The queen of ‘undone’ interiors fashion, Rita Konig talks style 

My personal style signifier is shirts – I mostly wear Celine or Aimé, tucked into jeans or skirts. There are two crucial elements to a good shirt: it has to be made of a delicate enough fabric that it falls nicely and the buttons must be well positioned – there is a perfect spot around the bottom of the breast bone that allows the shirt to be open enough that it is feminine, but not so high that you feel like a schoolmistress. Budd has just copied one of its vintage shirts that my father wore for its new collection with Laura Bailey and Cathy Kasterine. I think it’s pretty spot-on and is made of that perfect slubby silk that men’s shirts used to be made of. From £270, 

The last thing I bought and loved was a large bedspread from Nushka. It’s a vintage Suzani tent-hanging from Uzbekistan and I love the colour palette – dusty pink and sandy beige with a pretty border of sea greens and blues. Similar, from £420

Konig’s bedroom, with D Porthault pillowcases and a Nushka bedspread © Rodrigo Carmuega

And on my wishlist is a four-poster bed à la Veere Grenney or David Hicks, one that is really tall, with curtains. I’d also love some diamonds. At Harry Fane I saw the most beautiful diamond-bead necklace that was strung in such a way that when you dropped it, the beads formed a little pile of mesh – it cost £80,000 but looked like nothing.

The place I can’t wait to go back to is LA. I want to stay at the private members’ club San Vicente Bungalows, which I decorated for hotelier Jeff Klein in 2018. I haven’t been back since and I’m longing to go and enjoy it now that it’s done – it really takes a year or two before a place starts to settle and feel good. I’d also see my best friend, gallerist Honor Fraser, whose kids are my godchildren. And I’d go to Santa Barbara and explore the Pacific coastline – there’s something about palm trees, mountains, beaches, deserts, extreme sunlight and the can-do attitude that makes California fun. 

Books on the coffee table in Konig’s sitting room © Rodrigo Carmuega

Konig in her garden with her daughter Margot and cockapoo Eddie

Konig in her garden with her daughter Margot and cockapoo Eddie © Rodrigo Carmuega

The best souvenirs I’ve brought home are rugs from the Datça peninsula in Turkey. I’ve spent a few summers with my friend the interior designer Peter Mikic and his partner Sebastian Scott, whose brother has a house there. They’re such good sports on holiday – we would go off to the local village in the afternoons to buy rugs. I’ve got a brown and cream striped runner that is up in North Farm – my house in County Durham – and some white ones with tufts in pale pinks and greens that look like sweets, which are a lot of fun. 

The best book I’ve read in the past year is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. It’s an extraordinary tale of survival, complete with a heartwrenching love story. Set in North Carolina, the novel captures the racial divide and how tough life was for women and children in the early 20th century. I loved the spirit, frailty and self-taught knowledge of the main character Kya. It’s such a page-turner and made me rather weepy.

A recent “find” is [London shoe- and handbag-repair service] The Restory. The work I’ve seen on Instagram is amazing. There was a pair of beautiful Christian Louboutin shoes where the heel had been smooshed and they completely reinstated it. I haven’t used them yet but I’m longing to send things there. I’ve got a red Chanel bag and an old, faded Louis Vuitton bag that could both really do with a polish.

A Victorian diorama in its carved oak frame – the best gift Konig has received recently

A Victorian diorama in its carved oak frame – the best gift Konig has received recently

Her 1950s Cartier watch and ring by Marie-Hélène de Taillac, on a John Derian plate © Rodrigo Carmuega (2)

The best gift I’ve received recently is a Victorian diorama. The picture is in a carved oak frame with very delicate skeletal leaves, seed pods and grasses mounted on dark-green velvet. It’s pretty but also very unexpected, which is what makes it such a good present. 

The last music I downloaded was a song called “Ubomi Abumang” by Sun-El Musician. He’s a South African artist and makes the sort of music you can get lost in. The song is really long and transcendent and it makes you want to dance.

I have a collection of bed linens – I’m slightly obsessed with them. I love the cool crispness you get from a sheet tightly pulled over a mattress like a drum, and the cloud-like feeling from a duvet or the weight of blankets while you sleep. They’re a very expensive undertaking and it’s something I’m really pleased I’ve collected for so long. I’ve always bought them in sales and on whims. I have quite a lot from D Porthault in Paris, which I often get in New York, and the Monogrammed Linen Shop

Konig’s kitchen

Konig’s kitchen © Rodrigo Carmuega

Chanel and Sisley make-up in Konig’s bathroom

Chanel and Sisley make-up in Konig’s bathroom © Rodrigo Carmuega

In my fridge you’ll always find white wine, San Pellegrino, tonic water and a bar of Italian dark chocolate with almonds from Supermarket of Dreams on Holland Park Avenue. I have two fridges, one for drinks and the other for food, which tends to be feast or famine. I am envious of those American fridges that are so perfectly styled, full of glass Tupperwares with delicious things in – mine is sadly not like that.

