Barks Insanity contest champions introduced | Options/Leisure

HD Media’s Barks Madness competition has crowned its champions.

The contest gave readers the chance to vote on their favorite dolls each week, and the contest was “ruff” – I don’t know.

The Herald Dispatch Champion is Bailey, a 4 year old miniature Dachshund owned by Tammy Gygi of Hurricane, West Virginia.

“She is a salvation. We went on a 30 hour round trip to Omaha to adopt her, ”said Gygi. “I’ve always had a Dachshund, and when I saw a picture of Bailey, she really grabbed me. It has distinctive markings. “

Bailey’s foster mother quickly saw that it was a good game, so Tammy and her boyfriend brought Bailey home.

“Since she’s a rescue, she’s shy of strangers, but when she’s around us she’s full of cum,” said Gygi.

Her favorite story about Bailey is that the dog “asked” about a pirate ship for Christmas.

Actually, Tammy put this on her Christmas list for her family as a joke. Her sister-in-law agreed that Bailey actually needed a pirate ship and got her a pirate ship bed for Christmas.

“It has a skull, a small flag, and an anchor. She puts all her toys in and proudly sails in her pirate ship every day, ”said Gygi.

The Charleston Gazette Mail Champion is Drago, a 9 month old Golden Retriever owned by Jennifer McPherson. She describes Drago as “a huge puppy” who loves to eat, hike and play ball.

He also enjoys sitting on laps – a challenging activity considering he weighs 65 pounds.

“He’s put on 40 pounds since Thanksgiving,” said McPherson. “It grew fast.”

When he’s not waxing, Drago has been working on his ball catching skills.

“He kept dropping balls last summer. My friend liked to joke that his retriever was broken, ”said McPherson. “But he’s mastered it now. He can catch the ball in his mouth and will play ball for hours. “

McPherson also taught him a few tricks, such as jumping through a hula hoop.

For the competition, she took Drago to visit her office as part of an election campaign.

“He met people, sniffed around for a while, then lay down and took a nap,” she said. “He’s just a really good boy because he’s so young.”

The Hurricane Animal Hospital sponsored the Barks Madness competition.

“It was a lot of fun for us. I think pet owners who were able to share photos of their pets and get people to vote brightened our day, ”said owner Jennifer Sette.

“Over the past year, people have realized how important pets are to their lives. When we can’t go out and get in touch with others, having a pet for companions can be of great help and comfort, ”said Sette.

Thanks to the Hurricane Animal Hospital’s central location in Hurricane, they receive animals from Kanawha and Cabell counties as well as Putnam Counties.

“It made sense for us to sponsor Barks Madness for both Huntington and Charleston,” said Sette.

Congratulations to Bailey and Drago! While they are the winners, there are no losers so hold those tails up. Every pet is a champion for their families.

HD Media would like to thank all pet owners and readers who took part in this year’s competition.