Monday marks the fifth anniversary of the death of singer Prince on his 63rd birthday this year. Apollonia Cotero says he wants to celebrate as usual.

A former prince’s apprentice and his co-star in the 1984 film “Purple Rain” told CNN that he missed a loved one he didn’t expect to lose.

“Many of his ‘Purple Rain’ family, my cast still can’t believe him because he always thought he would live forever,” she said. “We deny hardship, but I am still suspicious that he is no longer with us. Yes, legends accompany us through songs and stories, but physically he’s on the phone. I don’t make myself laugh by answering or talking on the phone. “

Prince died of an accidental overdose of the opioid fentanyl in April 2016. He was 57 years old.

Convincing couple

Kotero was the lead singer of Apollonia 6, a girl group founded by Prince in 1983.

The couple were very persuasive on screen Kotero, although at the time they actually had a relationship with Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth, people live in real life. He says he understands why he keeps believing in being a couple.

“This is thanks to the wonderful chemistry we had in the film. It was powerful, ”she said of her and the prince in“ Purple Rain ”. “And I wasn’t in public with David Lee Roth, who I was with at the time.”

She says she asked Prince to keep his relationship with Ross private so fans can focus on the love story he shared on “Purple Rain.” But he and Kotero were never a couple, but she said they had had a deep friendship over the years. Kotero told many Hollywood friends, including film director Kenny Ortega. I introduced a singer.

Like many others, Kotero was shocked and overwhelmed by his death, especially when he died, and said he was in the process of “correcting his mistakes”.

“Prince-like people and many artists are creative artists, not hard-working business people,” she said. “They rely on managers and lawyers and don’t sign contracts.”

According to Kotero, she co-wrote the hit song “The Glamorous Life” with Prince Sheila E and co-wrote “Manic Monday”, which topped the charts for the girl group “The Bangles” with credits and rewards. Have never been received.

She says there are other artists in the same position as Prince.

“I used to give him lyrics, but in many cases many of our artists were not trusted,” she said. “So what did the prince do? Law [at the time he died] I did due diligence. He said, “You will get money with you [Apollonia 6] Member Susan [Moonsie] And Brenda [Bennett] We didn’t even know it was platinum so Apollonia is paid 6. We couldn’t make any money because of the problems he was having with Warner. “

Prince is most famous for his conflict with Warner Records (formerly owned by CNN’s parent company) over control of his music.

CNN seeks comments from Prince’s Heritage and Warner Records representatives.

Celebrate the prince

Nonetheless, a love of music is one of the things that forged a bond with Prince.

Kotero said he believes artists such as Janelle Monáe, Bruno Mars and Avila Brothers, whom he directed, are helping to carry on his legacy.

Kotero also believes that if Prince were still alive, he would make music to fight the social justice movement that happened in his beloved Minneapolis after George Floyd was killed by police. Said.

“Maybe he’s talking through music,” said Kotero. He added that many years ago a Minnesota police officer stopped the car while driving for no reason. “He definitely is. When you speak powerful songs through the lyrics, with powerful lyrics that bow your heart, you will likely just kneel and cry. “

He didn’t celebrate his birthday because of Jehovah’s Witnesses belief, but Kotero said the prince would call her that day and remind him when he celebrated his birthday.

“I said to him, ‘I have a cake, I have a candle, I have an ice cream,’ he would just laugh,” she said sadly. “I celebrate. I told him, but I’m celebrating on Monday. I’m going to buy a cake to celebrate his birthday. “

Apollonia Kotero celebrates the Prince’s birthday and keeps his memory. Entertainment

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