The best property advice I’ve been given is to avoid buying above a restaurant and to look for good proportions, ceiling height and large windows – you can usually change the rest.

I’ve recently discovered meditation and rediscovered caviar. I try to meditate twice a day for 20 minutes. I feel like in all the gloom it’s more vital than ever to calm anxiety and to help you see a different viewpoint. At first I wondered how you can empty your mind completely, but then the founder of MindMojo, Anthony Thompson, who taught me, explained that it’s like going to a cocktail party in your head. You arrive with “somebody”, which is your mantra. You then drift between people and conversations, which are your thoughts coming and going – you can sit with them for a bit or let them go and move on.

Her china cupboard, with glasses from Nason Moretti, The New Craftsmen, Guinevere Antiques . . .

Her china cupboard, with glasses from Nason Moretti, The New Craftsmen, Guinevere Antiques . . .

. . . and Herend porcelain

. . . and Herend porcelain © Rodrigo Carmuega (2)

An indulgence I would never forgo is getting everything pressed. I’ve put it to the test at moments in my life where I’ve changed careers and had to really tighten my belt – even then I still sent all my sheets to the laundry.

My favourite apps and websites are Instagram for antiques. In fact, I have an account that is only for following antique dealers. I also use AVW all the time, and Decorative Collective, which is great because it has so many dealers. I use the Spectator app for news – they have quite interesting people writing for them. Also Shazam – I feel very self-conscious asking people what a song is and there is something so wonderfully private and instant about the app. 

My style icon is the American socialite Lee Radziwill. She always looked terrific and had that ability to be dressed in the right thing for the right occasion, which I find rather enviable – whether it was a Givenchy suit for lunch on the Upper East Side or a kaftan in one of her apartments. I do love that ’70s style – not crazy bell bottoms but ribbed sweaters, big sunglasses and a scarf wrapped around the head. I think it was the last time that people were really polished. 

The beauty staple I’m never without is Sisley’s Soir de Lune scent. I like that I don’t really know what it smells like. It’s not cloying and people don’t recognise it easily – it just becomes a part of you. £194 for 100ml 

Konig’s sitting room

Konig’s sitting room © Rodrigo Carmuega

Her beauty staple: Sisley Soir de Lune

Her beauty staple: Sisley Soir de Lune © Rodrigo Carmuega

An object I would never part with is my 1950s Cartier watch. I bought it for myself last year; I wasn’t necessarily looking for one but I have a weakness for watches and I had this visceral feeling when I saw it. It has a leather strap with white stitching and I love the simple, round face, which is quite unusual for a Cartier watch.

The design idea I wish I’d come up with is the Post-it note. I am impressed by incredibly simple ideas that turn into items that every household has, and then we wonder how we managed without them.

My favourite room in my house is my bedroom. I’ve layered around the windows so at night I can draw the heavy wool curtains across and block everything out. In the morning when I open them, the sunlight shines through my blinds, which are in a Robert Kime pea-pod print, and the branches from the trees outside dance on the walls. I think the view out of a bedroom should always be slightly gauzy – it makes you feel safer and distant from the world. I also love the two new Rory McEwen tulip prints that I bought at KRB in New York last year. I’ve hung them opposite my bed where the TV used to be and it has made the most incredible difference to the atmosphere. It’s now the sanctuary I think a bedroom should be. 

If I didn’t live in London, the city I would live in is New York, where I lived for six years and still have many friends. I feel a little out of date with the city now, so the places I love are quite nostalgic. The Waverly Inn was my local; it’s slightly subterranean and very cosy with murals on the wall. I used to decorate it at Christmas and in exchange I could eat there for free, but I don’t think anyone really kept track. Paula Rubenstein is fabulous for vintage textiles and lighting, and of course there is John Derian’s shop for pieces by Hugo Guinness and Astier de Villatte. I often had lunch with John and Hugo at Bar Pitti, which is another great place. Also for food are Buvette, where I would go for a quick breakfast before meetings, Via Quadronno for lunch uptown and, when I was downtown, Sant Ambroeus for insalata di carciofi. I wish I could work in New York but come back to London in the evenings. I like how helpful and open to opportunity the Americans are – they’re also consumers, which is fun – but I love the social life in England.

