton

Custom acrylic tray, Edie Parker

Custom acrylic tray (custom order / price upon request), Edie Parker

Weekend Max Mara - Signature Collection SS21 - Flutterflies - 5131111106001-a-zulma copia

Flutterflies signature capsule collection for Spring / Summer 2021 designed in collaboration with American illustrator and pop artist Donald Robertson (individual pieces price upon request), Weekend Max Mara

How To Get The New Kitbash Type

March 16, 2021 5:40 AM EST

There’s a new style for Kitbash!

With Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6 officially underway, there’s a lot to discuss and break down, especially the brand new style for Kitbash! You may have noticed that now you can rock a brand new style for the rare skin, Kitbash. Here is everything you need to know about the new style.

If you haven’t gotten into the final season of Fortnite, be sure to check out all of the DualShockers content related to Season 6 so you are well equipped to jump into the fight. You need to know everything about the new Attractions on the mapand the brand new Lara Croft Skin!

New kitbash style

Thanks to @ItzKayde On Twitter, we have a great look at the new style of Kitbash introduced in Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6. You can check out the tweet and new style below!


– 〚kayde〛 (@ItzKayde) March 16, 2021

It looks like the new twist on Kitbash is officially called “Catbash” and is a mix of the Kitbash outfit and the Meowscles outfit which is a scary strong cat. But how do you get this new style?

How to get the Catbash style

Unfortunately, you can only get the new Catbash style if you already own the Kitbash outfit. When you start the new season of Fortnite you should be greeted with a screen that will automatically reward you with the new style. But does this mean Kitbash could return to the Item Shop?

Many players consider Kitbash to be one of the rarest skins in the game as it was no longer available since 2019. However, with an updated style, it is possible that Epic Games plans to finally let players buy the Kitbash skin. But that’s just speculation and at the time of writing there is no way to get the kitbash skin.

Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 6

The Fortnite servers are back online and Chapter 2: Season 6 has officially started. DualShockers They have everything you need to know about last season before you go out and play.

UI Ophthalmology Residency Program graduate goes viral for making comedy-style medical TikToks

William Flanary, a former University of Iowa ophthalmologist, went viral on the TikTok social media platform for making comedy videos about medical life.

A doctor who graduated from the University of Iowa Health Care with a degree in ophthalmology became famous on TikTok for making comedy videos about his work in the medical field.

William Flanary or Dr. Glaucoma spots gained over 300,000 followers on TikTok by creating these comedy videos.

Flanary graduated from Texas Tech University with a bachelor’s degree before entering Dartmouth College for medical school and completing residency at UI hospitals and clinics. He currently works at EyeHealth Northwest in Portland, Oregon.

Flanary said he started doing TikToks in April 2020, but he had previously made comedy posts on Twitter. He came to TikTok when he felt like he’d done everything he could on Twitter, he said.

“I feel like there’s just so much you can do on Twitter alone,” Flanary said. “And then came TikTok. So I tried it and I loved it because it allowed me to use my comedy in a different way. “

Flanary is an ophthalmologist, a doctor who specializes in eye care. Although this is his specialty, he said his TikToks focus on medicine as a whole, not just his specialty.

“I didn’t want to just stick to ophthalmology because it’s such a small field,” Flanary said. “I like to do it this way instead of focusing on my own specialty because it helps me reach a larger audience. I like giving people an outlet and helping them laugh at a difficult time. It’s nice to be able to do that for all of medicine and not just my tiny area. “

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Flanary hopes his TikToks can make people laugh and help medical school students realize that being a doctor can be fun. He said there are people in the business who are kidding and having a good time doing their job.

“It helps people who are already looking to get into medicine and are already on that path,” Flanary said. “It helps them feel better because they see there are doctors out there who are having fun and enjoying the medicine.”

Lucas Lenci, an ophthalmologist who has also completed his residency at UI and is a good friend of Flanary, said Flanary has the gift of making often difficult and sad situations more joyful with his comedy.

“He cares about making a difference, but he also does it in a way that makes it comfortable,” Lenci said. “He has such brevity and when you add some of that comedy and that funny aspect to what you do it makes the tough times a lot easier.”

