Cash for brand new drivers license station OK’d | Information, Sports activities, Jobs

Fort Dodge City Government will provide up to $ 70,000 to the contractor who built the new driver license station on First Avenue South.

The city council voted Monday to use tax increase funding money to reduce some expenses related to the construction of the facility at 3229 First Ave. S. to reimburse.

Councilor Kim Alstott said the money will help pay for the water and sewer lines needed for the driver’s license station and any other development in the area.

“Without this TIF money, the connections for neighboring properties will not be established” That said City Councilor Neven Conrad.

Councilor Terry Moehnke added that the changes that increased the cost of the project were requested by the city.

Councilor Jeff Halter declined payment. He said the money will be used to fund tax hikes to clean up slums and putrefaction, adding that the new driver’s license office did not.

Halter also said he was against contributing tax increases to fund a project that has already been completed.

Tax increase finance occurs when increased property tax revenue from a particular area is reserved for reinvestment in that area.

The measures required to bring the money to FD DOT LLC have been approved with two 5: 1 votes.

Council members Dave Flattery, Lydia Schuur, Alstott, Conrad and Moehnke voted yes. Halter voted no. Councilor Andy Fritz was missing.

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