A green resin gnome and a photograph of Margot

A green resin gnome and a photograph of Margot © Rodrigo Carmuega

A John Derian plate, antique enamel mirror, and photographs of Konig with Margot

A John Derian plate, antique enamel mirror, and photographs of Konig with Margot © Rodrigo Carmuega

The one artist whose work I would collect if I could is Rothko. His work is so beautiful and really cheers up a wall – I love his use of pinks.

The best gift I’ve given recently was a ceramic seed pod by Frances Pelly – it has a fern imprint and fits into the palm of the hand. I was in The New Craftsmen [in Mayfair, London] buying for a client when I saw it – I think you always find the best presents when you aren’t looking for them. I gave it to a friend this Christmas, guessing it would sit easily on the long table of curiosities he has in his house.

The last item of clothing I added to my wardrobe is a really pretty Etro skirt with layers of black chiffon and gold paisley details. I bought the matching top as well so it can be worn like a dress, or I pair the skirt with an old satin Saint Laurent T-shirt. I also recently got a couple of cashmere cardigans from a brand called Aethel. Loro Piana spins its cashmere yarns and they’re a great length and thickness. Aethel cardigans from £275

San Pellegrino water, a staple of Konig’s fridge

San Pellegrino water, a staple of Konig’s fridge © Rodrigo Carmuega

The gadget I couldn’t do without is my Apple pencil. I use the Notability app a lot for work and it’s brilliant for marking plans. The trouble is, I’m on my fourth one – two were lost, my daughter pinched one and my dog ate the other.

I’m planning a refurb on my flat. I want to reconfigure the space –create two new bathrooms and a small TV room. I’ve asked Gil Schafer, a wonderful American architect who I’ve worked with before, to do the drawings, which I’m so excited about. I finally feel like a grown-up, having an architect work on the details so that it’s all proportionally correct and flows.

My grooming and wellbeing gurus are Marilyn at Josh Wood for my short haircut, which I love – she was recommended by my friend Bunny Turner, who always has a great cut. For my hair colour, I rely on David Taylor and Nicola Clarke, who call it “shipwreck blonde”. Amelia Freer is my nutritionist; when I’m looking or feeling my best, it’s because I’m following her advice, which is really just eating well and avoiding sugar and carbs. My life coach Georgia Irwin is incredible. The sessions are like therapy but with a roadmap – you’re actually told what to do and not do. It’s been really helpful in clearing the way. Jayne Pickering, who used to be fashion editor at Marie Claire, is my stylist – and friend. She’s chic and brilliant.

If I weren’t doing what I do, I would be a First Lady. I think it would be so much fun running the White House with that level of professionalism. For a grand-scale house, it’s a manageable size and I’d love to plan lunches and dinners, entertain and meet the sort of fascinating people you have access to in that position. Also, there’s a budget for decoration! Jackie Kennedy was the last First Lady with a real opinion, taste-wise. Since then it’s all been a bit vanilla until, of course, Donald Trump’s gold curtains. I think the Oval Office has been really dreary – I’d like to see it become more of a study than it is. I would lacquer the walls in some fabulous colour and add Chippendale-style furniture. The tall windows would suit pagoda pelmets and long drapes. 

The Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Reveals New Grindhouse-Model Poster

Before the first trailer for The suicide squad will be released tomorrow, Director James Gunn unveiled a brand new poster for its first foray into the DC Comics universe. The poster sees the return of Margot Robbie‘s Harley Quinn and Joel Kinnamans Rick Flagg alongside newcomers like Idris Elba as Vigilante and John Cena as Peacemaker. Designed by Steve Reeves, the poster takes on a grindhouse cinematic aesthetic and makes it clear that this is going to be a very different type of superhero movie that is likely to be full of violence and debauchery when it premieres in theaters and thereafter HBO max.

Gunn put the poster on his own social media page, which you can see below. It is not yet known when exactly the trailer will premiere.

I’ll just drop this. Did I mention that there’s a trailer coming tomorrow? #TheSuicideSquad

– James Gunn (@JamesGunn) March 25, 2021

It’s worth noting that for her return as Harley Quinn, Robbie receives the first bill on the poster. This would be the actress’ third appearance as the antihero of DC Comics Suicide squad and birds of prey. And while fans should expect more of the same from this take on the character, Robbie confirmed this is unlike anything fans have seen before.

“I don’t want to give it away. If you watch the movie, it’s probably halfway through. There’s a crazy sequence Harley does, which was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done on screen,” explained Robbie while DC FanDome. “And we did it in about four days and I remember looking at the schedule and saying, ‘Oh my god, we won’t be able to do this. It will be impossible.’ And we did it, but it was tough and I ended up getting beaten up like I was really beaten up. But James just texted me beforehand and he said the scene looked amazing. This whole sequence looks really cool, it seems If you see the film you will know exactly what I am talking about. “

The actress also thanked her for guiding Harley Quinn in different directions. She teased an exciting new path for the character in Gunn’s version of The suicide squad.

