Purchase males’s backpack with sporty model from a web-based retailer in Singapore

If you are looking for a special gift for someone who would really love and appreciate it, consider a backpack. In this world today, it is not only the women who love to carry different types of bags, also men’s bags are very common these days as they are really helpful for the men. There are so many types of bags for men nowadays and the most popular among them is a men’s backpack with a sporty style as they are very versatile for different settings.

The men’s backpack is available in different materials and can be brought not only to the gym, but also to other places. You can purchase a backpack that comes with a built-in laptop bag so that the items stored in it are safe while the person travels with it. There are some people who travel to work after training. So the built-in laptop bag would be a great option for them.

If you are wondering where to buy Men’s backpack in Singapore With a sporty style, you need to know that they can be found in many stores across Singapore. However, if you want to choose from multiple options at the best prices, you should consider buying them online. There are many online stores that sell men’s backpacks with large compartments and multiple pockets so that one person can put several things in them comfortably.

There are many online stores selling sporty style men’s backpacks in Singapore at the best prices. However, you can only get a high quality backpack at the best price from a reputable online shop in Singapore. So make sure you have read some customer reviews before choosing an online store to buy a men’s backpack or other products.

J.C. Penney Spring Fashion Occasion: Save as much as 40% on ladies’s fashions and 50% on males’s gadgets

JC Penney started the spring season with his Spring eventwhich is mostly a clothing event.

“Spring State of Mind,” says the JC Penney website. “Improve your style for the new season.”

And that’s exactly what anyone can do with the huge discounts the retailer is introducing.

Bargain hunters can count on it Save up to 40% on women’s fashion and 50% on men’s items.


Save on clothes, Shirts & tops, Pants & Jeans, Shoes and Handbags & Accessories.

For the men Shirts, Pants & Jeans, shorts, big and big and Shoes & accessories were all discounted.

Check out all of JC PENNEY’s products here

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5 Ideas To Obtain A Minimalist Type In Your Outfit – Movie Every day

As the years go by, people become more aware of essential needs. The world is getting closer to the reality behind the drastic phenomena in society and around the world. Minimalism, on the other hand, introduces a way of life that focuses more on simplicity and simplicity.

It encourages people to only use, acquire, or use the things that they only need. Minimalism therefore requires cheaper, yet maximized, resources that result in a less stressed way of life.

In recent years, minimalism has emerged, influencing architecture, fashion and interior design, among others, creating a new landscape in the world of art. The modern and emerging minimalist style has unexpectedly created a fresh, inviting look that everyone loves, especially when it comes to outfits. Pastel colors, simple decors, solid hues – in fact, you need to follow these five tips to achieve that minimalist look!

1. Plan your monochromatic shades

Monochromaticity and minimalism always come along the way. You might not ask Elio and Oliver why they prefer to wear similar hues for most of the film in Call Me By Your Name. The film, shot in Italy, created a refreshing and calm atmosphere thanks to the monochrome colors used. Anyway, it is getting up from head to toe: from hat to top; strap to the floor.

If you want to add some jewelry it is best to choose a wrist watch as it is more functional than any other. Of course, it also has to look minimalistic, just like what you can see in Watchshopping’s Nomos Watch collections.

2. Be simple

The main goal of a minimalist garment is to upgrade the simplicity of your fashion to the highest level. No matter how simple your shirt or jeans are, the catch is all about the refreshing aura and the ambience, a basic attitude and a seductive presence.

Simplicity makes minimalism great for its less stress, less anger, and less busy aura and projection. When elegance comes to mind, simplicity can always be what you want it to be. Simplicity is beauty as they said.

3. Simple colors, not just simple colors

What makes the minimalist getup ideal is its simplicity, which is really inviting and “intoxicating” in the sense that no other decors mess up the mood. Simple colors, in fact, complete the tone that you want to express in your inner mood and emotion.

As many perceive, decorative designs and many color combinations do not always ensure an attractive “outfit of the day” when it is always about bling-bling. The decorative style is still fun and mostly related to your theme. Simplicity in your clothes is not just common; It’s about being open and clear with the fashion statements, especially when it comes to minimalism.

4. Try a formal-casual combination

Sometimes the dilemma with some casual or formal outfits is that it becomes too extravagant. While visualizing the minimalist style, try to reinvent your clothes by integrating formal and casual attire. This avant-garde, innovative look results from a delightful mixture of the modest atmosphere of two worlds.

What makes this pair ideal is that they have tried and succeeded in fusing the contrasting colors, different types of fabrics, and two completely opposing styles. But who had ever expected this magic? A universe of repulsive elements has created a new home for a minimalist fashion style. This way you can combine your thoughts on the casual and formal outfit without being too flashy and flashy.

5. Get inspiration from a couple of color mixes

The nice thing about fashion designs is that you can use your artistic skills and express yourself at the same time. Really that it boosts self-esteem and confidence as it allows you to manifest your thoughts and ideas in a more engaging and realistic way. In this scenario, you may want to remember your color wheel in your art class in elementary school as this is your basis for this concept.

With a color pair, you can synthesize and syndicate your alluring hues from many pairing styles. You can choose between hue, tone, hue, or hue. You can create your minimalist look from complementary (a pair of shades) and monochromatic (a pair of shades) colors. To guide you, you can refer to:

Complementary pairs

These types of pairing appear on the hue-to-hue color wheel. As many say, they are completely at odds with each other. Because of this, a minimalist voice was found to be heard by this idea. Here are the color combinations among the complementary pairs:

  • Blue and orange
  • Red and green
  • Purple and yellow
  • Red purple and yellow green
  • Blue-green and red-orange

Monochromatic pairs

Anyone who had ever foreseen a single hue could have a spectrum of color combinations. What makes a monochromatic couple archetypal is that you can choose a mood that you just want to showcase. For example, pastel shades of blue can make you either cooler or calmer; What a perfect combination for muggy weather. Monochromatic pairs could come with:

  • Light and dark blue
  • Ketchup red and scarlet
  • Saturated yellow and a lighter yellow
  • Dark green and apple green

These are just the most popular colors chosen for most of the people who like minimalist clothing. Imagine, among the 10 million colors or shades that we have in the world after an experiment in the laboratory of scientists, who would have to choose a monochromatic pair of minimalist clothing?


Since then, minimalism has been one of the keys for the world to achieve a sustainable and energy-saving lifestyle. In the context of fashion and design, it really has a huge impact on the modern perspective of clothing.

