Brookshire Grocery Enviornment poised to make leisure comeback this yr | ArkLaTex In-Depth

BOSSIER CITY, La. – This is where the ArkLaTex rocks.

It’s the newly named Brookshire Grocery Arena, which is right across the Red River in the Bossier parish.

In addition to this new name, there is also a new game plan for the future.

Rebecca Bonnedier

Rebecca Bonnedier, General Manager of the Brookshire Grocery Arena

“I think we’ll be back to normal with a number of events in 2022, but we’ll have events in 2021,” said Rebecca Bonnedier, general manager of Brookshire Grocery Arena.

It’s been a slow process to come back since the files screeched to a halt in the arena in March 2020. More than a year later, the financial impact of these vacancies is still being felt.

“Unfortunately, we had to reduce some of our employees during this time. The few of us who are here have been busier than ever before. We work every day to ensure that we do what we need so that we can bring our family back.” We had 24 full-time employees and now there are only three full-time employees and one part-time employee during the pandemic. We are there now, “added Bonnedier.

Brookshire Grocery Arena Events sign

In December it was announced that Brookshire Grocery had acquired the arena’s naming rights for the next decade. In the months that followed, important steps were taken to give the 21-year-old arena a makeover.

Those out and about on Arthur Ray Teague Parkway can now see some of the acts tentatively slated to take place at the arena in the coming months. In addition to outdoor signage, concertgoers can also expect an improved sound system and new LED lights.

These improvements take place inside and out. The city of Bossier wanted to help. Bossier City Council agreed and then donated $ 500,000. That happened in February, but new members of Bossier’s city council said they are also focusing on bringing concert-goers back.

Shane Cheatham

Shane Cheatham

“There is so much we can do in terms of revenue to keep people here and not have to cross the river to Shreveport to shop or entertain their family,” said Shane Cheatham, who was elected Mayor Tommy Chandler was selected to be the city’s next chief administrative officer.

Cheatham said the support will also continue with a new mayor and city council members.

“We have to work with our developers here,” he added.

With every state different in its COVID-19 health policies, it has been difficult to set a solid schedule for future artists and performers in the months to come. Only regional artists are currently planned. And if the COVID-19 guidelines change, the scheduled performance dates can also be changed.

By the time the concerts can start again, those in charge of the arena hope for September.