“I always have a ball like this when I play Harley Quinn. Every time I’ve done it, I learn new things about her, and this movie is no different, “said Robbie.” When Harley hires a different group of people and a different place, you’ll see different aspects of her personality come out depending on how she feels about those people or the things she does. So you’re seeing new sides of Harley again, and she’s part of a new group of people, a large group of people, and it’s crazy. As always, it’s crazy fun. “

The suicide squad is currently premiering in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6th.

This Spring, I’m Turning to Elton John For Fashion Inspiration

Sir Elton John, our patron saint of sky-high platforms, feather boas and larger-than-life sunglasses, turns 74 today. While it’s worth celebrating his formidable career with a candle-it-cake, I’ve revamped some of his best fashion moments in honor of the occasion. Nobody has done extravagant maximalism like the English singer. Over the years he has become synonymous with his over-the-top stage outfits – but off-duty, John’s personal style was just as exuberant, often wearing the chicest suits you’ve ever seen.

His early stage performance looks are really iconic. Do you remember his sold out Dodger Stadium concerts in the 1970s when he was wearing one stunned Dodger’s uniform? Or when he was singing on Sesame Street in a feathered cloak? One of John’s recent style hits that pop into my mind is the purple suit with black tuxedo lapels studded with crystals that he’s been wearing lately Grammy Awards. He also rocked flashy suits during his Rocketman press tour in 2019. At the Cannes Film Festival, he wore a powder blue Gucci two-piece suit with matching giant sunglasses. John always took plays and then pulled them off with ease.

Photo: Getty Images

My fashion sense over the last year has been pretty much the opposite of John’s. Like the rest of the world, I lived in tracksuits. But beyond that, I was interested in a more basic uniform. I work from home and mostly wear black pants and a printed shirt. While the prints are, if I may say, very fun, the formula itself is devoid of any pizazz whatsoever. I am suddenly a shell of my former self that would dress up to the nines to go to the office! But with spring here now, I challenge myself to step things up all over again – and who better to look for style inspiration than the master of shine?

Not quite ready to wear feathered jumpsuit just yet, I’m drawn to John’s talent because I’m just a match for him. By choosing sets with large lapels or flared legs, John has a kitschy way of dressing that doesn’t feel stiff or corporate. Since I’m not going to an office right now, I think this look is perfect for springtime, a fun, elegant way to swap things over over coffee. On my more casual days, I want to wear bold accessories again – a John signature. Suddenly John’s iconic heart-shaped glasses call my name.

Gucci spring 2021Photo: Gus Van Sant / Courtesy GucciLudovic De Saint Sernin Spring 2021Photo: Bruno Staub / Courtesy Ludovic De Saint Sernin

It seems like I’m not alone in my appreciation for John’s maximalist, oversized wardrobe. The fashion world has always oriented itself towards the singer, but this season many designers have poured their outré energy into their men’s collections. Gucci featured plush, embroidered suits with a pussy bow blouse (something John is sure to have placed a personal order for); There were blazers in Saint Laurent heavily printed in a luxurious fabric; Even with smaller labels like Ludovic de Saint SerninA rainbow top adorned with crystals seems like something John could easily have worn in his youth.

I’m not saying I need to buy a new designer wardrobe here, but the spring message on the runways is clearly more – and I totally agree with the idea. I may not look as wild as John, but I want to channel that energy and just get back to having fun in style. My spring mood is going to be loud, proud and a great return to how I used to dress before COVID. As John would sing, the bitch is back!

Below are more stylish moments from Sir Elton John.

AR-15 pistol vs rifle: Colorado suspect allegedly used a Ruger AR-556 pistol. This is the way it differs from an AR-15-style rifle

Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa bought the gun six days before the shootings in which 10 people were killed according to his affidavit on the arrest warrant. The weapon had been modified with an armrest, according to a law enforcement source. The Ruger AR-556 is a type of AR-15, the military rifle that existed used in many other mass shootings. The pistol version is essentially the same weapon as the rifle, but with a shorter 10.5-inch barrel and an adjustable stabilizing strut on the back – held against the shoulder – “to aid accuracy, balance and recoil management” Ruger website.

“The AR-15 platform weapon – whether in a long gun or a pistol – has essentially the same firepower. It is semi-automatic for combat,” said Timothy D. Lytton, an expert on the weapons industry at Georgia State University.