This idea enables an innovative reinvention of clothing towards a new landscape of style and design. Elegance comes into you after all. No matter which fashion style you choose, you are entitled to your expression.

1930 Colonial-Type Mansion, With Parking for 150 Vehicles, Lists in Connecticut for $6.7 Million

This Connecticut villa has hit the market.


Text size

A nearly one-hundred-year-old Georgian colonial mansion on eight acres in Connecticut was listed for $ 6.7 million this week.

The home has nine bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and is nearly 18,000 square feet. There is a basketball court, a pool and an English garden on the premises. The property is located in the city of New Canaan, about an hour’s drive from New York City, according to listing agents Cliff Smith and Todd David Miller of The Agency, a Los Angeles-based broker expanding its presence to the northeast.

More: The historic 1920s property on Miami’s Star Island is selling for $ 39 million

The house, built in 1930, has since been expanded and updated. For example, the chef’s kitchen and master bathroom suite were recently completely renovated, said Mr Smith.

“This is for the New York buyer who wants a classic home with all the modern conveniences,” stated Miller.

The main reception areas contain authentic details. These include a large room with oversized windows and exposed beams, a wood-paneled bar and lounge with an arched door, a formal dining room, and a game room.

From Penta: A nearly 64-carat diamond Cartier bracelet could fetch HK $ 40 million at Sotheby’s

The house is asking for $ 6.7 million.


A family room is off the kitchen and there is a spacious terrace for al fresco dining. There’s also a solarium with a fireplace, nicknamed the “canopy room,” because it’s like sitting in the trees, Mr. Smith explained.

The master bedroom suite has two walk-in closets and dressing rooms, as well as a recently renovated bathroom.

Additional features include an office with built-in bookshelves, a gym, a terrace, well-tended grounds and lawns, and a poolside cabana. A separate two bedroom cottage is also on the property.

The mansion offers complete privacy and “the grounds are great,” he said.

Long before the restrictions caused by the Covid 19 pandemic, parties with up to 400 guests were held on the property. As a result, support structures were installed under part of the property to allow parking of an additional 150 cars, Mr. Smith noted.

The house was last traded for $ 2.5 million in 1996. The seller did not immediately return requests for comments.

This article originally appeared on Mansion Global.

Kareena Kapoor Khan Aced Consolation With Fashion in Her Put up-Child Look In Informal Zebra Print Co-rds

Whether with ethnic silhouettes or a chic, comfy dress, Bollywood’s glamorous diva, Kareena Kapoor Khan has done it all and let’s just say she managed to turn her head almost every time. The phenomenal actress just gave birth to her second baby a few days ago, and now the stunner is back to doing what she does best – killing. There is literally no one in Bollywood who can wear the style as effortlessly as Kareena. Also read – Kareena Kapoor Khan’s newborn son is 1 month old, Saba shares his first picture with Saif Ali Khan

Spotted out on a date night with beast Amrita Arora, Kareena looked gorgeous like never before in her zebra print mates. Bebo wore a matching longline shirt with flared satin pants from H&M. Also read – Kareena Kapoor Khan “Can’t Stop Staring At Her Newborn Son”. Her new post is about embracing motherhood

A mother of two – Kareena’s fashion choice right now is about keeping it casual yet spunky. Hence, there is no denying that she is one of the most fashionable actresses that we have seen in Bollywood. As soon as her pictures were available online, her fans shared her pictures on social media and commented on how beautiful she looked just days after they were delivered. Also read – Taimur Ali Khan bakes human-shaped family cookies and adds the newborn brother’s cookie

To make the comfortable clothes look more chic, Kareena has the look with a black face mask from Louis Vuitton, a gray Dolce and Gabbana bag and strappy heels from Gucci.

Take a look at the breathtaking pictures here

(Courtesy Viral Bhayani)

(Courtesy Viral Bhayani)

Kareena Kapoor Khan comforts herself with style in her post-baby look in casual zebra print co-rds

(Courtesy Viral Bhayani)

Kareena Kapoor Khan comforts herself with style in her post-baby look in casual zebra print co-rds

(Courtesy Viral Bhayani)

Kareena Kapoor Khan comforts herself with style in her post-baby look in casual zebra print co-rds

(Courtesy Viral Bhayani)

The look seemed perfect for a breezy night in Mumbai and looked completely loose and comfortable enough to be comfortable for the new mom so that she could move around easily.

With Kareena wearing her mask, we couldn’t see anything but her beautiful eyes, which, as usual, were perfectly charred – her signature style. We absolutely loved Kareena’s stunning look. What about you?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK” presents much less drama however extra type

Two of our writers discuss the highs and lows of the second season of the Drag Race spinoff, and how it might be better than the original.


From the moment Lawrence Chaney stomped into the Werkroom and declared himself the Susan Boyle of Drag, we could tell the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK was going to hit different. 

While the UK edition of Drag Race has always been a little bit punkier, a little more DIY than its continental counterpart, the exclusion of cash prizes seems to foster a summer camp-esque camaraderie between the contestants that you just don’t see on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Add to that watching the COVID lockdown happen in real-time mid-season, giving the queens an unprecedented seven months to hone and perfect (or not) their skills makes this not only the most memorable season of Drag Race but an outstanding season of television, full stop. So grab an Absolute cocktail and join us in the interior illusions lounge as we go through the thrills, chills, and spills of this extraordinary season. 

(For clarity, we will refer to the American version of Drag Race as RPDR and the UK version as DR:UK) 

The Thrills

Aka The Queens

Elle Busko: Right off the bat, the talking heads portions of this season are just next-level. You’ve got Tia Kofi, the narrator of the season, and you might have one, maybe two queens like that in your average episode of RPDR, but here every single queen is great and has great things to say. 

Beau North: It is like having a whole season of just your faves. Like All Stars 2 minus PhiPhi O’Hara. This season has given me the same feeling that I get when I watch season five of RPDR, which I’m rewatching right now for no reason other than it just makes me feel good.

EB: That makes sense, season five was when I really connected with the show because of the Jinkx Monsoon underdog storyline. She was so counted out by that popular clique (RoLaskaTox) and they were so mean to Jinkx. I think anyone who’s ever felt less than— 

BN: Or unseen.

EB: Yeah! Or looked down on because of things they can’t control can relate to that. 

