California Governor Seeks Extra Cash for Larger Schooling

California Governor Gavin Newsom proposed spending Friday more about higher education than in its previous budget – and won praise from college leaders as a result.

Issued by the University of California this statement: “The University of California is deeply grateful to Governor Newsom for proposing the largest government investment in UC history: more than $ 807 million, including more than $ 506 million in ongoing funding for core campus operations, the Student Needs and Medical Education. Reflects, with the support of the legislature, an earlier agreement to fully restore more than $ 300 million in budget cuts approved in the 2020 state budget. “

California State University Chancellor Joseph I. Castro said“The governor’s proposal to revise the budget in May provides significant additional funding for public higher education and California State University, and contains many visionary strategies that will enable the Golden State’s economy to revive. Two of those bold proposals are transformation investments in Humboldt State University to accelerate a transition that continues to meet California’s needs and to create a national Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Equity Innovation Hub at California State University in Northridge. We are grateful for the proposed recurring investment in the CSU. Investing in the CSU – the largest and most diverse public university in the country – continues to be one of the smartest and most consistent decisions leaders can make with a return seven times the return on every dollar, the Californi invested in the university. “

The Community College League of California said, “The league commends Governor Newsom for his bold proposal to invest in California community colleges by repaying deferrals, investing in labor training, increasing the cost of living, funding delayed maintenance and housing students. “