“The AR-15 pistol is almost something of a novelty. Essentially, it’s the same gun, but with a much shorter barrel and barrel, and it’s a smaller gun. Just like some people might want to drive a sports car because they do that Like the sense of compactness and speed, they essentially take a combat weapon or a combat style weapon and shrink everything down to some sort of miniature version. “

“You can put that thing under a jacket”

The AR-15 was developed for the US military in the 1950s. It was invented by Eugene Stoner who worked for a company called Armalite, which is where the AR comes from. The number 556 refers to the caliber – 5.56 millimeters.

“So the shorter barrel and stock make for a smaller weapon that is easier to carry with you,” Lytton said. “It would certainly make it more concealed. You can tuck this thing under a jacket in such a way that it would be difficult to tuck an AR15 platform rifle under your jacket.”

A young grocery store manager killed in a Boulder massacre

AR-15s are usually semi-automatic, which means that a bullet is fired every time the trigger is pulled. They are loaded with magazines that automatically feed bullets when the weapon is fired.

The magazine capacity varies and usually starts at 10 rounds – the legal limit in some states – but sometimes also at 30 rounds.

In 2018, the city of Boulder, Colorado passed a ban on the sale and possession of assault weapons and large capacity magazines. Earlier this month A district court judge prevented the city from enforcing its ban.

AR-15-style rifles have been used in some of the deadliest mass murders in recent US history, including a 2012 filming in an Aurora, Colorado movie theater that killed 12 people.

An AR-15 rifle was also the weapon a former student used to butcher 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. Parkland shooting is one of the shootings listed in Boulder’s Ordinance Banning Assault Weapons.

“It’s not your normal gun”

Colorado state law doesn’t include the type of firearms Boulder attempted to ban – semi-automatic rifles that can accommodate a detachable magazine and have a pistol grip, folding or telescopic stock, or any device that allows the gun to be attached to the Non-stabilizer can be stabilized hand trigger – under the list of illegal or dangerous weapons.

The state bans magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds, while Boulder’s Regulation prohibits magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds.

“They know enthusiasts like it because, as they like to say, it’s some kind of fire-breathing weapon on the line,” Lytton said of the AR-15 pistol.

Here's what we know about the mass shooting suspect in Boulder, Colorado

“It’s not your normal pistol. It has the firepower of a long gun. And also because it’s classified as a handgun in some states. It wouldn’t have restrictions on long guns with a short barrel … There’s a certain amount of debate about it. as is the status of the gun, but one could imagine that it could qualify as a pistol and as a pistol it is not subject to sawed-off shotgun regulations. You cannot take a regular AR-15 in many states and just saw the muzzle off and with a hideable one long gun running around. This allows you to basically just have a shorter muzzle and do the same thing. “

AR-15 and similar military rifles like AK-47 are often referred to as assault rifles or assault rifles, although members of the arms industry prefer to refer to them as modern sporting rifles or MSRs.

These weapons were restricted by federal law for 10 years until the so-called assault weapons ban expired in 2004. This ban restricted certain components of the weapon, such as pistol grips and bayonet locks, and limited the magazine capacity to 10.

Gun lovers are fans of the AR-15

The versatility of the AR-15, including lightning suppressors, pistol grips, and even bayonets, makes it popular with gun aficionados.

“If you want to build a rifle, take an AR-15 frame and put a long barrel filter on it,” said Daniel G. O’Kelly, director of the Dallas-based International Firearm Specialist Academy and former agent at the Bureau for Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives.

Steve Kerr calls for stricter gun control measures after shooting at Boulder

“If you want to build an AR-15 pistol, just put a pistol grip and short barrel on it. Because of these characteristics, it is classified as a pistol instead of a rifle under federal definitions.”

O’Kelly said there of hundreds of AR-15 manufacturers in the US. It is the most popular rifle in the country.

“It’s modular and can be customized to suit your needs or tastes,” he said.

“All functions are to click into place, to snap off. So you can change the caliber, barrel length, type of handle, type of shoulder rests, type of locations … I don’t know if I could name a toy – it would probably sound silly – but there are Toys out there that were probably popular with kids because of all the accessories you can get to modify or fit in and make yours like no other. That’s a big part of the appeal. “

CNN’s Whitney Wild, Veronica Stracqualursi and Aaron Smith contributed to this report.

Princess Anne praised for ‘timeless’ and ‘underrated’ type – ‘No person does cool like her’ | Royal | Information

Edward Enninful said the Princess Royal was a “true style icon”. Princess Anne has been hailed as the most fashionable member of the company by royal watchers.

In 2020, the UK’s Vogue editor told Vanity Fair: “Princess Anne is a true style icon and it’s all about sustainable fashion before the rest of us really knew what that meant.

“She is timeless in her style and wears a tailored suit better than anyone else I can think of.”

