Cash for Lake Champlain water high quality initiatives

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Money for water quality projects on Lake Champlain

Recently, I wrote through the Adirondack Council and asked the state for funding a comprehensive study of water quality in the Adirondacks. (Speaking of advice, it’s easy hired someone outside of Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office to be his new Vice President for Conservation.)

I’ve been thinking about how much money is influencing public conversation – not just advertising and PR, but also money or a lack of money for research.

Decades ago, money poured into the Adirondacks to research the causes of acid rain. When the acid rain subsided, this money was understandably diverted elsewhere.

However, some new money has come in. One of the most interesting sources of money for some time, in large part, has been Senator Patrick Leahy’s longstanding interest in protecting Lake Champlain. The interest is shown in the form of money for the exploration of the lake and its massive watershed, which includes the Saranac, Boquet and Ausable rivers and their headwaters in the Adirondacks.

Check out just two of the grants recently awarded by one of Leahy’s beneficiaries. the Lake Champlain Basin program::

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