(twenty minutes of uninterrupted talking about Alyssa Edwards) 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: U.K. Season 2 (BBC)

Even while wondering how this season of DR: UK was going to top its inaugural season, we get a roster of massively talented and incredibly unique queens, like the adorably camp Ginny Lemon (fancy a slice?) and Brighton drag royalty Joe Black, who right away we envisioned going all the way to the end, only to see Joe sashay away in episode 1. And while he did get the chance to come back after the pandemic, his second go was as short-lived as his first. If we were giving merit badges for the season, Joe Black’s would read Most Done Dirty. Lemon, on the other hand, left on their own terms, simply walking off the stage rather than lipsyncing against Sister Sister. Now that’s what we call punk. 

A few other standouts include the lovely Cherry Valentine, aka the Alan Cumming of drag, who served us Traveller representation. Valentine—a mental health nurse and frontline healthcare worker during COVID—gave us life as a gender-bent Freddie Mercury (literally) hoovering her way down the runway. Contestant Veronica Green had to sit the second half of the season out due to COVID, but have no doubt she’ll be fierce competition when she comes back for season 3. Then there’s the lovely Tia Kofi who served as the narrator of the season. Tia’s warm personality and witty commentary made us feel like we were all in on the joke. And while her runway looks might have been one of the low points of the show (excluding her Monster Mash runway), her sunny attitude never failed to make us laugh. In an alternate universe where people watch RuPaul’s Confessional & Runway Banter Race, Tia reigns supreme. 

But let’s talk about our final four: Ellie Diamond, Tayce, Lawrence Chaney, and Bimini Bon Boulash. 

Ellie Diamond deserves some love not only for turning out some incredible faces throughout the competition but for making it this far for someone so young. That being said, we don’t want to overlook her or label her chum, but there’s no doubt that she’s swimming with sharks. Fellow Scot Lawrence Chaney dominated the first half of the season so thoroughly we all thought this season would end up being remembered as Lawrence Chaney’s Drag Race, but the seven-month Covid reprieve seems to have given Lawrence the chance to get in his head and second-guess himself. While we love Chaney’s bombastic personality and killer handmade looks, there is a sense about him in the second half of this season that Lawrence doesn’t think he deserves to win. 

What can we say about Tayce? She has it all: beauty, brains, legs for days, and an unstoppable attitude. Aside from Tia Kofi, Tayce gives some of the best narration throughout the season and never lets herself get weighed down by the drama that other queens always seem to fall into. Tayce’s only real issue has been a tendency to do what Tayce is gonna do no matter what RuPaul or any of the judges have to say. Her runway looks don’t always land, but when you get right down to it Tayce has what it takes to be a superstar. 

Giving the queens an unprecedented seven months to hone and perfect (or not) their skills makes this not only the most memorable season of Drag Race but an outstanding season of television.

Which leads us to Bimini Bon Boulash. East London’s Bendiest Bitch started the season in the bottom two and quickly rose up in the ranks to be the fan-favorite, including ours. This is Katya-levels of devotion we’re feeling here. From their innovative runways to their flawless performances in both Snatch Game and Beastenders, Bimini is the queen to beat. Their looks are far and away the most original, and definitely the most planned out. Bimini’s glamour is never diminished by their punk aesthetic, even when they’re trying to. 

EB: Bimini has such a clear-cut point of view. Every move she makes with her drag is completely thought out, she’s perfected the smart bimbo in the most loving way possible. She is honoring the idea of a bimbo. But she’s in on that joke. Her comedy challenge is the perfect embodiment of that. She knows comedy beats, she knows her body, she knows her references, fashion-wise. She’s so incredibly smart with her drag, but at the same time she doesn’t take it super seriously.

BN: I specifically want to point out the Prehistoric Runway challenge, and how Bimini took it so literally and was like (puts on horrible cockney accent) “I’m a bacteeeeeeria!” And was this amazing…like, an amoeba under a microscope construction. And it was beautiful!

EB: The way she presented it, it was actually runway. The way she was just standing there so the little feathers would move like tendrils. It was such a well-thought-out concept, no one else thought to do that.

BN: No! We had two of the same Wilma Flintstone dress! 

EB: And it was such an out-of-the-box concept. Like Bimini can look at a box and just be like “I don’t know her.” Even if you look at her ‘Stoned on the Runway ‘ look, her beads were zits and she was dressed as a rash?

BN: I mean, that’s art. 

EB: No one else would have brought that to the runway

RuPaul’s Drag Race: U.K. Season 2 (BBC)

The Thrills

Aka The Drama

While DR:UK has considerably less drama than RPDR, that’s not to say there hasn’t been any. On Drag Race, you can always find Shade. 

BN: That’s just the thing about this season, and even last season, just so much talent in one room, even last season of DR:UK

EB: Shocking, the amount of talent. I didn’t know how they were going to get any better because the first season is so so good. That’s one of the things about this season that’s so surprising. They had such a high bar to clear and they cleared it. 

BN: hang on hang on, they made it…MUCH BETTA!

EB: That’s staying in. But yeah, the second half of the season has this goofier, wilder vibe to it because of covid. I don’t think we would have gotten that H&M moment. Ru is a lot looser and sillier because of it. 

BN: The H&M thing wasn’t that big of a deal for me, I guess? 

EB: I think it’s a weird tension with RuPaul’s drag race from within the UK, they don’t quite have the polish of what’s expected of a RPDR queen. But I get where RuPaul is coming from because this is an international platform and you’ve got to go above and beyond what you are in your city and even your country. But at the same time the UK queens are, I don’t know, a little more DIY, a little more punk. 

BN: Yeah, I just gonna say they’re campier but you’re right, they’re also a lot more punk

EB: Which is weird because RuPaul loves that. RuPaul herself was punk, you know? At a certain time in her life. But I think her polish is now such that she can’t abide pulling something off the rack and saying it’s good enough for TV.

BN: That’s fair. 

Sister Sister ruffled feathers after “borrowing” looks that were suspiciously similar to AWhora’s, a fact that AWhora never let Sister forget. Veronica Green, usually quiet and bubbly in an extremely relatable and dorky way, bristled at being overlooked and underestimated by the other queens and the judges. The confrontation was getting heated just as Ru cut the post-lip sync cocktails short to send everyone home for lockdown. After Ellie Diamond won the mini-challenge in episode 8, it was up to her to pick the performing order for the Stand-Up comedy challenge. Lawrence Chaney—fully aware of how funny Bimini could be—was none too pleased about being placed right behind them. His inability to stop seething at poor Ellie might have been briefly entertaining, but after 2 episodes he needs to make like Elsa and Let It Go. 