Lenci said seeing the fun and light-hearted side of any profession in general, including the medical field, will naturally make people interested in it.

UI freshman Jenna Girard, well on her way to medical school, believes these TikToks will not only serve as consolation for medical students, but will also help inspire the next generation of doctors.

“I think the media often portrays medicine as impossible,” said Girard. “I haven’t done that yet, but I think watching these TikToks shows you that there are different specialties and different ways to get there. It shows that you don’t have to be the best student. Of course you have to work for it and want it, but it’s not impossible. “

Assault-minded Atalanta will not change type for Actual Madrid – Gasperini


Atalanta won’t change their attacking philosophy as they attempt to overcome a one-goal deficit in the second leg of the Champions League Round of 16 at Real Madrid on Tuesday, coach Gian Piero Gasperini said.

Serie A - Inter Milan versus Atalanta

FILE PHOTO: Soccer Soccer – Serie A – Inter Milan – Atalanta – San Siro, Milan, Italy – March 8, 2021 Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo

March 16, 2021 4:00 a.m.


REUTERS: Atalanta won’t change their attacking philosophy as they attempt to break a one-goal deficit in the second leg of the Champions League last 16 at Real Madrid on Tuesday, coach Gian Piero Gasperini said.

The Italians conceded a late goal to lose 1-0 in the Bergamo first leg, but they played most of that game with 10 men after Remo Freuler was sent off in the 17th minute.

Gasperini’s side have not been able to fully demonstrate the style of attack they are known for in the first leg, but the manager intends to throw numbers forward during the must-win game in Spain despite the risks involved.

“Our style has been like this since we started and it has cost us some heavy defeats, including a few blows in the Champions League,” he said.

“But we’ve never thought about changing the way we play and we’ve tried to grow from our ideas. We could park the bus and wait for our chance, but that’s not our philosophy.

“We want to measure ourselves against one of the best teams in the world. It is fundamental for us to understand what level we are at,” he added.

Atalanta reached the quarter-finals of their first Champions League season last season, in which they lost to later runner-up PSG.

Gasperini’s side then beat Liverpool at Anfield when they finished second in their group and reached the knockout round that year, behind the English champions but ahead of Ajax and Midtjylland FC.

“It’s been a difficult Champions League season so far, but we have 11 points to get through a tougher group than last year,” said Gasperini.

“We’re facing Real now, which is certainly more complicated, but tomorrow’s game may be a turning point for our season.”

Atalanta’s 23-year-old midfielder Matteo Pessina saw Champions League football for the first time this season and left no doubt about the significance of the draw for him and his club.

“It’s the most important game of the season and in Atalanta history,” he said.

“Games at this level are every player’s dream. Ten years ago my father brought me to the final between Inter and Bayern. I was here in Madrid and dreamed of playing in a final or in the Champions League.”

(Reporting by Alasdair Mackenzie, editing by Pritha Sarkar)

Decide a seashore to your trip type

Romantic getaway

Kiawah Island, South Carolina (306 miles southeast of Atlanta) is home to the 2021 PGA Championship and is known for its golf game. But it’s also an ideal romantic beach destination for couples who want to pamper themselves and relax in luxurious, uncrowded comfort by the sea. The Sanctuary at Kiawah Island Golf Resort (from $ 545, Sanctuary Beach Drive, 800-654-2924, offers the Kiawah Spa Romance Package, a couple-oriented coastal getaway that includes other romantic perks, including a turndown service for rose petals, a couples massage at the spa, dinner at The Ocean Room, and breakfast each morning. For couples who love to play golf together, this is it His and her package Contains many of the same features as well as game rounds. Come round The market in the city center (5480 Sea Forest Drive, 843-768-2775) to pick up supplies for a picnic on the beach.

