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June 28th

Today’s highlights

Year 2000

Elian González returned to his hometown of Cuba seven months after drifting into the Florida Straits.

Also on this date


Queen Victoria of England was crowned at Westminster Abbey.


During the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln appointed Major George G. Mead as the new commander of the Union Army of the Potomac following the resignation of Major Joseph Hooker.


The Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were shot in Sarajevo by the Serbian nationalist Gabriel DropOut. This triggered the First World War.


The Treaty of Versailles was signed in France and ended the First World War.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Foreign Resident Registration Act, also known as the Smith Act. It required adult aliens residing in the United States to register and authenticate their fingerprints.


North Korean troops occupied the South Korean capital, Seoul.

Radio artists Freeman Gosden (left) and Charles Correll (right) read the script for their sitcom comedy Amos’n’Andy.


The TV version of the radio comedy show “Amos’N’Andy” premiered on CBS. (This was the first network TV series to feature an all-black cast, but it was criticized for racial stereotypes.)


Civil rights activist Malcolm X declared at the founding meeting of the Organization for Afro-American Unity in New York that he “wanted equality by all means necessary.”


The Supreme Court ordered the University of California’s Davis School of Medicine to admit Alan Bakke, a white man who claimed he was a victim of reverse racism.

Year 2000

Elian González returned to his hometown of Cuba seven months after drifting into the Florida Straits.


Senator Robert C. Bird, the longest senator in US history, died in Falls Church, Virginia, aged 92. The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Americans have the right to own a gun. For self-defense wherever they lived.


Tens of thousands of supporters and opponents of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi gathered in Cairo, killing two people, including Americans, and injuring dozens, both in Alexandria, the country’s second largest city. I fought. Four U.S. Supreme Court plaintiffs who overturned California’s ban on same-sex marriage shortly after a gay couple was released by the federal appeals court received their first marriage license in the state for the first time in four and a half years. ..


White racist James Alex Fields, who purposely drove a crowd of rebels in Charlottesville, Virginia, killed a young woman and injured dozens, was sentenced to life imprisonment for a federal hate crime. He apologized to the victim before being sentenced to imprisonment.

10 years ago: Taliban fighters attacked an international hotel in Kabul, killing ten people the night before the meeting and discussing plans for Afghan troops to take over security if international troops leave by the end of 2014.

5 years ago: Republicans closed $ 7 million on a new allegation of fatal misconduct by the Obama administration in a two-year investigation into a fatal attack in Benghazi, Libya, but “smoked” to expose Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing. There was no such thing as a “spit weapon”. ‘Nothing contradicts the results of previous research. “

Three suicide bombers armed with assault rifles attacked Istanbul Ataturk International Airport, killing 44 victims and injuring nearly 150.

The death claimed Pat Summitt, the most successful coach in the history of great college basketball at the age of 64. Buddy Ryan, an 85 year old former professional football coach. And at the age of 84, Scotty Moore, a pioneering rock guitarist.

1 year ago: A St. Louis couple, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, fired a gun at a protester marching in a driveway during a national demonstration against racial injustice. (Initially, McCloskeys, who was charged with a crime including the illegal use of weapons, pleaded guilty to the offense and agreed to give up the weapons used during the conflict.) Governor Gavin Newsom said in seven counties. The bar that opened was quickly closed as the coronavirus spread rapidly in parts of the state and urged bars in eight other counties to do the same.

Today’s birthday

The film director Mel Brooks is 95 years old. Former Senator Karl Levin, D-Mich. Is 87 years old. Impressionist comedian John Binner is 84 years old. Former Defense Minister Leon Panetta is 83 years old. Rock musician Dave Knights (Prokuruarm) is 76 years old. Actor Bruce Davison is 75 years old. The actress Kathy Bates is 73 years old. The actress Alice Krige is 67 years old. John Elway, who was inducted into the College and Pro Football Hall of Fame, is 61 years old. The jazz singer Tierney Sutton is 58 years old. The actress Jessica Hecht is 56 years old. Rock musician Sole Davis (James) actress Mary Stuart Masterson is 55 years old. Actor John Kasak is 55 years old. Actor Gil Bellows is 54 years old. Actor and singer Daniel Briseboa is 52 years old. Jazz musician Jimmy Somers is 52 years old. Actor Tichina Arnold is 52 years old. Actor Steve Barton is 51 years old. Entrepreneur Elon Musk is 50 years old. Actor Alessandro Nivola is 49 years old. Actor Camille Guaty is 45 years old. Rock musician Tim Nordwind (OK Go) is 45 years old. Rock musician Mark Stoermer (Killers) is 44 years old. Country singer Big Vinnie Hickerson (trailer choir) is 38 years old. .. Country singer Kelly Pickler is 35 years old.