RuPaul himself was not without drama this season. When Joe Black (briefly in the competition once more) played his part in RuRuVision in an off-the-rack dress from H&M, RuPaul melted down, shouting that he didn’t want to see “any more fucking H&M” and a million memes were born. Ru later apologized to the contestants for the meltdown, saying that his two weeks in quarantine had done no favors for his temper. While we understand the reason, but the one thing you can say about RuPaul is that he never pops off unless it’s warranted. The last time we saw anything close to this kind of vitriol, Jasmine Masters was making excuses for an abysmal Shakesqueer sketch. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: U.K. Season 2 (BBC)

The Spills 

Aka The Challenges

EB: I wanna talk about Rats: The Rusical.

BN: Oh no.  Do we have to?

EB: It was a lowlight.  It’s a low point for me, dawg. Are the Rusicals ever going to be good again? Have they ever been good? 

BN: No one likes the Rusicals! 

EB: But this one in particular, Rats: The Rusical was such a fucking mess. Why do they insist on doing one every season? 

BN: It’s no RuRuVision

EB: Oh my god. The UK Dolls specifically! They had all this pent-up energy after quarantine and some of them had stuff to prove, cause they came back roaring. The song? Is so Eurovision.

BN: And it’s so freaking catchy!

EB: It’s such an earworm, it just fills your head with bing bang bong. Do you have a favorite verse? 

BN: Well, Bimini’s of course. And I really liked AWhora’s as well. 

EB: Yeah, AWhora’s was very good, very sultry and seductive. But Bimini’s…like the lyrics to her voice just snuck up on me. Gender bender, Cis-Tem offender. I didn’t even realize it was Cis-Tem and not system. 

BN: I like it rough but my lentils tender. 

EB: (laughs) WHAT! But I love how  Bimini’s lyrics are all about femininity and how it belongs to everyone. Femininity isn’t just for women, it’s for everyone to enjoy. And I feel like that’s Bimini’s deal, to celebrate the femme, that’s what their verse is about. It’s so refreshing to see a contestant take what people see as weakness or softness and use that to just dominate. It’s like a sneak attack! These are incredibly thoughtful lyrics. She’s not just talking about how great she is, and she could! It’s just…layers, man. 

There was the usual slate of challenges this time around, with Rats: The Rusical being the soggy fever-dream you wake up from after a Franzia bender. This season’s Snatch Game had the usual highs and lows, but Bimini’s performance as Katie Price has seared “the nipples are the eyes of the face” into our collective brains for all time. And while ‘Beastenders’ got off to a rocky start, everyone excelled in the challenge, particularly Ellie Diamond and Tayce, who hilariously donned Bimini’s breastplate without bothering to conceal or disguise the mismatched skin tone. 

None of the challenges, however, can hold up to what might be the most memorable moment of the season, if not in Drag Race Herstory. The “RuRuVision” challenge gifted the world with the unstoppably catchy “UK, Hun?” which charted at number 27 in the UK. Imagine living in a world where you’d never heard “Bing Bang Bong, Sing Sang Song, Ding Dang Dong, Uk, Hun?” That is not a world that we want to live in.  

RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Season 2 (BBC)

In the ‘Lockdown Supershero’ challenge, A’whora’s stunned everyone for her surprising ruffled construction made from shiny blue plastic with sleeves that popped out like a frilled lizard’s face. As if her Covid Nine-Tina look wasn’t fun enough, the winking nod to Sister Sister’s sticky fingers with AWhora’s makeup was enough to send us into outer space. While in that same challenge Tayce attempted to follow in Bagga Chipz’s footsteps by making a Brillo pad garment, with about the same success. While everything Tayce wears is elevated by her own innate glamour, there’s only so much you can do with a pile of deconstructed steel wool. It hurt Tayce, and it hurt us too. 

And while we’re on the topic of Sister Sister…in the Monster Mashup runway, Sister’s look was a miss, from the low heels to the inexplicable tail to the ponytail that just looked like one anemic eel flopping around the top of her head. We’d have liked to see a little more of Sister’s truly bonkers style in a way that didn’t translate to a wilted mess. 

Category is…Bon Voyage, Bimini Bon Boulash

Aka The Finale

There wasn’t much flash, spectacle, or surprise to this finale, but there was a lot of heart and the best top four we think Drag Race has ever seen. We only wish the show creators and producers would try stepping out of the box when it comes to the UK finales. The US and the UK are different countries, and maybe playing to the strengths of the UK queens would make for a more exciting viewing experience. During the challenge, Lawrence dissuaded Ellie—thankfully gently—from going with a Burn track. Tayce and Bimini were happy to chime in, they don’t tear their sisters down, they lift them up. Between this and hearing the final four admit their first impressions of one another, it’s remarkable how different this show is from RPDR. All the queens performed well, except for Tayce who absolutely killed it to the point we were ready to hand her the crown then and there. 

Despite a strong performance and an outstanding UK Eleganza Extravaganza runway, Ellie was told to Sashay Away. We wish her all the best! Which left Tayce, Bimini, and Lawrence for the lip sync. As soon as we heard Elton John’s “I’m Still Standing”, we knew who would be taking home the title. We can’t say we didn’t see it coming, but after 5 wins (3 maxi, 2 mini) and showing some outstanding runway looks, Lawrence Chaney was declared the UK’s next Drag Superstar. While we can’t fault the judge’s decision, we do hope that this is only the beginning of Tayce and Bimini’s success. It was an outstanding season of television, and maybe the best culmination of everything Drag Race is all about. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Season 2 (BBC)

BN: Do you think everyone’s going to be surprised? 

EB:  Well I know we both wanted Bimini to win because we love an underdog story. Even Michelle said in the episode, no one expected her to come back that hard. And it was such a delight. But it was obvious they’d made that decision. It felt very…All Stars 3. And the lip-synch just doesn’t matter? 

BN: But you know the toughest acting challenge there is for the queens is pretending to enjoy RuPaul’s music. 

EB: It’s one of the things I love most about Drag Race, it’s such a vanity project for RuPaul, who gets to craft these challenges around himself and this music that no one asked for. Like no one has ever actually requested a RuPaul song, he just happens to have all these songs that everyone loves because they were forced on us. And I love that. 

BN: (laughs) I do find myself singing “This is the Beginning” all the time. 