A historic lighthouse rises above the trees of the marine forest in Hunting Island State Park, offering panoramic views of this pristine coastline. Courtesy of

Credit: MichaelHrizuk

Credit: MichaelHrizuk

Wild at heart

Natural beauty is abundant on Hunting Island, South Carolina (282 miles southeast of Atlanta). Hunting Island State Park (Entry $ 8, 2555 Sea Island Parkway, 843-838-2011, has nearly five miles of pristine beach, ocean forest, saltwater lagoon, 3,000 acres of salt marshes, and 10 miles of hiking trails. Climb the steps of the historic lighthouse for panoramic views of the coast from above. Stay in a tent or RV at the campsite (from $ 30) on the north end of the island. Closest restaurant is Johnson Creek Tavern (from $ 9, 2141 Sea Island Parkway, Harbor Island, South Carolina, 843-838-4166)., a classic beach bar that serves burgers and seafood. It is a tradition to write a note on a dollar bill and stick it on the wall with thousands of other banknotes. Hunting Island is also the ferry embarkation point to nearby St. Phillips Island, the former private retreat of Ted Turner now under the control of the state park.

The Alys Beach Digital Graffiti Festival features artwork that is projected onto the sides of buildings after dark. This year it will be a drive through event. Courtesy Visit South Walton

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Booze and drink

Stylish Alys Beach, Florida (300 miles south of Atlanta) is a luxurious, Mediterranean-inspired master-planned community along Panhandle’s Scenic Highway 30A. Everything about Alys (pronounced Alice) is finely curated, from the exquisite poolside cabana dining experience at Caliza Restaurant (from $ 32, 3 Nonesuch Way, 850-213-5700) to designer brands and high-end beachwear at Alys Shoppe (30 Mark Twain Lane, 850-213-5550, There are no hotels in the village, but The Pearl ($ 638 and up, 63 Main St., 850-588-2881, is a chic boutique hotel on the beach a mile away. The white brickwork of the village of Alys becomes a canvas for artists from all over the world every spring Digital graffiti festival (May 12-15). This unique “Art Meets Architecture After Dark” event uses the latest digital technology to project moving, changing works of art onto the sides of buildings across the city. It’s a breathtaking spectacle of works of art and light that will be a drive-through festival experience this year due to the pandemic. (Alys Beach Guest Services, 9581 FL 30A E, 850-213-5555,

The beaches on St. Simons Island are this rare breed that allows you to keep your dog on a leash at certain times.  Courtesy Explore Georgia

The beaches on St. Simons Island are this rare breed that allows you to keep your dog on a leash at certain times. Courtesy Explore Georgia

Dog friendly

Most beaches that allow dogs have strict leash policies, but St. Simons Island (311 miles southeast of Atlanta) has a rare off-leash policy, with one restriction in the summer. Here your dog can enjoy the beach and surf without being on a leash, as long as your fur baby is under your immediate control. But between Memorial Day and Labor Day, dogs are only allowed on the beach from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 a.m. Beach Resort The King and Prince (from $ 197, 201 Arnold Road, 912-638-3631, offers dog-friendly accommodations. Many restaurants have dog-friendly outdoor dining areas, including Southern Soul Barbeque (from $ 11, 2020 Demere Road, 912-638-7685). Massengale Park (1350 Ocean Blvd., 912-554-7780) is an oceanfront picnic spot shaded by live oak trees with beach access. (Golden Isles Welcome Center, 529 Beachview Drive, 912-638-9014,

The Interstate Mullet Toss is a huge annual spring party / competition on the beach at the Flora-Bama Lounge to see who can throw a fish farthest across the state line.  Courtesy Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

The Interstate Mullet Toss is a huge annual spring party / competition on the beach at the Flora-Bama Lounge to see who can throw a fish farthest across the state line. Courtesy Gulf Shores & Orange Beach Tourism

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

Party hearty

Perdido Key (365 miles southwest of Atlanta), which stretches across the Florida-Alabama state line, is notorious for the Flora-Bama Lounge, Package & Oyster Bar (from $ 5, 17401 Perdido Key Drive, Pensacola, Florida, 251- 980-5118),, one of the world’s top bars sung by Jimmy Buffet and Kenny Chesney. A contemporary patchwork quilt of sprawling bars and stages in the sand overlooking the ocean. Millionaires and bikers hang out here and bras hang on the rafters. The signature drink is the Bushwhacker, a frozen and creamy, chocolaty-juicy preparation, and a popular annual event is the Interstate Mullet Toss (April 23-25), a competition to see who can throw a mullet – the common local fish, not the bad hairstyle – that goes the furthest beyond the state line. Book an apartment next door on Phoenix X ($ 225 and up, 29576 Perdido Beach Blvd., Orange Beach, 800-211-7892, so you can walk in and out of the action without getting into a car.

