Cash Saving Ideas and Methods to get you thru Winter

RAPID CITY, SD (KOTA) – With these cold temperatures, it’s important to know how to stay warm in an emergency and how to protect yourself in an emergency. Paula Vogelgesang, the author of Pennywise, accompanies us in the studio for tips on saving money in February.

We see children and adults out in the snow and it doesn’t take long for their hands to be cold. When kids and adults alike wear gloves, pull some of those cheap plastic gloves over the cloth gloves and the “wet ones” can’t get through. When we wear gloves or gloves, the heat of our hands melts the snow and then they get really wet and cold. The plastic prevents moisture from getting into the gloves. If the children are wearing mittens, put on the gloves first, then put on the mittens.

Most people have a source of free trash liners right in their own homes that are usually just thrown away. That source is the plastic bags that we get in the supermarket that usually sit around the house for no purpose. You can use these as liners for smaller trash cans and save money instead of buying some at the store.

Pennywise also has a tip for clogged drains. If your kitchen routine is getting sluggish, you can try this “cheap cleaner,” which contains ingredients that most people have at home. Start with half a cup of baking soda poured down the drain, followed by a full cup of vinegar over it, then run hot water down the drain for about three minutes. This is much better for your pipes than the harsh chemicals you buy in the store.

Paula has a life saving hack for those in need of a last minute heater. All you need is a gallon can, toilet paper, and alcohol. First, take the core out of a toilet roll, put the toilet roll in the gallon can, pour in a whole bottle of alcohol, and light it. Some have used it in a vehicle when it’s stranded or at home when the power is off.

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