EB: It’s like living next to train tracks, it’s just there and you just don’t hear it anymore. But I agree with you, they deserve challenges tailored to their strong suits. Not McDonald-izing drag and forcing them into a box they don’t fit into. 

BN: Great point. 

EB: To be fair, I felt like I knew who should win. But this was such a great group of queens. You might see one or two like this in a season of RPDR, but here it was every contestant. Like you know Ellie was just recently struggling with homelessness, and I don’t know how you go through all of that and still continue making this incredible drag. And how amazing that she had options there in Scotland. 

BN: That’s probably why RPDR is so cutthroat, the cash prize. Everyone over here has student debt and medical bills. They want to get paid. So how do you feel about this season, overall?

EB: It was such a great season. I think this might be my favorite season of Drag Race ever. 

BN: Yeah, move over season five. I’ve got a new number one. 

RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Season 2 Trailer:


Beau North

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Tommy Hilfiger launches circular design denim collection

TOMMY Hilfiger has launched its first EMF Jeans Redesign collection featuring garments made to be more durable and recyclable — two critical components in creating a circular economy. Crafted in-line with the company’s 2019 pledge to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Jeans Redesign project, the denim range will be available online at tommy.com and in select Tommy Hilfiger and Tommy Jeans stores. The seven garments in the collection, including five pairs of jeans and two denim jackets, were made with durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability in mind. This was achieved by rethinking the design of the jeans according to circular principles, including using detachable buttons; the replacement of metal rivets with bar tacks; the removal of all metal zippers; removal of the leather patch; and use of 100% organic fabric. To increase durability of the products, each piece features wash and care instructions on the pockets, along with advice on how to repair, donate or recycle the product after use. To date, Tommy Hilfiger has trained more than 80% of its designers on circular design principles and recently launched Tommy for Life, its first circular business model. Under the Tommy for Life program, the company takes back items from customers and partners, cleans, repairs and resells them, keeping products in use longer. Tommy Hilfiger is also driving transformative change in the denim industry, producing more than two million pieces of lower impact denim, which is finished through a process that uses less water and energy than traditional processes, and becoming the first major company in the denim market to use 100% recycled cotton at scale. For more information about Tommy Hilfiger’s sustainability journey, visit sustainability.tommy.com.

DLSU-CSB, Gateway Gallery team up for virtual exhibit

THE DE LA SALLE-College of St. Benilde (DLS-CSB) has partnered with Araneta City’s Gateway Gallery for the first virtual presentation of the school’s annual Sinulid: Epilogue exhibit. From Mar. 20 to Apr. 10, the “Sinulid Epilogue 20-21: Unconventional Threads” exhibit may be viewed by the public through https://sinulid-epilogue-20-21-gatewaygallery.aranetacity.com/. The virtual exhibit will feature a collection from 16 top students of DLS-CSB’s Fashion Design and Merchandising (FDM) program Batch 2020 who presented their unique take on Filipino identity through art. The virtual exhibit will showcase different materials, various weaving designs, and artistic points of view of the students threading their interpretations of the modern Filipino. It will reflect the historic heritage of the islands and the seas (religious deities, mythical folklore, and oriental influences), local pop cultures (OFW balikbayans, cockfighting), and the challenges of daily life mirroring the extremely rich and vibrant Filipino culture. This year’s exhibit includes the works of graduating students Eunhye Cho, Pamela Madlangbayan, Erika Mae Ng, Isabelle Shayne Casi, Shanica Chua Sy, Sean Carlo Betco, Katrina Ysabel Rivera, KC Roshelle Dayao, Gianina Dwaigne Lilagan, Coleen Anne Aytona, Angelica Mae Achacoso, Raya Aleczandra Abastillas, Tricia Alexi Butler, Adrienne Carmela Cruel, Miri Angela Hwang, and Angela Denise Santos. Apart from the virtual exhibit, there will be series of webinars and student-related activities. The “Sinulid” exhibit is the latest offering of Gateway Gallery, Araneta City’s art museum devoted to the promotion of Philippine culture, heritage, and art. Also available for viewing via the Gateway Gallery website is the exhibit “Art Heals: Echoes of the Pandemic.” The long-running “SiningSaysay: Philippine History in Art” exhibit and “#YouMatter” mental health exhibit can be viewed via the mobile app Gateway Gallery Pocket Museum.

Robinsons Malls to hold six-day sale

DISCOUNTS up to 70% are up for grabs at Robinsons Malls for six days, from Mar. 26 to 31, as it holds the Epic Summer Sale. Meanwhile, several Robinsons malls will remain open over Holy Week. The following will be open on regular mall hours on Apr. 1, Maundy Thursday and Apr. 2, Good Friday: Robinsons Place Antipolo, Robinsons Luisita, Robinsons Tagaytay, and Robinsons Cainta (Robinsons Supermarket only). For Maundy Thursday: Robinsons Place Ilocos, Robinsons Place Palawan, Robinsons Place Pangasinan, Robinsons Starmills, and Robinsons Place Tuguegarao will operate regular mall hours while Robinsons Place Dasmariñas and Robinsons Place GenTrias will open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. Apart from these branches, all other Robinsons Malls shall be closed on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. All regular mall schedules will resume on Apr. 3, Black Saturday, following regular mall hours. The Robinsons Malls participating in the Epic Summer Sale are: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Place Manila, Robinsons Magnolia, Galleria South, Robinsons Galleria Cebu, Robinsons Metro East, Forum Robinsons, Robinsons Cainta, Robinsons Place Las Piñas, Robinsons Place Antipolo, Robinsons Town Mall Malabon, Robinsons Starmills, Robinsons Place Pangasinan, Robinsons Angeles, Robinsons Place Malolos, Robinsons Place Santiago, Robinsons Place Ilocos, Robinsons Place Tuguegarao, Robinsons Place Imus, Robinsons Place Palawan, Robinsons Place Dasmariñas, Robinsons Place Lipa, Robinsons Place GenTrias, Robinsons Place Naga, Robinsons Town Mall Los Baños, Robinsons Place Bacolod, Robinsons Place Dumaguete, Robinsons Place Iloilo, Robinsons Place Jaro, Robinsons Place Antique, Robinsons Place Roxas, Robinsons North Tacloban, Robinsons Place Tacloban, Robinsons Fuente, Robinsons Place Pavia, Robinsons Place Ormoc, Robinsons Place Butuan, Robinsons Place GenSan, Robinsons Place Iligan, Robinsons Place Tagum, and Robinsons Place Valencia.  For more information, visit www.robinsonsmalls.com or its Virtual Directory bit.ly/RMallsEpicSummerSale; or follow Robinsons Malls on Facebook; @RobinsonsMallsOfficial on Instagram; and @RobinsonsMalls on Twitter.

