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Former American Idol candidate Caleb Kennedy is a South Carolina country singer. During the show he played both original songs and covers.

Caleb Kennedy pushed past american idolis the minimum Age requirement that is 15to appear on the show when she was only 16. The young singer is from Roebuck, South Carolina and specializes in country music. He’s already signed to a label, CK Records. Caleb impressed the judges every week, but his time at American Idol ended after the top 5 due to a video of him being shown alongside a friend wearing a KKK-style hood.

High school student Caleb Kennedy received essential props after his appearance on Disney Week on American Idol. He sang “Real Gone” by Cars and played the electric guitar. He wore a hat that covered his eyes when his mullet peeked out from the back of his neck. The Judges, Katy Perry, Luke Bryant and Lionel Richiepraised his performance. They all agreed that his energy radiated from the stage. After his performance, a video feed revealed a large group of his friends and family watching from their home, including members of his band.

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At the start of the season, Caleb was placed in the Country Category of the Genre Challenge. Country is definitely his genre and he has written a lot of original country songs. He played two of his own original songs on American Idol, including his audition singing “Nowhere” and his last week on the show singing “Mama Said” in honor of Mother’s Day. Caleb is 16 years old and already has a four song EP with the finished version of “Nowhere”. He is most often compared to country singer Luke Combs, who hails from Caleb’s neighboring state of North Carolina.

Caleb Kennedy American Idol

Caleb Kennedy’s Instagram is @calebkennedyofficial. He posts videos of himself singing many of his original songs. Of course, it has recently been filled with photos of his American Idol experience, from selfies with duet partner Jason Aldean to setbacks from his first audition where he received the coveted Golden Ticket. In one of the videos he posted on Instagram where he is performing with his band, he is wearing a red “Make America Great Again” hat. His last Instagram post includes the scandal that made him quit the show.

On May 12th, Caleb uploaded a screenshot of his Notes app, apologizing to his fans. The statement on Instagram gave his fans an explanation for his departure from American Idol. Explaining that he would no longer be on the show, he added, “I’m going to take a little time on social media to improve, but I know this has hurt and disappointed a lot of people and people get the respect I lose. I’m so sorry! “Caleb’s time goes on american idol It may have come to an end, but by only sixteen it is possible that he will learn and grow from that experience.

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Source: Caleb Kennedy / Instagram

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