Some of the best surfing spots in the southeast are in Sebastian Inlet State Park.  Courtesy Visit Indian River County for VISIT FLORIDA

Some of the best surfing spots in the southeast are in Sebastian Inlet State Park. Courtesy Visit Indian River County for VISIT FLORIDA

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout


Some of the best surfing in the southeast can be found in Melbourne Beach, Florida (526 miles south of Atlanta) at Sebastian Inlet State Park ($ 8 entry fee, 9700 S. FL A1A, 321-984-4852). along Florida’s Treasure Coast. Due to a rise in the ocean floor just offshore from the state park’s three-mile stretch of beach, surfers from all over the country come here to catch the waves. A popular spot is the bay’s north walkway, a ride called “First Peak,” known for its constant breaks and long descents. South of the inlet is another hot surf spot further offshore called “Monster Hole” that offers similar breaks. The closest hotel to the park is the Seashell Suites Resort (from $ 245, 8795 S FL A1A, 321-409-0500, on the beach one mile north of the park entrance. The jetties in front of the bay are just as good saltwater fishing spots as the catwalks under the A1A bridge. Other activities include swimming and snorkeling in a dedicated swimming bay, kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding on the Indian River Lagoon across from the beach. Rentals and equipment are available in the park at Surfside Grill and Adventures ($ 20 and more per hour, 321-724-5424,, which also has a casual eatery, the only eatery in the state park.

Kindred Spirit Mailbox is a secluded haven for writing and reading notes others have left in the dunes of North Carolina's remote Bird Island Coastal Reserve.

The Kindred Spirit Mailbox is a secluded haven for writing and reading notes others have left in the dunes of remote North Carolina’s Bird Island Coastal Reserve. “Courtesy of the Brunswick Islands, North Carolina

Credit: Handout

Credit: Handout

rest and peace

Sunset Beach, North Carolina (386 miles east of Atlanta) is like Mayberry by the ocean with a coast blissfully free from commercialization and overdevelopment – no resorts, no chains, no high-rises, no amusement parks – just beach houses, a fishing pier, and resorts like the Sunset Inn ($ 159 and up, 9 North Shore Drive E., 888-575-1001, The guest house with 14 rooms offers a view of a salt marsh, a five-minute walk from the beach. The city is bordered by the 1,481-acre Bird Island Coastal Reserve (8468 Bay St., 877-623-6748, with 1.5 miles of undeveloped beach so seclusion is easy to find. Walk a mile south of the pier to leave a note for fellow hikers in one of the notebooks Kindred Spirit Mailbox, a remote mailbox in the dunes with notes from those who made their way to this secluded spot on the reserve. (Brunswick County Tourism Development Agency, 800-795-7263,

India’s New Technology Has A Very Totally different Model Of Play: Ajay Jadeja

Former Indian batsman Ajay Jadeja has praised India’s young generation for their fearless style of cricket and has taken a commanding stance against bowlers. India eventually showed off its offensive gameplay, which its captain Virat Kohli spoke about in ahead of the five-game T20I series England. Ajay Jadeja has praised India’s new generation for adapting well to the shortest format and doing it boldly.

India’s debutant Ishan Kishan has earned admiration from the cricket fraternity. He built a brilliant fifty to take a seven-wicket win for India in Sunday’s second T20I against England in Ahmedabad. The left-handed batsman amassed five fours and four sixs in his 32-ball 56 and shifted the pressure on the tourists, even as they fired KL Rahul for a duck. Kishan added 94 with Virat Kohli in no time when India galloped home from seven wickets.