Anastasia Beverly Hills launches augmented reality app for brow problems

THE RIGHT brows have the power to transform an entire look. Unfortunately, it’s also a beauty trick that most people find very hard to master. To help, Anastasia Beverly Hills created an augmented reality app that can help the user shape, groom, and even fill their eyebrows from the comfort of their own home. The app is now available on iOS and later this month on Android. To download, search for Anastasia Beverly Hills in the App Store. The Brow App combines Anastasia Soare’s Golden Ratio eyebrow shaping method with custom 3D tech and a patented algorithm to provide a filter-like image of the user with the best brow shape and color. The app works by analyzing the user’s facial structure and having them answer a series of questions — from their experience with eyebrows to their hair color and preferred brow look — to understand and recommend the brow shape, shade, and style for them. The Brow App also has a Look Library that allows the user to virtually try on different styles and shapes of eyebrows — without having to commit to anything. Another feature of the app is the Brow Mirror which shows an outline of the chosen style that serves as a guide for drawing or plucking brows. It also has a step-by-step guide — from filling and detailing to finishing and highlighting the desired brow shape and style. It also has in-depth makeup tutorials, and run-throughs of specific Anastasia products and their purposes. Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow products, such as the Brow Definer and Brow Powder Duo, are also available to purchase via the app and partner retailers.

Anya Resort Tagaytay offers far infrared spa therapy

Anya Resort Tagaytay, managed by AHG, has brought it in a revolutionary wellness device: France’s Vital Dome, an infratherapy machine. Patented and manufactured in France, the Vital Dome uses Far Infrared Rays (FIRs) generated by carbon panels within the device to give users a sense of relaxation and renewed well-being. Unlike traditional saunas or massage machines, the Vital Dome’s FIRs penetrate deep into the skin, accelerating regeneration on a cellular level as it safely raises the body’s core temperature. This enables the body to sweat out toxins and other impurities as a way to stay healthy and keep infections at bay. Likewise, the regenerative action of the FIRs reduces internal inflammation which, in turn, helps in long-term pain management. It is also instrumental in healthy weight management and body shaping. The wellness machine is no stranger to the hospitality industry, as numerous hotels and spas across Europe now offer it among their health, wellness, and aesthetic amenities. Among those that already have the Vital Dome in place are the Hotel Prince of Wales in Paris, the Hotel Barriere Le Royale in Deuville, and the Hotel Sassongher in Badia BZ, Italy. Anya is the first resort in the country to offer it. Guests who wish to try the latest addition to Anya’s fitness and wellness amenities can try it out at the resort’s Niyama Wellness Center as a standalone treatment. Use of the Vital Dome will be included in future suite and staycation packages. For more information on the Vital Dome, visit the official Philippine website at https://vitaldomeph.com. Follow on Instagram and like on Facebook @vitaldomeph.

Viktor&Rolf Fragrances now available in Rustan’s

VIKTOR&ROLF’S Flowerbomb is an ode to femininity, modern flower power exuding an air of opulence, with rich, meticulously layered notes. Viktor&Rolf has added to its Flowerbomb line with Flowerbomb Dew, which melts onto fresh skin enveloping the senses with a Dewy Rose Accord, Sensual Iris Concrete, and Intimate Musks creating a glowing floral sensation. Viktor&Rolf has recruited actress Anya Taylor-Joy to be the face of Flowerbomb as she is at once sensual and powerful, feminine and bold and uniquely multi-dimensional. Featuring both Flowerbomb and the new powerbomb Dew fragrances and harkening back to the iconic Flowerbomb imagery, the new ad campaign reveals Taylor-Joy fresh-faced and lightly veiled with pink tulle and radiant skin. The Flowerbomb Collection offers a Choose Your Intensity range with Flowerbomb Dew, the iconic Flowerbomb Eau de Parfum, and Flowerbomb Nectar from the lightest to the most intense. Viktor&Rolf Fragrances are exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corp. Thy are available at Rustan’s, Robinsons and Landmark Department Stores, SM Watsons Stores, Look At Me at SM Aura, rustans.com and lookatme.com.ph. Flowerbomb and Flowerbomb Dew are available in 50ml (P6,250) and 100ml (P8,350) eau de parfum spray bottles.

Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel from Bio-Science launched

BIO-SCIENCE Philippines’ Brand Ambassador, actress and TV personality Janine Gutierrez, unveiled the Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel on Mar. 14 at LOOK, in SM Aura Premier, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. The event commemorated the first anniversary of Bio-Science in the Philippines. The Bio-Science Skincare range is infused with Bio Energy Complex, the unique proprietary formula that is said to boost the skin’s intake of oxygen while increasing the absorption of nourishing bio-ingredients. Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel is formulated with 5% Vitamin B5 concentrate and Hyaluronic Acid, which enhance the skin elasticity and softness leading to smooth and intensely hydrated skin. Bio-Science Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel. The Bio-Water Vitamin B5 Gel from Bio-Science is now available at Watson’s Drugstores, LOOK, Shopee, and Lazada. Prices start at P399.

Robinsons Malls offer personalized shopping service

Robbie & Rosie is the new personalized shopping service available at select Robinsons Malls: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, and Robinsons Place Manila. The user spends a few minutes texting or chatting with the personal shoppers who will do all the shopping. The shopping service user can choose almost anything from the Virtual Mall Directory — whether its food, essentials, fashion merchandise, toys and gadgets, tools and hardware, beauty products, and more — and only pay one delivery charge. And since they are dealing with real people, Robbie & Rosie may even provide timely shopping suggestions not originally on their list, such as pointing out shopping discounts, bundled product promos, or limited-time offers, for example. Robbie & Rosie can also get items gift-wrapped, and even turn on their cameras when shopping, so the user can see the actual condition or the prices of the items on their list. If they are not completely satisfied with the condition or size of the item when it arrives, they can have it replaced provided they have the original receipt subject to the Return and Exchange policy of the store. The user just sends a message to Robbie & Rosie at the mall of their choice — Robinsons Magnolia (0921-499-2958), Robinsons Galleria (0968-294-9444), or Robinsons Place Manila (0919-430-5887) — and they’ll send a link to a Virtual Mall Directory to select the items to put on the shopping list. The shopper is asked their preferred mode of communication. Then Robbie & Rosie will summarize the order to ensure everything is accurate and complete. Once confirmed, the user will receive a QR code and instructions on how to pay via various e-wallets such as GCash, PayMaya, WeChat Pay, PayPal, or other contactless payment options. The final easy step is to pick up the order at the designated stations at the mall, or have it delivered by courier. Customers may book the couriers themselves, but Robbie & Rosie will arrange the booking if requested and even take a photo of the items being loaded by the courier to show their customers that the order is on the way. Robinsons Malls will offer its Robbie & Rosie Epic Summer Promo from Mar. 26 to 31, with no delivery charge to boot if the user is within a three -kilometer radius from the selected mall. Robbie & Rosie can be booked from anywhere in the Philippines and have the items delivered to a recipient in Metro Manila.

