As Tourism Returns, Lean On Leisure & Leisure with ‘PEJ’

Tourism is increasing worldwide, making way for leisure and entertainment spending, which should help that Invesco Dynamic Leisure and Entertainment ETF (PEJ).

China is already seeing an increase in its tourism activity as the ongoing trend towards vaccination helps ease fears of rising Covid-19 cases.

“China recorded more than 89 million domestic tourist trips during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival, an increase of 94.1 percent over the previous year, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism announced on Monday.” CGTN article explained. “Tourism revenue reached 29.43 billion yuan ($ 4.6 billion), an increase of 139.7 percent over the previous year, the department said.”

Opening of the USA to international travel

Meanwhile, the US plans to work with other countries to resume international travel. This should give further tailwind to spending on leisure and entertainment.

“The United States is forming expert working groups that will make plans to resume international travel to several key destinations including Mexico, Canada, the United Kingdom and the European Union,” said a Articles on traveling off the beaten track. “While some countries allowed American travelers during the pandemic, for many, the US did not reciprocate. This article looks at the current situation between these countries and the US plans to resume international travel.

PEJ is based on the Dynamic Leisure & Entertainment Intellidex® Index (Index). The Fund will typically invest at least 90% of its total assets in common stocks which make up the Index.

The Index is designed to provide capital appreciation through a thorough valuation of companies based on a variety of investment quality criteria including: price momentum, earnings momentum, quality, management measures and value. The index is made up of common stocks of 30 US leisure and entertainment companies.

Advertising spending is increasing

In order to win customers again after the pandemic, many companies are spending more on advertising. The entertainment industry is just one of those industries.

To New York Post articleMedia investment and news company Magna said advertising growth will be driven by the macroeconomic recovery, with global gross domestic product up 6.4 percent in the first quarter of 2021. Sectors such as automotive, travel, entertainment and restaurants have thanks thanks to international sporting events such as the upcoming Olympic Games and the European Football Championship. “

“As the economic recovery in several of the world’s largest advertising markets, particularly the US, UK and China, is stronger and faster than expected and consumption accelerates, brands need to reconnect with consumers,” said Vincent Létang, executive vice President of Global. at MAGNA market research.

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