Baylor’s honorary tools supervisor rides in fashion to first sport in additional than a 12 months

WACO, Texas (KWTX) – Clint Lewis, 46, who has been a volunteer equipment manager and member of the Baylor soccer family for 26 years, drove to the Baylor-West Virginia soccer game in style on Saturday morning after being picked up by the team’s big rig.

Lewis, who has Down syndrome, finally got the chance to attend a game in person after being unable to do so for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lewis had been in the passenger seat of the Baylor football kit big rig to every home game for several years, but the threat of COVID-19 disrupted the tradition in the 2020 season.

The fun continued Saturday morning when Lewis, wearing a custom-made Baylor jersey with his name and favorite number on the back, stood next to Tom and Kristin Hill at the curb of his house on Austin Avenue, waiting for his arrival.

Clint is the son of former McLennan County Judge Jim Lewis and his wife, Cynthia, but he has lived with the Hills since 1995, which also has three grown children to give him a little more independence.

Clint Lewis in his bespoke Baylor football jersey(Courtesy photo)

“Who are you going to cheer for?” Kristin asked Clint.

“Baylor,” said Clint with a smile.

“And who will win?” She asked.

“Baylor,” said Clint. “Because I’ve been with them for 26 years.”

FILE: For the past several years, Clint has run onto the field with the Baylor football team.(Courtesy photo)

Clint has been part of the soccer team since 1995 when he took over as manager under head coach Chuck Reedy.

In the sophomore year, Clint became an employee and started running with the team to start the game.

Clint is known for cheering on the sidelines of games and handing out gear to players.

Once even his name was on the wall outside an office.

When Defensive Coordinator Phil Bennet was added under the then head coach Art Briles, Clint’s responsibilities expanded even more.

FILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football TeamFILE: Clint Lewis with the Baylor Football Team(Courtesy photo)

Bennett began asking Clint about moves to play for the game, and it’s a tradition that has continued ever since.

On Saturday, Clint not only distributed gear to players for pre-game warm-up exercises, but also gave Associate Head Coach Joey McGuire a plan to beat West Virginia.

When Kristin asked Clint if he’d finished his piece while he waited for his ride, he said it was still in the works.

“When I get to the stadium, I’ll do it,” said Clint.

The Baylor Football Equipment Team says they will continue to pick up Clint for every home game this season.

Clint is also a popular sack at HEB, where he has been working for 25 years.

File Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane StadiumFile Photo: Clint Lewis at McLane Stadium(Courtesy photo)

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