Ferragamo links art, culture, fashion

FERRAGAMO champions cultural sustainability in the second part of its multimedia series. The star of this new chapter is the Ferragamo Gancini monogram, in a reworked version called Gancini Iconic. Launched with the Pre-Spring 2021 season, this composition is seen on footwear, bags, small leather goods, silk, and ready-to-wear. For the Gancini Iconic chapter of the multimedia series, Ferragamo went to Shanghai and Hong Kong. In Shanghai, Ferragamo collaborated with Master Huang Hongyu, who is carrying forward the tradition of hand-made Chinese lanterns. While Hong Kong sees the turn of the Dotes architecture duo and four local artists. In collaboration with the lantern artist Huang Hongyu, Ferragamo celebrated the Spring Festival last month with a series of themed installations in its Shanghai Center boutique. Special Gancini lanterns were produced for the occasion. The Gancini icon was integrated into the design of the lanterns in a creative fusion of East and West, tradition and contemporary. In Hong Kong, Ferragamo opened a travelling pop-up truck for Gancini Iconic products. This truck is inspired by the traditional bingsutts, literally “ice rooms,” the historic cafés that were very popular in the 1950s and 60s, serving iced drinks and food. For the Gancini truck, Ferragamo collaborated with Dotes, an emerging duo comprising Justin Chow and Ka Chi Law (specializing in creative dialogue between cultural issues, craftsmanship and progress), imagining a modern-day bingsutt inspired by the Ferragamo monogram. The Gancini Truck parked in three key streets in the old Sheung Wan district, birthplace to the culture surrounding the bingsutt. The Gancini Bing Sutt Truck was not just a pop-up truck — it was also an art gallery, showing four bingsutt-related works.

Rocky Level ranch-style house lists for $339,996

A two-bedroom, one-bath ranch-style home in Rocky Point is $ 339,996.

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, says listing agent Laura Cochran, H&G Realty.

“The reason the house is a rare find is because there are rarely 0.46 acres of land in Rocky Point,” says Cochran. “It’s usually 50 times 100 tickets; 60 times 100 tickets; 40 times 100 tickets. So it’s unusual to find something this big: multiple times.”

The eat-in kitchen has granite counter tops and white cabinets, plus an attic above that can be used as a seating area, computer room, or play area, the agent said. Photo credit: Long Island Real Estate Photography / Brian Botticelli

Built in 1931, the home has hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings in the kitchen and dining room, a fireplace surrounded by built-in bookcases in the family room, custom colors throughout, and front and rear porches. The roof and heating have recently been updated.

The home has an extended driveway that is also unique to the Rocky Point area, where most properties don’t have adequate parking, notes Cochran.

The fully fenced property has a deck and shed as well as beach rights at nearby Friendship Beach on Long Island Sound.

“It’s just a short walk to the beach,” says Cochran.

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The home is also near the Rocky Point State Pine Barrens Preserve and State Forest, and not far from Brookhaven and Wildwood State Parks.

Annual property tax is $ 7,121.

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Montana State Opens 2021 Outside Observe and Area Season in Model at Hornet Invitational

Montana State opens outdoor track and field season in style at Hornet Invitational in 2021

Montana State put in an outstanding performance at its first outdoor track and field meeting in two years on Saturday, winning the men’s and women’s team titles and eleven individual championships at the Hornet Invitational in Sacramento, California.

MSU head coach Lyle Weese was satisfied with the performance of his team but was happier just to compete. “It was great to have an outdoor track and field meet,” said former Bobcat All-America. “The student athletes had great energy, were ready to go and started the season very well.”

At a meeting with West Coast powers Stanford, Sacramento State, and San Jose State, the Bobcats were widely used at long-distance events. On the side of women Camila Noe broke the school record on the 5000 meters with a score of 16: 25.20 and led a 1-2-4 finish at this event. Alexi Kyro and Gillian Maness grabbed the first two places in the 3000 meter obstacle race. In the men’s competition I am Perrin and Matthew Richtman finished 1-2 in the men’s 5000 meters while Duncan Hamilton led a 1-2-3 MSU finish in the men’s obstacle race.

Carla Nicosia Connected Erin Jones Graf’s school record in the triple jump with a grade of 40-3.25 to guide the efforts of the MSU at the field events. Three Bobcat women (Madi Arneson, 2nd, Zoe Waddell, 3rd, and Kyle Bush, 6th) took the first six places in the discus Kylie Christiansen and Zoe Waddell finished 4-5 in hammer throw. In the men’s discus Ethan Saberhagen, Carter Slade and Alec Nehring finished 1-2-4. Three Bobcats landed in the top five in both the men’s and women’s javelin throw, performing live for the first time since 2019.

sprinter Damien Nelson showed an outstanding performance, winning the men’s 100 and finishing second in the 200. Macy White finished second in the women’s 100 meters.

Montana State returns to the Missoula track for the Al Manual Invitational next week. “We look forward to competing in Missoula next weekend and working towards the Big Sky Outdoor Athletics Championships,” said Weese.

The Bobcat results are listed below and the full results are attached.