Former Parisian Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld also claimed Anne was a fashion icon.

In November, she released a series of images of the Princess Royal with a range of stylish looks.

CONTINUE READING: Princess Anne is stepping out for the first time since the birth of Zara Tindall

In her role as President of the British Fashion and Textile Association, Princess Anne supports British clothing and designers.

Princess Anne admitted that she has a soft spot for the Scottish Harris Tweed.

She told the magazine, “I very rarely buy anything that is not made in the UK.

“It went through a phase when it was very fashionable.

“For me, the point is that at the end of the day it looks the same as it did at the beginning. Brilliant.”

Define-style icons showing in YouTube Music for Android

According to a Quick test earlier this week The main YouTube Music for Android website is now increasingly displaying outline-style icons.

This change starts at the bottom bar, with Home, Explore and Library slightly tweaking to suit the new style. The top app bar shows thinner cast and search icons. On the Library tab, the icons for downloads, playlists, albums, songs, artists, and subscriptions are updated.

Various overflow menus throughout the app have also been updated. Finally, this change modernizes the Now Playing screen with Like / Dissimilar, as well as modifying anything that appears when you tap Cover Art.

YouTube TV has yet to be updated, but the direction towards consistency and consistency is clear. With YouTube Music, the outline style doesn’t make a significant difference other than making the app feel lighter – and a bit more general. For some, the lines are a little too thin, but it doesn’t affect muscle memory. Visibility is improved in one respect because the stronger outline against a dark background is much clearer than the previous gray.

These outline style icons aren’t widely used yet, but they’ll show up for more YouTube music Android Users today after a server-side update. Try stopping and reopening the application.

New symbols

Ancient icons

More about YouTube Music:

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Mysterious and spooky: how Wednesday Addams grew to become the type icon for our instances | Vogue

B.Rooding, Maudlin, woe: Wednesday Addams is an icon for pandemic times. Who better to express our existential malaise in a world that went terribly wrong than the seven-year-old antihero of Charles Addams’ beloved television and film franchise? If it were Wednesday today, she would likely infect her brother Pugsley with Covid and then watch him get sick with clinical distance. And she would do it in her signature uniform: black lace dress, white collar, and braided hair.

These are bitter days indeed, and fashion has moved on to the dark side. The eagerly awaited collection by Simone Rocha for H&M – with gothic ball gowns made of black tulle and a children’s collection modeled by teenagers with Wednesday braids – was sold out a few hours after its launch on March 11th. Lisa from the K-pop supergroup Blackpink appeared on the cover von Elle in September 2020 in a high-necked black dress with a white collar and an irritated, Wednesday-like expression on her face. And the blood-red cherry on the Black Forest cake: it has just been announced that Tim Burton will lead a live-action reboot of the Addams family for Netflix, which will spin itself on Wednesday. Wednesday is all around us, our own toxic little sister. But what is driving this macabre revival?

Simone Rochas from Wednesday inspired A / W 2021 show. Photo: Andrew Nuding

“Daria, Wednesday Addams and Emily the Strange have long been the beloved figureheads – and style icons – of madmen and oddballs everywhere, so it’s interesting to see the masses prevail,” he says Emma Davidson, Digital Fashion Features Editor of the Youth publication Dazed. She says the current trend is a nod to the vintage look of the early 2010s: Peter Pan collars, mini kilts, and the like.

“It feels like a lot of people are just looking back,” agrees Ione Gamble the intersectional feminist publication polyester“Because we haven’t been looking forward to something for so long. And that’s reflected in the clothes we wear. “

I’ve always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style, and Wednesday definitely feeds into thatIone Gamble

It’s daunting to realize that a trend that you clearly remember the first time – the early 10’s penchant for vintage-style blouses – is already back in style. Above that lies the Little House on the Prairie Revival, evoked by puffed sleeves, large collars, and voluminous dresses from brands like Batsheva and The Vampire’s Wife. This is the popularity of the big collar trend including brands including 46 stitch, La Veste and Ganni even sell stand-alone collars that jumpers and tops can be fitted with.

Wednesday Addams’ modern look is based on both trends: the pinafore dresses of the vintage trend of the early 00s and the modern, large prairie collar that is so popular in a Zoom call world where a snippet is the main event. Gamble himself is a fan of the Wednesday look: A recent picture on Instagram shows her in a vampire woman’s smock with long braids. “I always looked for alternative symbols when constructing my personal style,” explains Gamble.

A vampire’s wife’s smock with a view of Wednesday.

