CASHét Leisure Expands Digital Cost Service Throughout COVID

CASHét Entertainment has seen impressive growth during the COVID pandemic. The company that handles accounts payable for film and television productions has reaped the fruits of its move to a fully digital offering. This was crucial at a time when the portability of COVID-19 productions led to the search for ways to limit the use of paper.

“There was a very strong need,” says the company’s President and COO Paul Rogers. ”“ Everyone was looking for a way to go paperless and we had a debt offer in the market that met that need. Pretty much everyone wanted to change trains soon. You put something on the water and think you are prepared, and then the boat fills up with fish and you have to deal with it very quickly. “

In order to meet the demand, the company has restructured its newly introduced CASHétPay division, which offers a completely digital way for productions to process their payments.
More than 100 feature films and television shows, from reality shows to big budget productions, have signed up for the service. These include “Westworld,” “Euphoria,” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm” from HBO, as well as “Home Economics” from ABC and “Dear White People” from Netflix promoted business leaders Bill Phillips Vice President, Liabilities. He oversaw the expansion of the company’s list of clients and projects, as well as managing the execution of the CASHétPay services.

Customers using the service include Warner Bros. Features and Warner Bros. TV, HBO, LG-TV, LionsGate Features, AMC, Skydance, Endeavor Content, Turner, Tyler Perry Studios, and Annapurna. According to Rogers, the service meets all of the studios’ security needs and allows them to pay their bills faster, which is a necessity in the fast-paced world of production.

“There are a number of challenges in the manufacturing world that are not in the corporate world,” says Rogers. “You got a call tomorrow telling us that some people need a check, or we can’t shoot in their driveway. The challenge lies in the immediacy and complexity. Our company works like in Production 101 – you find a way to get something done. “

To work, the production company sends a digital file with their approved liabilities to CASH safely from the accounting software. CASHet identifies those vendors who can be paid for by credit card (which creates a discount on production that is important for tax credits) and those who are paid for using traditional banking methods.

In accordance with Studio’s security protocol standards, there is a two-step authenticated security approval process that can be performed remotely from any laptop or tablet. Finally, users will also be allowed to make payments using a mobile device.

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