LADIES TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 132, 1) Stanford 132, 3) San Jose State 95, 4) Sacramento State 87, 5) UC Davis 68
WOMEN 100: 2) Macy White 02/12
WOMEN 200: 8th) Macy White 25.47, 9) Morgan Evans 25.57
100 hurdles for women: 2) Morgan Evans 14.00, 3) Evelyn Adams 14.50, 4) Elena Carter 14.55
3000 STEEPLECHASE FOR WOMEN: 1) Alexi Kyro 10:44, 94, 2) Gillian Maness 10: 56.02
WOMEN 5000: 1) Camila Noe 16: 25,20, 2) Mya Dube 17: 17.81, 4) Alex Moore 17: 41.72
WOMEN’S HAMMER: 4) Kylie Christiansen 158-8, 5) Zoe Waddell 158-5
WOMEN’S DISCUS: 2) Madi Arneson 146-9, 3) Zoe Waddell 143-0, 6) Kyla Bush 130-0, 11) Jordan Fink 114-10
WOMEN’S SHOT PUT: 9) Kyla Bush 37-10.5
JAVELIN OF WOMEN: 3) Celestia Hammond 149-5, 4) Carley Vonheeder 145-6, 5) Kylie Christiansen 122-2
WOMEN’S LONG JUMP: 3) Evelyn Adams 17-9, 6) Elena Carter 17-4.25, 7) Hannah Hicks 17-2.75, 8) Alexandera Hellenberg 17-2, 9) Lucy Corbett 17-0.75, 10) Twila Reovan 16-10.5, 14) A’Lena Chaney 16-2.25
WOMEN’S TRIPLE JUMP: 3) Carla Nicosia 40-3.25, 8) A’Lena Chaney 37-1.25, 9) Twila Reovan 36-11
LADIES POLE VAULT: 3) Alexandra Hellenberg 11-5.75, 4) Corn Lake Brown 10-11.75
HIGH LEAP OF WOMEN: 1) Hannah Hicks 4-11.0

MEN’S TEAM STANDINGS: 1) Montana State 209, 2) Stanford 105, 2) San Jose State 105, 4) UC Davis 81, 5) Sacramento State 45
MEN 100: 1) Damien Nelson 10.64, 7) Casey Gunlikson 11.02, 10) Will Prettyman 08/21
MEN 200: 2) Damien Nelson 21.79
MEN 400: 11) Will Anderson 49.89
MEN 800: 3) Noah Majerus 1: 54.70, 5) Cameron Carroll 1: 55.51
MEN 5000: 1) I am Perrin 14: 24,21, 2) Matthew Richtman 14: 34.66
MEN 100 hurdles: 2) Henry Adams 14.52, 3) Caleb Neth 15.72
MEN 400 hurdles: 1) Drake Schneider 52.38, 2) Jared Schwend 54.75
MEN 3000 STEEPLECHASE: 1) Duncan Hamilton 8: 56.67, 2) Levi Taylor 9: 115, 42, 3) Isaac Schmidt 9: 32.36
4 x 400 RELAYS FOR MEN: 1) Jared Schwend, Alex Hershey, Will Anderson, Drake Schneider 3: 16.40
MEN’S HAMMER: 6) Carter Slade 156-1, 7) Ethan Saberhagen 153-11
MEN’S DISCUS: 1) Ethan Saberhagen 169-0, 2) Carter Slade 156-11, 4) Alec Nehring 155-4
MEN’S SHOT PUT: 1) Alec Nehring 55-11.75, 3) Carter Slade 51-9.75, 10) Ethan Saberhagen 45-4.25
MEN JAVELIN: 1) Cantor Coverdell 209-7, 2) Cooper Hoffman 204-3, 3) Brock Winegar 194-1
MEN’S LONG JUMP: 2) Caleb Neth 21-9.5
MEN TRIPLE JUMP: 2) Ian Fosdick 47-9.25
MEN’S POLE VAULT: 2) Colby Wilson 15-7, 3) Henry Adams 14-1.25, 4) Caleb Neth 13-7.25
HIGH JUMP FOR MEN: 5) Hunter Nicholson 6-2.75


St. Peter’s Prep opens season in model with win over West Essex

Even with a handful of parents in the stands, the muffled noise that bounced off the walls of the St. Peter Prep gym was deafening.

The combination of buzzer, whistle and coaches yelling back and forth made the season opener on Saturday a long overdue reunion for the wrestlers.

The sound was a different experience.

Almost everything else, however, stayed the same.

St. Peter’s Prep drew on veteran experience and a formidable debut for a freshman in a 37:18 win over West Essex on Saturday morning in Jersey City.

The win was St. Peter’s first in “The Barn” in over a year after the pandemic delayed the start of the season until March 16. A midweek rejection against Hoboken added a few extra days, but the Saturday performance was well worth the wait.

“I’m just so happy for them to have this and the opportunity to wrestle,” said Anthony Verdi, St. Peter’s prep coach. “It seems like 400 days since we last met.

“I knew they were excited yesterday and I knew that today they were happy to be here and have fun. This puts things into perspective because that’s how it should be. It should be fun. “

Starting with a fall of sophomore Donovan Chavis at 120 pounds in the first period, St. Peter’s Prep scored five straight wins from Pat Adams (126), Jonathan Fuller (132), Sean Rendeiro (138) and Felix Lettini (145) to take control of the game after West Essex took the lead 12-9 in the first five fights.

Fuller won the fight of the day in his first high school match and took a 3-2 win over West Essex junior Rick Cassidy, a finalist in the Essex County tournament last season, in the second tiebreaker.

After the bout went 2-2 in overtime, Fuller got the point in tiebreaker one after Cassidy was hit with his second stall call. Neither of the two wrestles could escape in extra time.

“That was a big win for us and a big shift in dynamics,” said Verdi. “That started a little for us.”

Verdi said Fuller should be on the radar of wrestling fans across the country.

“He had a lot of success and the level of youth and middle school,” said Verdi. “He’s in a situation where we’re going to put him on the line-up with a couple of different weights, but he’s going to perform for us. He is a really talented boy and he will have a bright future. “

With four qualifiers in the bottom weights, Verdi said finding the right spots for his excellence was a good problem. In total, St. Peter Prep returns five state qualifiers from 106-145.

That group Saturday turned out to be too much for a team from West Essex, which are similarly strong in the lower half of their lineup.

Adams hit a 5-3 decision over Mike Pescatore while Chavis, Reindero and Lettini won with bonus points. Chavis and Reindero won in the fall, while Lettini made a 9-0 decision over Carson Barry, last year’s Essex County champion at 132.

Verdi said he thought his team’s conditioning helped St. Peter Prep win. Jake Talarico made a decision at 106 while Roger Diaz and Antonio Villatoro finished the game with decisions at 170 and 182 respectively.

West Essex (2-1) competed on Saturday with wins against Clifton and Livingston.

St. Peter Prep (1-0) returns against Bayonne on Tuesday, while West Essex try to get back on their feet in Verona on Wednesday.

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