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Cash headed to DETER a method or one other


RENO, Nevada (KOLO) – All of last year we have spoken to Nevada residents who had applied and waited months to speak to someone about their unemployment benefits.

“I call every single day. How many hours? Usually 4 to 5 hours a day, every day every day, ”said Maureen Daane.

“Make 200+ calls a day and never have someone pick you up or call back,” said Dan Davis.

“Frustrated,” said Debra Ward. “We can’t get through. We’re separated. That does not work. I will not call again. I get disconnected every 5 minutes, ”she said.

The system is designed to include and provide unemployment benefits to those who have qualified for these benefits. In Nevada, federal money was infused to cover those workers who did not fit into traditional categories.

The sheer number of claims and programs exceeded the system, a system even the governor admitted was out of date and needed to be updated.

“We had a very comprehensive list of things to include in the bill. So we did it. We put it in the DETER bill, ”says Senator Scott Hammond, Republican and sponsor of SB 419. Senator Hammond says any bills facing Nevada Legislature SB 419 or the DETER bill are not just one of the most important ones but also could enjoy the support of two parties.

The bill would pour $ 40,000,000 into the DETER system so that various IT departments can talk to each other and efficiently route unemployment tests to those who need them.

“We heard the stories and want to help,” says Senator Hammond. “The money is here. We have to take care of it immediately, ”he says. The Senator says The Deter Bill should have already received the much-needed attention it deserves.

But in the democratically controlled assembly and in the Senate it is getting shorter and shorter.

Democratic Senator Chris Brooks says the state is safely waiting for federal money. However, drafting legislation to provide DETER with the resources it needs might not be the answer. “If we can raise federal funding, we need to use some mechanism to obtain federal funding,” says Senator Chris Brooks, a Democrat who represents DETER at a higher level with instructions on how that should be spent, says Senator Brooks about another vision for DETER Funding.

Senate Bill 419 may not get a hearing, it should be 8:00 a.m. this morning before the Trade and Labor Committee.

The question is: Both sides agree that DETER needs the money to update its system. Is it made by a bill?

Or are the legislators simply waiting for an infusion of federal funds?

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