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For publication: weekend, 29.-30. May 2021

“THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL”: Hope and Liam decide on magical 24 hours. After that, they will go to the police and explain what happened to Vinnie. Bill and Brooke decide to throw a party for the duo. Shauna goes on to make Zoe think she slept with Carter. Quinn continues to fear the truth will come out – Carter slept with Quinn. Wyatt tells Flo that he knows Bill is keeping a secret and will find out what it is. Paris tells Zende that Shauna doesn’t deserve his friendship. Ridge is delighted when Brooke says she knows Thomas is working to be a better person.


“THE YOUNG AND THE DESTINED”: Summer puts her wedding to Kyle on hold. She realizes once the public finds out that he is Harrison’s biological father, things are going to be very difficult. Faith is excited about the mend and her friendship with Moses. Nick tells Sharon to keep an eye on the young duo. Billy sees Victoria talking to Ashland and explains that this is a bad game. She tells Billy to hammer salt. Lily and Billy are preparing to move in together. Devon says he accepts her romantic choice. Half jokingly, he says he has a free room. Amanda finds evidence that could put her grandfather in legal danger. Sharon is thrilled that Rey is ready to work on her marriage, as is Faith. Adam realizes that Chelsea is faking their emotional problems. Adam and Victor prepare to defeat Billy. Tessa helps Mariah with the pregnancy. Tara asks Jack for help. Sally makes Phyllis regret creating a wedge between her and Jack. Neil’s family and friends hold a memorial service for the man who died suddenly last year.


“DAYS OF OUR LIFE”: He conjures up his dead sister Jordan and insists that he will never grant Ciara a divorce. When EJ reverses the $ 10 million he sent to Zander, a broke Zander seeks a new way to make a living. He tells Nicole that if she doesn’t get him a job at Basic Black, he and Nicole will have sex. Kristen tells Brady that she loves him. He says he will always love her, but he cannot look beyond their horrific actions to the people who are important to him. When Jan slams the truck, she finds Chloe. Jan refuses to help her. Jan is thrilled that she still has a hostage. Shawn and Belle are desperate to free Claire from Jan’s clutches. From her induced coma, Kate announces that she is blind. Jake assures Gabi that this will not destroy the love he has for her. Gabi tells him the same thing and that they will deal with Kate’s problems. If he can’t get a job at Basic Black, Zander crashes at Jack’s. Sami tells Nicole that she knows she slept with Zander. Kate feigns blindness and amnesia.


“GENERAL HOSPITAL”: When Jason steps out of the shower, Brit is impressed by what she sees. Despite dealing with a fresh gunshot wound and Brit just learning that she has the markers for Huntington’s disease, they make love. At the end of the lovemaking, Brit snaps at Jason for doing too much and risking his health. Carly’s plan to be a mob boss fails. Carly realizes that Spinelli has been kidnapped. While Chase stays at the mansion, Willow and Michael must keep their relationship updated. Maxie prepares to give birth. Anna realizes that she is the reason Peter was accepted into Port Charles. In Nixon Falls, Sonny, aka Mike, shares a kiss with Nina after escaping Elijah’s clutches. Valentin, who thinks Brooklyn is carrying his child, brings her to the mansion. Dr. Austin helps Maxie give birth to baby Louise. Chloe arrives on site and gets Austin down. Maxie runs away with the baby. After Chase collapses, Finn takes him to the hospital. Jason leaves Brit so he can find the kidnapped Spinelli. When he saves Spinelli, Jason gets into a shootout. Several people are killed. Cyrus is shot and Jason is arrested.


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