LEBANON, Tenn. (WTVF) – Some people just love to flaunt a bit of muscle mass. So muscle cars. “It’s a 2018 Dodge Challenger, TA 392,” said Casey Mitchell.

“This is a 1934 Ford three-window coupe,” said Rob Wiborn, another car collector.

Pretty much every weekend you can either drive Rob with his coupé or show it to anyone who is interested. “It has a 350 Corvette engine, 350 Chevy gearbox,” he said.

That weekend his cars and others on display in the Lebanon Outlet Mall were there for a good cause. “You only see water flowing through these houses, you see houses in the middle of the street, we could both have cried,” said Wiborn.

Rob and friend Tom Lofkis of Loud and Obnoxious Cruisers were so moved by the heartbreaking images from Waverly that they decided to put together one final auto show with all of the proceeds going back down the street helping the flood victims.

“When things like this come up, we will definitely be on board to help when and where we can, with the greatest possible effort,” said Lofkis.

It all came together pretty quickly, but luckily the classic car community got their engines going and got the word out. “Thank goodness we have a lot of friends who have a lot of cool cars and who don’t mind supporting our cause because they know that if Loud and Obnoxious does something, it will definitely be a worthy cause,” said Lofkis.

Because long after the flood, victims literally need muscle to help clean up, money from these types of muscles can go a long way. “It’s great because I know there are a lot of people out there who need help, and if I can help, I’m really excited about it,” said Mitchell.

Loud and Obnoxious Cruisers plan to use the money raised to buy flood victims’ gift cards that they can spend on whatever they need.