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Pandemic Pole Position

Last weekend, Lincoln gave a taste of what a post-pandemic recovery will look like, with more than 30,000 fans at the Nebraska Spring Game and thousands more in town for NU baseball and the Lincoln Marathon.

While we are far from getting back to normal, Lincoln has in some ways recovered more from COVID-19 than any other city in the US

According to personal finance website WalletHubLincoln had the best employment recovery out of 180 cities surveyed.

Single Barrel doubles in a new location in downtown Lincoln

The study, which was based on March numbers, showed that Lincoln had the second lowest unemployment rate overall, along with the fourth best rate compared to March 2019 and the fifth best rate compared to January 2020 (the last full month most of them had The U.S. was unaffected by the pandemic. Omaha ranked third in the same report, which likely contributed to Nebraska as a whole ranking fourth in overall recovery from COVID-19 in a separate report WalletHub study.

Hardworking Husker women

One factor that could make for a strong recovery in Nebraska is the work of women.

According to a Study by SkynovaNebraska mothers, a company that makes small business invoicing software, spent more hours at work between January and September 2020 than their peers in any other state.