Cabrillo identify change could be a waste of cash – Santa Cruz Sentinel

I was amazed that the President of Cabrillo saw Dr. Iris Engstrand, professor emeritus of history at the University of San Diego, on the story of the Spanish explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo completely declined. This presentation was part of the “public information phase” of the renaming process. Is that someone else? “If you don’t say what I want to hear, I will refuse”?

First, let’s consider the customs from more than 500 years ago. It was the age of exploration, and as a solder and explorer, Cabrillo was a man of his time who, however, successfully explored the unknown coast of California.

There are tens of thousands of students who have attended or graduated from Cabrillo who are strongly opposed to the name change. Also, how much money will be diverted to cover the cost of the name change? That money could better be used for student scholarships, employee pay and facility improvement.

– Judy Doering Nielsen, Watsonville

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