The Fashion PR Daisy Hoppen, who represents clients such as Molly Goddard, Shrimps, The Vampire’s Wife, and Rocha, has long favored the Addams aesthetic. “Wednesday and Morticia,” says Hoppen, “they are my most iconic mother-daughter duo.” Hoppen will pair a black smock dress by Molly Goddard with sneakers and long braids for a contemporary, elegant Wednesday aesthetic. “It’s a feminine look,” she says, “with a bit of toughness.”

Wednesday Addams memes are omnipresent on social media. “They definitely embody the malaise of everyday life,” says Davidson. In the slang of the Internet, Wednesday is “a mood” in this pandemic in which many feel apathetic and negative towards the outside world – more precisely like on Wednesday. “Addamses have been around since Tumblr on Wednesdays and have now found their way to Instagram. Wednesday lives very unusual, and people can relate to it [now]. ”

In truth, the resuscitation on Wednesday was long before the coronavirus arrived. The creative consultant and fashion writer Kate Finnigan identified the resuscitation on Wednesday in one piece for UK Vogue in 2019, citing Miuccia Prada’s AW19 presentation which featured gritty looking goth girls in black with – you guessed it – braids.

“The style on Wednesday was cool after working with Charles Addams pen a couple of times,” says Finnigan. “The braids, the black dress, the white collar. It is a design classic. “She notes that Simone Rocha’s AW21 presentation, shown in February, “immediately made me think of Wednesday Addams”. Davidson brings the enduring appeal of Wednesday to a woman’s influence. “Never underestimate the power of Ms. Prada. After setting out her intentions almost two years ago, it is now trickling into the mainstream. “

And let’s not forget most of the Wednesday aesthetic: it’s accessible. All you need are a pair of hair ties, a black dress, a white collar, and a setting. Easy.

Mall of America desires to refresh your spring model

Mall of America’s trend specialist Sara Rogers reports on the new spring trends and is sure to shop at this week’s Sunrise Spring Refresh.

BLOOMINGTON, minn. – I hate to bring bad news, but it might be time to get rid of those sweatpants you’ve been wearing for months. Spring is here, and as your COVID-19 vaccinations rise, your calendar may fill up with things to do and see. But if you haven’t freshened up your wardrobe in a while and are a little scared of what to wear, you’re in luck.

Sara Rogers is the Mall of America Trend specialist.

“It’ll be fun to socialize again and wear colors and styles that celebrate that you have a reason to maybe step it up a bit,” said Rogers.

Rogers said the trench coat will be big this spring. She also said knit vests are too, and that Tie Dice is here to stay awhile longer.

“You can make a match set or break it up and wear it with your joggers, jeans or shorts when the weather gets warmer,” she said.

Rogers adds that floral prints get hot.

“Also, look for some sharpness in your fabric, went to the Altar condition Shop here at the Mall of America and they have the nicest casual dresses and some classy tops, “said Rogers.

There are a handful of new stores out there for your convenience to read Aldo, Aritzia, buckle, Evereve, Fabletics, and Levi’s.

But if you’re still a little apprehensive about going to the mall, MOA spokeswoman Nicole Guetzke said they have health and safety guidelines, as well as messages in the mall. These rules apply even if you are working on it personal styling with Rogers.

“I wear my mask, you will wear your mask, we will keep our distance,” said Rogers. “But I feel really safe and confident that I can offer these services,” she said.

When money is tighter than normal because of the pandemic, a rule of thumb for Rogers is not to always spend an extravagant amount on a new wardrobe. She said take a look at what you already have and add certain parts to enhance your look.

There are other options if you don’t want to go to the mall. You can try Contact-free pick-up at the roadside, or Live stream shopping! Each week, MOA’s Madelyn Riley brings you live-stream purchases from stores that have just opened and favorite stores. All you have to do is tune in to the live stream, click on photos in “Add Item” in your cart, and they will be sent to you in about a week.

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NCAA-style bracket rating Fairfield feminine college students posted on Instagram

FAIRFIELD – School officials said they are investigating a March Madness-style tournament group that graded female students.

The clip was posted on Instagram and appears to only include freshers from Fairfield Warde and Ludlowe high schools. She encouraged others to vote for a name in each pairing, officials said.

“As a school system, this behavior is not tolerated,” said Andrea Clark, the district spokeswoman. “The investigation into this case is ongoing and we will hold all students accountable.”

Some students believed to be the creators have been identified. This emerges from a joint statement the school principals sent to families on Tuesday.

In the letter, Directors Greg Hatzis of Fairfield Ludlowe and Paul Cavana of Fairfield Warde called the bracket “pejorative” for all women.

“We strongly condemn this behavior, which harms and devalues ​​all young women in freshmen classes in both schools, but also all Fairfield students, and indeed all women,” wrote the principals. “It is disheartening that not only did someone create this post, but that other students” liked “it, and this is addressed.”

