Area of Desires Recreation: Methods to win $10,000 of David Ortiz’s cash with Tremendous 6

By Kevin Cooney
Special on FOX Sports

In one of the strongest moments of the 1989 film “Field of Dreams”, Terrence Mann – the character played by James Earl Jones – tells Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) about the enduring legacy of baseball.

“They will watch the game and it will be like they are immersed in magical water,” said Mann. “The memories will be so thick they’ll have to wipe them off their faces. People will come, Ray. The only constant in all these years, Ray, was baseball. “

It has been 32 years since the iconic ballpark in an Iowa cornfield became the Field of Dreams part of American life. On Thursday evenings (6 p.m. ET, FOX), Major League Baseball becomes Hawkeye State with a game between New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox in a specially built 8,000-seat stadium next to the film’s landmark.

The Field of Dreams game is a celebration of the game that happens to include two of the sport’s hottest teams. The Yankees are thanking for an increase in the post-trade period Aaron Richter and society. The White Sox are running away with the AL Central, aiming for home advantage in the playoffs and now they have Eloy Jimenez back to support an already strong attack.

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Here are the questions for Thursday night’s game, with a little glimpse to help you make your selection.

How many home runs are hit in total?
The options: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5+

The dimensions in the Custom Stadium are nothing out of the ordinary – 335 feet in the lines, 380 to the gaps, 400 to the dead center. The only wild card is that there is no “superstructure” like a normal stadium to either knock down a ball to keep it in the park or to give it an artificial jet stream to fly out on.

In this respect, this could be similar to a spring training game – and the ball flies in spring training stages. Also, both lineups can hit and the Iowa weather forecast for Thursday night calls for temperatures in the high 90s. Usually this means “firedamp”.

How many runs are counted in total?
The options: 0-3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 8+

The White Sox lineup has been exhausted from injury for much of the season, but Chicago still has about five runs per game. The Yankees have been largely inconsistent but have recently shown the ability to produce great offensive games during this rematch.

That number could go high – and keep in mind that at FOX Bet, most MLB game totals are over / under at least 8 runs, if not 9 or 10.

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How many total strikeouts are thrown?
The options: 0-5, 6-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 or 15+

The White Sox pitching staff started Tuesday with the most combined strikeouts thrown by a team of 1,120 majors – one more than that Swindler and brewer. The Yankees pitching team threw the second-most in the American League into action on Tuesday behind Chicago. Even when it comes to committed breaths, the lineups of both teams are in the upper half of the sport. There is also an unfamiliar environment and the temptation to take it easy.

In other words – think of a large number.

Who will have the winning pitcher and how many innings will he pitch?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with different ranges from 1/3 of an inning to 6+ innings

Both teams tend to use their bullpens effectively, and in competitive games like this, it’s not uncommon for starters to be drawn fairly early.

Hence, a relief that throws towards the lower end of the scale is a good choice here.

Which team gets more runs and how many does it get?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

It would feel like a safe bet that this game could end up being one of those where the grand total of winnings could break out into double digits. The White Sox might have the upper hand in the sense that Carlos Rodon is a far more established starter and could do a better job of keeping the Yankee bats at bay early on.

Which team wins and with how many runs?
The options: Yankees or White Sox, with ranges from 1 to 9+ runs

Forget the peculiarity of the place for a second – although with the incredible optics it is certainly difficult to do. This is a crucial game for two teams with legitimate World Series aspirations.

It could also be a potential Division Series matchup should the Yankees receive the wild card. This is also the young White Sox’s first really big national gig, and they could thrive in it.

All in all? It should be fun.

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