Ishan Kishan and Suryakumar Yadav [Image-BCCI]Ajay Jadeja reckoned that Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan would have slammed the doors and reached the national team instead of just knocking on them. While there is intense competition for all spots, Ajay Jadeja believes the younger generation has confidence in themselves to reclaim their spot through IPL. The 50-year-old recalled Rishabh Pant doing this in tests for India for a few days, and Ishan Kishan brought a similar breath of fresh air.

As mentioned, they kept knocking on the doors. However, Suryakumar Yadav and Ishan Kishan popped it and made it into the Indian team. The new generation has no doubt that they won’t get a second chance as there is IPL to look forward to. Hence, they will likely get chances. With Rishabh Pant in test matches, Ishan Kishan is another kid who has made it with his style of play. ” Ajay Jadeja told Cricbuzz.

T20 isn’t about consistency, it’s about coming to the party on a specific day: Ajay Jadeja

Virat Kohli and Ishan Kishan [Image-BCCI]Ajay Jadeja noted that Virat Kohli played the way he did the whole time and luckily he made a match-defining blow. Even so, the Gujarat-born ex-cricketer pointed out that the new generation believes in unconventional gameplay, and two decades ago, Ishan Kishan may have stopped criticism for playing that reverse sweep after reaching fifty. But Jadeja claimed that this is how cricket works today, and that is how you have to play to be fifty. He also stated that T20 cricket is not about persistence, it is about clicking on the day to keep the opposition dazed.

The ground was the same and Virat Kohli played the same as it had for ten years and sometimes he folds, sometimes he doesn’t. However, the style of play of the new generation is completely different. If this had been two decades ago, and a batsman had been fired for playing the reverse sweep, our ancestors would have accused them of playing this after 50 runs. But you have to play boldly to reach this half century. So T20 is not about consistency, but about coming to the party on a specific day. ” he added.

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WandaVision Star Thanks Monica’s Model Squad For Serving to Carry Her to Life

Teyonah Parris thanked her style team on Instagram for putting her different looks together as Monica Rambeau from WandaVision.

Teyonah Parris took to Instagram to thank her style team for transforming them into Monica Rambeau WandaVision. Parris made her MCU debut in the studio’s first original series in front of an even bigger arc. Parris will star as Ms. Marvel, alongside Brie Larson and Iman Vellani Captain Marvel 2. All indications also suggest that she may be featured in the upcoming Secret Invasion series, which will also air on Disney +. Most of all, the fans knew Monica as Geraldine.

Parris was introduced as one of Wanda’s new friends in Westview, New Jersey. Even though the twist was spoiled and fans knew who was playing Parris the whole time, their journey in WandaVision was still exciting. Monica seemed to hold her own as she faced both SWORD director Tyler Hayward and their development of forces travel from her several times through the border of the hex. Monica’s powers weren’t the only thing fans had in mind, however.

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Parris Wore different costumes throughout the series, including her timely looks for the ’60s and’ 70s episodes, and the actress took to Instagram to highlight her stylist. Parris posted various behind-the-scenes photos of her getting ready, including pictures of her in her iconic fish pants from the Brady Bunch episode. She also showed pictures of her various SWORD outfits, including the astronaut-like outfit she wore through the hex when she gained her powers. Check out the full post below:

There’s no denying that Parris has served up some really iconic looks throughout the series. With its contemporary costumes up into the modern era, Parris and the rest of the cast looked gorgeous. This aspect is especially important for a show like WandaVision that it’s on Characters travel through the decades. Each episode had to look absolutely unique while mimicking the iconic styles for an entire ten-year period.

Fortunately, WandaVision’s stylists did it, and it’s nice to see Parris thank them on their Instagram. They are just as important to a production as writers and directors in bringing the bigger picture together, but they can also be forgotten to praise other aspects of the production. WandaVision however, it is different. The character’s style changed not only in pretty much every episode, but also Westview themselves, from the houses to the cars on the street and the interiors. The stylists, set designers and production designers achieved something amazing with Marvel’s first original series and deserve as much praise as everyone else involved.

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