Clark said the action will begin with virtual school assemblies.

The letter encouraged families to speak to their children about this situation and warn them of the possible long-term effects of social media posts.

“Our high schools are determined to promote respect for all students,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “Any act that appeals to a group negatively on the basis of gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, learning differences or other distinguishing features will not be tolerated.”

Schools cannot remove or deactivate the account – which can only be done by the account owner – but Hatzis and Cavana said they will work with the families of those responsible to remove the contributions.

Headmasters said school staff at both schools were investigating to determine who was responsible when they found out about the site.

Some students have already been identified, but officials now believe that another person created the voting mechanism for the bracket. Anyone with information is asked to submit a TIPS report. People can remain anonymous, although Hatzis and Cavana said it would be helpful for them to provide their contact information so officers can contact them.

“We would like to commend all students and parishioners who served as allies and reported the behavior under these circumstances,” the principals wrote.

They also reminded the families that “not all the facts have come to light,” and asked them to allow the school staff to complete the investigation.

“The students involved will be held accountable for their inappropriate actions,” the principals wrote. “We share the disgust of students, parents and staff at both schools for this act.”

The school principals said they should do a thorough investigation and support any student who “feels harassed or hurt by these acts”.

“As a community, we can unite to not only address negative behavior, but also to learn the important lessons that emerge from the unfortunate choices of a few,” wrote Hatzis and Cavana. “The strong response to this event underscores the values ​​we all share as the Fairfield Community.”

How Marietta’s Aaron Marino made a profession out of his savvy fashion recommendation for males

Aaron Marino

Photo by Matt Odom

When Aaron Marino was a personal trainer in 2006, one of his clients – a meteorologist on the Weather Channel – admitted that he couldn’t make up his mind what to wear on the first date. After Marino helped him buy new clothes and prepare for the outing, he realized he’d stumbled upon a new business: image advice for men.

“There wasn’t a lot of style and grooming for normal men at the time, just a handful of high fashion magazines like Esquire and GQ,” says Marino. “I realized that there might be a market for my advice.”

With the drive and intensity of a fitness trainer, Marino soon built a loyal clientele and began posting videos on YouTube. Style, care and fitness advice were spiced up with hot tips, e.g. B. why sweat is sexy or that women love drummers. Its Alpha M. channel has more than 6 million subscribers and its line of products for care –Pete & Pedro– was featured on Shark Tank.

His youngest company is Salon Posta, a partnership with longtime hairdresser Stephen Posta. While looking for a location, the two discovered an empty building from 1848 in Marietta that was originally a United Methodist Church. After a year of renovation, which included building a mezzanine floor and installing indoor plumbing on an area of ​​5,000 square meters, the salon opened at the end of last year.

For their new Marietta Salon, Marino and Posta kept the historic building’s original tongue and groove ceiling and reproduced the arched windows, but added luxuries like plush velvet seating and Carrara marble bathrooms.

Photo by Matt Odom

The salon offers haircuts for men, coloring, beard shaping and grooming, as well as haircuts for women, extensions, hand-painted colors and balayage.

Marino’s styling tips for men

Don’t neglect skin care.
Washing your face mornings and evenings and using a moisturizer with an SPF of at least 20 can greatly improve the health and appearance of your skin.

Plan for regular haircuts.
Marino recommends men with medium-length hair make appointments every three weeks. those with shorter hair should opt for two at a time. Busy or Forgetful? Make a recurring appointment with your hairdresser or stylist.

Experiment with facial hair.
If you think you can’t grow a beard, think again. “Most men who have always been clean-shaven believe that their beard will look worse than it actually does.” He suggests expanding it for a month, investing in a maintenance kit, and trimming the edges regularly.

Maintain a simple grooming routine.
Cut off fingernails and toenails, pinch stray eyebrows, and regularly cut ear and nose hair.

Invest in great jeans.
Overwhelmed with options? Contact a trusted retailer such as J. Crew or Gap. Marino says medium washes with some stretch work well for all body types.

Opt for versatile footwear.
Marinos two points of contact? A neat pair of white minimalist leather sneakers and a simple slip-on Chelsea boot, both of which go well with jeans and business casual attire.

Pete & Pedro picks

Using a sea salt spray as a prestyler gives hair texture and soft volume without using a lot of product.

A versatile option for short and medium length hair, this high hold, low shine styling product provides hold without the hair looking wet or greasy.

Using a dandruff shampoo that is active in coal tar is the best way to combat flakes, says Marino.

If you’re looking for a light hold and that “no product” look, this shade is a helpful addition to your hair styling routine, according to Marino.

This article appears in our March 2021 issue.