Bella Thorne: I am very uncomfortable filming intimate scenes | Leisure

Bella Thorne feels “very uncomfortable” shooting intimate scenes.

The 23-year-old actress has previously made her own adult movie, but has admitted that she’s still reluctant to strip on screen because she’s always concerned that people are trying to take advantage of it and just “get girls naked in front of the camera do “.

She explained, “I want to be stronger, right, and when I’m on set doing these scenes I feel very, very uncomfortable. I always work on my discomfort because I want to do it, especially when it’s important to the character.

“If this is one thing that needs to be in there, it has to be in there. I’m a writer myself, so I understand. “

The ‘Famous in Love’ star added: “[There are] Some people who just want to get girls naked on camera. You have to watch out for these movies, but when it’s needed for the character … yes, I feel uncomfortable. “

And when Bella was asked if she was more comfortable working with a director, she insisted that she had as many bad experiences with women on set as with men.

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She said, “I’ve actually worked with women directors, and I’ve had a great time with some women directors, and of course there have been some women directors who made me feel uncomfortable. It’s not that it’s just a man who makes me uncomfortable on set. It’s really more about how the situation is handled from start to finish. “

The “notorious” actress didn’t name any directors who made her uncomfortable, but did explain that sometimes it depends on how a filmmaker delivers her directions.

She revealed, “If someone says, ‘Yes, you should take off your shirt now. You read the script, didn’t you? ‘ The expectation. Even if you say, “Yes, I read the script and yes, I know,” it will be put in certain sets. “

But Bella also insisted that she know directing is “really hard” and admitted that a lot of filmmakers don’t know they’re making someone feel uncomfortable.

Speaking to page 6, she said, “You don’t know what you’re saying to make you feel a certain way. It’s not that you always work with a really raw person who just wants you to feel bad on set. It’s a very small percentage of the time.

“It’s more that people make mistakes and the set goes fast, people talk and you don’t pay too much attention to the weight of your words. Things are misunderstood. “